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  1. Freedomwriter

    Yesterday I was talking to a co-worker who is opposite of me politically. We were discussing the need for change during the next gubernatorial election. His comment was, “well I’d rather hold on to what we’ve got rather than go back to the evil we had under Sebelius”. Of course my comment was, “What evil? You apparently aren’t aware of the evil up in Topeka right now!” Will somebody explain to me how two people can see a situation so completely opposite? What happened to the middle? Can’t we as people find common ground?

    • We used to have two ideas to discuss. Recently we have one idea with one side supporting it and the other opposing it. There isn’t another idea to start examining for potential commonality. It’s all or nothing. I think a good starting place would be ask what facts we could agree on. Once we have even a few facts we move on to whether or not this fact or that fact indicate some options for a path forward.

      We each also could examine more closely what we’ve chosen to accept as right or wrong. What information did we use and what did we consider when we came to our conclusion. Now, really listen to how someone who came to a different conclusion got there and why.

      We as people can find common ground if we want to.

      • That young 26-yr-old man I met last weekend – the politcal science college student – summed up the current poltical climate perfectly.

        There is no moral right idea any more – both sides just want to be right.

        In other words – people want to fight to just be able to say they ‘won’.

      • Bob White

        There may not be a “moral right” (and never was), but there is a “right moral” and to get there, today, you must vote left.

      • Bob- I was told by a Tea Party Conservative Republican that there is no middle anymore – the middle is now the Left.

        I pointed out to this woman that perhaps the Right has moved to the Far Right and now the middle is the same folks – but they only appear to have moved.

        When in reality – the right has moved..

  2. Freedom Writer brings raises an interesting question.

    Exactly what is seen as ‘evil’ in politics?

    I lived through the Sebelius years – and I don’t remember any waterboarding torture being done to anyone.

    I don’t remember losing my house, my job, my family or anything that I would view as an evil thing.

    When one has to use the word ‘evil’
    – then one has to be seeing something I just don’t see.

  3. Anyone been folowing the George Zimmeran case?

    Closing arguments are starting today. I have watched bits and pieces of it (I confess, I do like to watch legal shows).

    I am also watching to see how the truth gets to have it its turn in all these proceedings.

    At the end of the day – a yoiung black male was kiled. And if one is truly Conservative and Pro_life, that truth shhould be the focus of what happened.

    I keep hearing about Zimmeran’s right to stand his ground.

    Where was this young boy’s right to stand his ground? If, by Zimmerans’s ow words – he was following him after being told to not follow him by the 911 dispatcher. Zimmernas was armed – Trayvon Martin was not armed.

    Do I think Zimmeramn is guilty of murder? I don’t know for sure. But I know one thing – the truth has yet to be told. And I’m afraid this case has been so politifcizied – will we ever know the truth?

    I hope for the sake of Trayvon Marti’s family – they get some kind olf justice and some typ0e of closiure. I cannot imagine anything worse than losing your child so sensellesslly to murder.

    • I heard a news pundit say that even if Zimmerman is acquitted – his life is ruined because he will forever be known as the the guy that klled the 19-yr-old black male.

      SAd to say – but in some social and poltical circles – if Zimmerman gets off – he will be their flavor of the month on that pedestal for heroes.

      And if convicted – these same folks will put Zimmeran on a wooden cross as their martyr.

      Either way – I suspect Zimmerman will be just fine in years to come.

      • Trayvon Martin turned 17 on Feb 5th, days before he was shot to death on Feb 26th while he was walking suspiciously and black. The escalation began the minute George Zimmerman began following this teenager. Neither was breaking the law — not Trayvon in walking home, not George in following — but nothing would have happened that night if George had stayed in his truck and that’s why I say that is when the escalation began.

        I expect George Zimmerman to get no more than a slap on the wrist, if that. He won’t have to worry about legal bills since those have been covered with donations. Zimmerman is the darlin’ of the gun nuts who hope every day of their lives they also have the opportunity to use their concealed weapons. I expect him to go forward with his life. He already told anyone listening during his interview with Hannity there was nothing he would change and that what happened was God’s will, so we know he won’t carry remorse into his future. God’s will.

        I pray for a gentle life for Trayvon’s parents. They’ve faced enough.

        Justice has been for sale for as long as I can remember. Is that God’s will too?

      • Thanks for correcting me – Trayvon was only 17 yrs old.

        I have to shake my head when I hear all the yammering about Zimmerman’s right to stand his ground but yet Trayvon did not have that same right?

        The Defense emphasized that Trayvon used the sidewalk as his weapon.

        Well – if I was being followed gby an armed man – older and bigger than me – why not use the only weapon available – even a sidewalk.

  4. I had an interesting interview yesterday. Now mind you, I have not been on an interfview for the past decade.

    This was a 3rd interview for a job with a base pay of $9/hr.

    I was asked – starting with the day you were born, tell me about your life.

    What does this have to do with my qualfications to push some buttons?

    • PS – since my DIL made the choice to be the stay-at-home mother – that has given me the chance to return to work full time during the week.

      My current part time job employer does not have anything full time in my department.

      • BTW – when I say my DIL made the choice – that is what makes me a social liberal.

        I want everyone to have the same right to make their own choice.

        Why is that so hard to understand?

        When it comes to abortion – I feel the same way. I do not like abortion and I would probably make the choice to never terminate the pregannacy.

        But that is for ME.

        Rather than to fight for over 40 years – why not focus on how these pregnancies are made BEFORE the choice of abortion has to be made?

        That is why I am no0t a s upporter of the current Pro_life movment.

        These folks are Pro-Birth – not Pro-Life

  5. Well I happen to like the Golden Girls, those who complain that way are not seeing the paradox since they themselves are in the same age group so what does that say about them? Lack of Logic is the prime reason that people are losing faith in the system and the Republican party.

    • Maybe Mitch McConnell is a bit jealous of the Golden Girls?

      As I recall – President Obama made a big hit with Betty White when he sent her a birthday card – and made some comment about her advanced age and did she have her birth certificate – or something like that.

      Does anyone else remember this?

  6. RD – lack of logic is not the only thing that is making the current GOP soemthing to run away from…

    It’s their arrogance that gets me the most.

    Arrogance + Ignorance = not a pretty sight.

  7. One more thing I am learnign as I interview for a fultime job…

    Some employers expect a person to make numerous trips to meet with their numerous levels just for a job that pays a base pay of $9/hr?

    How can some people do all this jumping through their hoops? The cost of gas, day care if they have kids and just the time to do all this runnin garound.

    But… $9/hr even a liviing wage?