Saturday, 6/29/13, Public Square

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by | June 29, 2013 · 6:00 am

4 responses to “Saturday, 6/29/13, Public Square

  1. Anyone heard how Fnord and her family are doing? Sending good wishes.

    • I was just wondering the same thing….the days before surgery is always rough – but sometimes the days after surgery are your busiest times.

      I, like you Prairie, am sending good wishes….

  2. We haven’t had power since the storm Thurs evening. Maybe tomorrow.

    Grandson is doing much better today. He failed the first dye test to see if the internal sutures were tight. Tiny leak. He hasn’t been able to have anything by mouth since before the surgery. He doesn’t complain. You know how sore and dry your throat and mouth are following surgery and how great those ice chips are. None YET for him. They gave him Chapstick and he thought that was just great, then last evening he was allowed to chew a little bubble gum and he worked up a bit of saliva. Again he was sure all was perfect and that did the trick! I guess when life gives you some challenges if you are this young man you learn to be grateful for the small things. They repeat the dye test tomorrow. If he passes then they will give ice chips, water, broth… After he tolerates each he gets to come home. What a trooper, what an inspiration this man is! He brings tears to my eyes!

    I don’t know when I’ll be back on the Internet, but it will come with air conditioning so I will be a happy camper when it happens! We’ve had lots of clean up so we would have been outside anyway… Today is so much better than yesterday when there was no air moving.

    All is looking up. Thank you for your kind thoughts! You are the very best!

    • When one is facing the challenge of nothing by mouth – not even ice chips – I remember those days.

      Tell your grandson that everything will be okay – and that first real drink of anything – will be the greatest taste in the world.

      I could never understand in my situation – I could not have ice chips but yet I could drink that barrium chalk crap for the numerosu CT scans.. Even that tasted like the nectar from the Gods.

      sorry to hear about your power outage – hopefully, it will be back sooner than later.

      How is the family doing? You’re all in my thoughts and prayers.