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  1. Yesterday, House republicans decided that they just won’t fund the food stamp program at all. The new farm-only bill is still loaded down with giveaways to special interests. Don’t even stop to wonder about their hypocrisy — they protect their wealthy masters and campaign contributors — NO ONE else matters to these republicans.

    House lawmakers approved a scaled-back version of the farm bill Thursday after stripping out the popular food-stamp program used by 48 million Americans.

    The bill narrowly passed on a 216-208 vote, largely along party lines. A dozen Republicans voted against the measure while no Democrats voted in favor.

    • I keep thinking about that loud and proud Tea Party woman who said she was for gay marriage – but she objected to those folks using the word ‘marriage’.

      That got me to thinking – is the problem with these Tea Party Conservative Republicans just a game of semantics?

      If so – then let’s call the government subsidies and tax breaks to corporations – food stamps.

      THEN would these same TP folks still not want to support food stamps?

  2. Back in April, the federal government ran a surplus of $113 billion. In case anyone’s forgotten what a surplus is — the word largely disappeared from our vernacular after Bush/Cheney took office in 2001 — it’s the opposite of a deficit. In the month of April, the federal government took in $113 billion more than it spent.

    And then in June, it happened again.

    The U.S. government posted an unexpectedly large budget surplus in June, a further sign of the rapid improvement in public finances that has taken the heat off Congress to find savings and raise the nation’s borrowing limit.

    Rising tax revenue, public spending cuts and big payments to the Treasury from government-backed mortgage companies helped the government take in $117 billion more last month than it paid out, the U.S. Treasury said on Thursday.

    It was the largest monthly surplus in the United States in over five years, and the largest June surplus in the nation’s history.

    • Why aren’t there flashing neon signs about this vast improvement?

      Sour-grapes and sore losers is the biggest answer to my above question.

      • Well, the TPers are waiting for the Dems. The Dems won’t say anything because they don’t want to give the sequester (and thus the TPers) any favorable publicity. For their part, the TPers would like to trumpet all that is good and holy with the sequester, but then the effect of the top tier marginal income tax rate increase would come into play, which the TPers cannot acknowledge. So, silence, or as I often say, politics as usual.

      • I’ve often asked anyone who will listen – during all those sequestration buget cuts debates – did I miss the day the Congress Critters’ salaries, health insurance and pensions were on the table to be cut?

      • indy, you might look at the 27th Amendment for a partial answer.

      • Yes, I know…..but I keep hoping that some day, these Congress Critters might just be willing to volunteer to cut their own pay and mighty-nice perks.

        Or, at least, give it back.

        That is one thing I do give Rand Paul credit for – he has given back unused funding for his office on Capitol Hill.

        I do not agree with Rand Paul on many issues – but at least he does return unused budget money.

        I worked for a corporation a long time ago and was told – you need to spend every penny of the budget – because if yoiu don’t, next year’s budget will be cut accordingly. SO – spend, spend, spend

      • 6176 – I keep hoping something in this crazy world will change – and wouldn’t it be nice to think our Congressional leaders could be the catalyst for a much-needed change?

        Just the symbolic gesture of one of those millionaires in the Congresssional Country Club would be a spark that maybe our country is not destined to become more of the dog-eat-dog world we seem to live in today?

  3. I saw the news yesterday that Eliabeth Hasselbeck (the Conservative Blonde from the show ‘The View’ has been hired by Fox News Network.

    Well – color me shocked……

    I can only assume there was another place at the Foxxies Hen House for yet another bottle blonde female who will adoringly look around at the strong Conservative Republican men and give a big sigh of contement and approval?

  4. Hey Prairie Pond – are you still on that camping trip with your cousin – or have you decided to move to Hawaii?

    Girlfriend……..I would choose Hawaii….

    I’ve missed you these past few days..

  5. This is a personal request…

    If you know country music since the 1980’s – you might have heard Randy Travis’ name.

    He is in a Texas hospital, in critical condition, and my family (my sister and mother) both have known Randy for alot of years. My sister used to work in the country music business in Nashville.

    Randy is a good man – despite some unwise choices he has made in the past year or so – which has landed his picture on the news.

    But…I remember the Randy that comlimented on the behavior of my two children when my mother took them backstage to meet Randy at some concert near my family home.

    I still have the little t-shirt that my son wore when he was about5 (?) when the song Digging Up Bones first came out.

    Randy needs all the support in prayer and positive energy he can get to puull through this.

    I ask that you send soem of your positive energy out towards Texas …

    • Speaking of people supporting and helping…. I heard on ‘The CBS Morning News’ today there is a website that helps people to raise funds for medical bills.

      There was a young woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer in February – she had no health insurance.
      I think the name of the site was Give Forward (?) ….does anyone else know about this. I will try to find out more informatin.

      But when I heard this young woman say that it was such a big thing to know there are people who do not even know her – willing to give their support – both financially and emotional support – that it gave her hope for the future.

      WOW – isn’t that a powerful statement?

      I know Republicans who mock President Obama for his ‘hope and change’ campaigning message.

      But – just think – people you don’t even known are willing to help and pray for your recovery?

      THAT is what churches SHOULD be doing – IMHO

      I am more afraid of corporations taking over my country than the Muslims.

      As I’ve said before – too many of these mega churches are nothing more than TAx-Free Corporations with an exclusive country club.

      I doubt if Jesus would be welcome to join the clubs.

  6. Here is the website for that fundraising site I mentioned above.

    I think this is an awesome idea….

    There are very few charities that I will donate to their cause – ever since I I learned how many of the famous and big-named charities actually do with the money they receive . I just don’t appreciate the bulk of every donated dollar to go to high-paying executives and all those fancy buildings and their fundraising ‘parties’.