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beyond reach of LE


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  1. News says after a stop in Cuba Snowden is now in Venezuela.

  2. I had an interesting discussion yesterday with a 26-yr-old Political Science major.

    He asked me if I knew of Edward Snowden. Of course, I said yes. This young man then told me that not one person in his immediate or extended family (at the holiday picnic last week) knew of Snowden.

    This young man then said most of his freinds do not know who Snowden is or any thing political.

    As long as these folks have their latst phone gadgets, instant entertainment such as Netfilix, Facebook, Twitter or other social media – then they’re happy.

    Is this really the uture of Amierca?

    • sorry for so many misspellings – I am stil using my old computer and I type faster than this old girl can keep up!

    • I wonder, indy, if the plethora of gadgets with instant access to everything hasn’t served to trivialize information to the point nothing warrants notice (or remembering).

      • I have wondered the same thing 6176.

        Have we become so desensitized due to our instant gratification?

        But – let’s put a twist in the Ed Snowden story.

        What if there was a sex scandal involved in the story – would that peak interest from the collective group?

      • Oh heck yes, it would. Nothing like a bit of titillation to spice things up, don’t you know.

    • I’ve heard Snowden supported NSA domestic spying programs when President Bush was in office, but abruptly changed his mind when Barack Obama became President. He bragged of his support for the NRA, Ron Paul and domestic spying programs, and his hatred of liberal social policies. I haven’t studied whether this is or isn’t factual so I can’t say whether he is or isn’t another sore loser.

    • can so relate, most of the time I end up being looked at like I am some kind of nut. Ok that might actually be the normal reaction to me, but when it comes to Politics they do not have a point.

      Indy that is exactly how most people are, only the closest things to them are the important things and only that which is entraining to them in a mindless way. Religion is the only thing they see as a absolute and to the point that any other then their own is not the truth. But the rest is of no importance’s to them.

      • I understand what you’re saying….but isn’t it a sad commentary?

        What really gets my head to shaking is when these Religous folks are the ones yelling for prayers in school – but ONLY if it their Christian prayer – all others need not apply.

        But yet – these same religious folks brag about our Constitutional rights.

        I guess that freedom of religiion is nos tressed in their minds?

  3. Questions those who comment to this short good news article pose are very interesting.

    Netherlands closing 19 prisons due to lack of prisoners

  4. wicked

    I only have a couple of free minutes, but I wanted to share the bit of Karma that happened recently.

    Remember the guy down the street with the Impeach Nobama sign nailed to his tree, and the Life is Sacred sign in the window? I muttered obscenities every time I drove by. That tree looked like a hand flipping people off after the big snow. It eventually had one big branch pointing off to the right from the trunk. The sign was eventually taken down. And then the windstorm hit a week and a half ago. Not good for pear trees. When I drove by yesterday, I noticed that the tree has been cut down. Did you hear me laughing?

    Yeah, Karma is a bitch.

  5. Bob White

    I love today’s post; “Wall Street” the only place in the world where the US Empire can’t “touch anything.”

  6. I hope this means he will try again for POTUS. He was such an entertaining part of the clown car last time. Also note that during his press conference to tell everyone he won’t take the chance of being humiliated publicly by losing to Wendy Davis (MY words, not his) he also said, he would call for another special session if the current one designed to enact a 20-week ban on abortions and new restrictions on clinics that offer abortions does not succeed.

    Rick Perry Will Not Seek A Fourth Term As Texas Governor

    • Rick Perry summed it up quite well when he said ‘oops’..

      This man is just throwing red meat to the Fundy Christians and Tea Party haters.

      That may win him the GOP nomination – but the White House does not need the next GOP clown…

  7. Is this bunch of legislators competing to be the least competent? How will we be able to choose them as the winner when we have so many others qualified to win? At least we’re not talking about Kansas … this time. These states controlled by republicans take turns being the county’s biggest embarrassments.

    Florida Accidentally Banned All Computers, Smart Phones In The State Through Internet Cafe Ban: Lawsuit