Friday, 7/5/13, Public Square

transport of women


by | July 5, 2013 · 6:00 am

2 responses to “Friday, 7/5/13, Public Square

  1. Bob White

    Women should protest with “mass political action” against men (and maybe not limited to just that). Vote men out of office. Women are a larger population than men. Women are generally smarter than men. Women do not “need” men. If women were in control, men would be in trouble or they would become better persons.

    • Kind words, Bob. Thank you. Women know many men stand with us!

      I don’t think women are smarter than men, but I have seen evidence that larger doses of testosterone lead men to be less gentle, less kind, less compassionate and empathetic. Maybe they really possess all those qualities to the same degree as women but are held back by society from being all they truly are. I hope that changes in our future. I see some of the beginnings of change already, and expect more over time.

      I have no doubt women will take care of this over-reach by republicans. We are also patient, so don’t need to see all the results immediately. We shall persevere! We’re not going backwards, we’re not going to be treated as inferior beings, we aren’t going to be ‘controlled’ by men although we will be men’s greatest ally when we are respected as equals.

      I understand why republican men have under-estimated women — they’ve obviously never given us our due. Have you heard some of these neanderthals? They won’t see it coming, and will be unable to recognize it when it smacks them upside the head! Women are aware that for every Todd Akin who speaks there is a Paul Ryan introducing legislation quietly that does exactly what Akin speaks about. We see, we hear, we know, and we plan. Oh, did I mention that WE VOTE in larger numbers than men?