Sunday, 6/30/13/Public Square

support our troops


by | June 30, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. Still thinking of you and yours and sending love and support, Fnord. Bad enough to be dealing with a family health crisis but then to be without power, well, you are troopers all!

    My cousin from Hawaii is here for a week on the farm. We’re seeing the sights you and and Pmom and I saw, and we’ll be visiting family homesteads and gravesites, etc. along with Castle Rock and doing some fossil hunting. And did I mention camping and fishing on Dower Creek? YAY!. I can’t manage the gates anymore by myself, so having a big strong guy with me will be like heaven.

    This morning we already saw many deer, wild turkey, a badger, a skunk, cattle and hawks. Typical day out here for us. Wish you all were here, especially for the bacon and eggs later, along with the Kona coffee he brought!

    I’ll check in when I can this week but please keep us posted, Fnord. We love you and care about you and everyone YOU care about!

    • We’rent we just talking about camping a few weeks ago?

      Sounds like you have a fun-filled week planned – and so happy for you to see your cousin again.

      Do I hear the packing of your bags to accompany him when he leaves for Hawaii?

      • As for storm damage at my house – we only had one thing.

        Just as I finished paying a bill online, a clap of thunder with a bolt of lightning cracked outside my window and then I heard a very loud ‘POP’ come out of my computer.

        Sad to report – my computer is no longer with us.

        Damn. Husband went down to basement and got out the old computer we had stored. He set this one up – she works, but she is S….L…..O….W…………

        Isn’t it funny how we get used to the instantenous gratification all around us and when forced to the basics of what ‘used to be the normal’ – drives us to pull our hair out because of its inept ability to satisfy our need for speed?

        Sometimes I wonder…..where is all this technology taking us?

    • I support our men and women that make up that slogan – we support the troops.

      But, how in the hell can I support the military leaders who are pulling in the big bucks, slithering in all that celebrity status – and some lucky ones even have their own party planer on speed dial

      While our grunats in the military qualify to get food stamps?

      There is NOTHING patriotic about that crap…