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  1. I had a discussion in my beauty salon while waiting my turn to get my hair cut.

    There was a woman – proudly stating she is a Tea Party Republican.

    The stylist and I were talking about how the majority of the country is somewhere in the middle – some are more right to center and some are left to center – but we both thought that on the majority of issues – most people fall somehwere in the middle range.

    This Tea Party woman then said she thinms the middle is now the Left due to Obama.

    I replied – maybe the Tea Party has pushed the right cetner so arto the Far Right that they are now wseen as the fringe crazies.

    She tool ofense when I used the word crazies – but I remended her of the outspoken poster boys and girls that the Far Right embraces.

    And they all qualify as crazy.

    • It is very difficult to see the truth when lies and exaggerations are exactly what you want to believe. All they need do is tune in Fox “News” and avoid thinking. The Stonekettle Station blog post I linked to yesterday speaks clearly to how insane / crazy republicans have become and how easily they are manipulated. Luckily, their numbers are concentrated in a few red states that don’t add up to enough electoral votes to ever win at the national level. Further, they’ve over reached in the red states and now have renewed attention from minorities, youth, women, all people capable of thinking. Red state governors and legislators are great ambassadors for the Democratic Party! The only thing they have going for them is gerry mandered U.S. House districts and those aren’t permanent guarantees. The Republican Party isn’t growing and the most reliable of their voters are dying of old age. If they were capable of thinking they would recognize these facts. Luckily, again, they’ve shown no evidence they are capable of thinking.

  2. I had a lengthy discussion with a Tea Party Republican woman. She ojbects to the gay marriage for only one reason – she is offended by those people when they use the word marriage.

    So – I asked her – what does marriage mean to her. She said – a committement between two people to live as one.

    I then said – isn’t that what the gay folks are fighting for? To have the same committement and rights that come with that?

    • This sameTP woman then tried to same Obama’s supporters are wrong when they call the Tea Party terrorists. She was offended because they are not like those Muslims.

      I asked her – when you have a man – Ted Nugent – a vocal leader in the Tea Party – publicly brag that he will use his Second Amendment rights to get what he wants.

      Isn’t that terrorism?

      • This TP woman then said the middle ground of voters is now the Left due to Obama.

        I replied – perhaps the Tea Party has driven their fellow righties so far to the right they are now Far Right – and seen as crazy fringe.

        She took great offense wtih my use of the word crazy.

        As I pointed out – Ted Nugent is just the tip of hte iceberg of Crazy. Rush Limbaugh and the Foxxies Hen House have labeled the Rgiht as the Far Right Crazy.

      • I told the Tea Party woman – I agree with the goals of the original tea party – fiscal responsibility and limited government.

        What I do not agree with is when the Tea Party got hijacked by the Billionaire Brothers adn their Alaska Cheerleader with her pom poms.

        She really took ofense at at.

  3. Here’s my problem with the “header” for today. It presumes all Texas women are in total agreement, and will vote unanimously as a bloc to open up the can. That’s not going to happen, and the conversation indy recounts above is Exhibit “A”. Hopefully, there will be enough voters (female and male) of like mind to effect the political change implied by the posting, but excuse me for not holding my breath.

    • I missed that assumption. Of course there are women and men who agree with what is happening in Texas — they elected Perry and a majority republican state legislature, not to mention republican representatives at the national level too. I have greater confidence about there being enough voters who are motivated by Perry and Co. I feel really good that they’ve alienated a greater number than they’ve pleased. Plus, changing demographics don’t make the future look good for the evangelinuts in Texas. Will it all change in 2014? No, it will happen more gradually.

      • Agreed upon the change being gradual, Fnord. I hope that 2014 proves to be an absolute disaster politically for Governor Perry and his legislative henchmen. I hold the same hope for Kansas in 2014. I don’t see it happening here, and have doubts about Texas.

      • Texas demographics are changing more quickly than in Kansas. Many of those changes will have an effect on the electorate.

        The challenge I see in Kansas is an aging population who contribute fewer tax dollars while depending more on public services. As our population continues to decrease in rural areas and become more concentrated in urban areas I expect more changes too, but not in areas of diversity or political leanings since it will be rural Kansans moving into the urban areas and bringing their convictions with them.

  4. I do appreciate the movements afoot to encourage voters who have more flexibility to give up their place in line to those that would be challenged to wait in long lines. I expect republicans to do everything possible to discourage voting — they need to in order to win. I already see indications of plans to marginalize the republican efforts. It will take motivated, organized get out the vote efforts but I am optimistic the majority of women, youth and minorities can do it together. Those white men (many of them already old) and the women who do their bidding won’t live forever!

  5. While not all women will vote in unison to give the boot to Republicans – I do think the YOUNGER women will be more inclined to open that can of whoop ass – even if their mothers, grandmothers, aunts or their husbands, boyfriends or male lovers tell them to vote for the Republicic ans.

    • Alot of my co-workers are younger women – 20’s to 40’s. Someone brought up the topic of equality of women – I don’t remember exactly what issue – whether equal pay or someone in the group was having an issue with her husband/boyfriend.

      Anyway – I reminded them of the days when I was in junior high schol.

      The band leader loved the fact that I played the drums and allowed me to play.

      When I got to th high school – that band leader told me under no circumstances would I have ever play with his band.

      He cencoufaged me to change to the flute – of which I told him it was the drums or nothing.

      I wound up iwth nothing.

      • While it is wonderful women and girls have opportunitites that my generation did not have at that age – I think that the younger generation of women and girls need to be reminded of how things ‘used to be’.

        I see the Republciamns as a threat to go back to the good old days. As they like to refer to them. It was good – if you were a man or boy.

      • I agree younger women need to know just how recently things were very different and how hard republicans are trying to take us all backwards!

        We’ve come a long way, baby. How many women worth their salt do you know today who are willing to end up with nothing?

      • My fear is that younger women are used to having such opportunities – and never had to fight for them – that they will forget and possibly be swayed into thinking the GOP will someday make good on that promise of job creation.

        But – then I thinkk about Rick Perry, Todd Akin, Richard Mourock, Paul Ryan and every FRundy Christians CON preacher man who continues to scream and yell about birth control.

        That is my hope that these wyounger women will st and up and fight back.

  6. What do you think? Will wealthy influential insurance companies who have never been very willing to lose money or take risks have an effect on the gun control debate? I think so!

    Kansas law thrusts Iowa insurer into gun debate

  7. With every major change in our country – didn’t it come gradually?

    But this GOP threatened return to the good old days (which were not so good if your were female, minority or gay) is not being pushed gradually.

    These folks want it done ASAP.

    Excuse me, but I still remember being first married, had my own job and had to get my credit cards changed inot my married name

    I had to use Mrs. (hubby’s first and last name) – why?

    I had those crecit cards before my marriage…..and kept the payments current.
    It is things like that these younger females do not know happend in those good old days.

  8. I consider myself as a center left person. I don’t like everything Obama has done or said – but I refuse to allow the GOP/Tea Party/Fundy Christian Conservative to dictate to me that I have to HATE Obama 24/7.

    For all their hating since day one – what have these people done to change th ings for the mbetter?

    I am still waiting on those jobs they promised in 2010.

    • I just read a quote by Stephen Colbert which says all that needs to be said about the accomplishments of today’s republicans in Congress.

      “Changing ‘French fries’ to ‘Freedom fries’ was arguably this Republican Congress’s greatest accomplishment.”

      I agree with Colbert!