Thursday, 7/4/13, Public Square

july 4



by | July 4, 2013 · 6:00 am

4 responses to “Thursday, 7/4/13, Public Square

    • And…isn’t a damn shame?

      I wonder how many those Tea Pots dressed up like Uncle Sam and waving their China-made American flag even KNOW where it was made?

      Not only that……do they even care?

      Especially if a ‘union worker’ once made those American flags??

  1. rick liebst

    Watching a program on the expansion west, there is something of a pride and a shame. Not a easy thing for those who cut the trials and expended out into what was the home of the Native Americans and the home of the Buffalos. You could applauded the home steadier’s, out into the unknown and to a life that was no to be easy or comfortable. I detest the land speculators and profiteer that took advantage of those people and the Native people whom they would have sold their hides too if they would have been a market for human skin.
    (My sense of humor just struck me: Imagine if there were skin gaffs and the likes back then. Imagine all those rich oil barons and landowners who would have ended up looking like a chess board with their skin gaffs!