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  1. The artist Luke DuBois, who presented several interesting pieces at the Aspen Ideas Festival, once did an installation that displayed the frequency with which words were used in State of the Union addresses. “The address is in many ways the best original source material for elucidating the concerns and anxieties apparent in the national zeitgeist for a given time,” DuBois argued.

    So he took the addresses delivered by a given president, analyzed the words that appeared most frequently, and displayed them in the style of those charts that eye doctors use to test your vision.

    Here is the chart for George W. Bush’s time in office:

    You can look at the results for every president here. The word George Washington said most: “Gentlemen.”

    HINT: At the link mouse over the icons that appear between the two lines below the image to see the image for each president — the last one is for George W. Bush.

  2. Women out number men in this country, plus, among the males we are able to count more supporters than opponents. I’m feeling real hopeful that we’re going to not just have numbers but the determination needed!

    (from the link): It is as if Perry and co, with their pockets full of unregulated corporate cash, have decided to go full government intervention and regulation on women’s bodies. Anyone who knows anything about a Texas woman when you get her riled up, must be scratching their heads as it is obvious Perry has taken on a battle he will not win in the long run. Or, as one male Texan Democrat, Beyrl Armstrong, stated, “I have a mother, I have a wife, I have nieces. It’s real important they be treated as competent human beings who can take care of themselves. These women are pissed off. Don’t kick sand in a Texas woman’s face, it’s not going to work.”

    You Have to Be Really Stupid to Stir Up This Hornet’s Nest: Pro-choice Women in Texas Angry as Hell

    • If the requirement is to be really stupid – then isn’t Rick Perry and Co just fulfilling those requirements?

      • Yep, it seems so.

        Republicans have over reached in several states, and tried but failed to be as successful at the federal level. I have great confidence in women! 😉

  3. While Rick Perry was feedign his pro-life red meat to that Faith and Values Conservative Christian crowd – the State of Texas executed the 500th inmate.

    How DARE Rick Perrry stand up and say that ALL life is sacred.

    I wonder if Rick Perry and his fellow executioners know the definition of the word ‘ALL’?

  4. Maybe because I often find fault with Reagan I found this op-ed interesting. Jeffrey Toobin says the repeal of DOMA can be traced back to Reagan! He explains that the midterm elections of 1986 saw democrats come roaring back, winning control of the Senate with eight new seats. In 1987 when Reagan nominated Robert Bork, who Toobin says would have been an ideological twin to Antonin Scalia, democrats in the Senate, especially the new chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Joseph Biden, defeated Regan’s nominee by 58 to 42. Reagan then nominated and the Senate confirmed Anthony M. Kennedy.

    (from the link): In Kennedy’s twenty-five years on the Court, the Justices have handed down three major decisions vindicating the rights of gay Americans. In 1996, in Romer v. Evans, the Justices invalidated a Colorado law that preëmptively barred any attempt to protect gay rights; in 2003, in Lawrence v. Texas, they ruled that gay people could not be criminally prosecuted for having consensual sex; and last week, in United States v. Windsor, they declared unconstitutional the odious and ill-named Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Anthony Kennedy wrote all three opinions.

    • I disagree with him on the Bork-Scalia matter. Scalia would likely agree with Bork many times, but I have a difficult time believing Scalia would or could vote with Bork constantly. Thomas, on the other hand, would be Bork’s butt-boy.

  5. The next president of Egypt?

    WATCH: Meet the 12-year-old Egyptian boy who wonderfully explains his country’s crisis.

  6. The wise man at Stonekettle Station brought me to tears with this blog post.