Thursday, 6/27/13, Public Square

republican dream


by | June 27, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. It’s also the dream of Pastor Sam and the Kochs to make Kansas the same kind of free for all, lawless, and broke state. Look how well it’s working in Louisiana.

    • I do agree to a certain extent, as to big business they want “Small Government”. But to the other side, they want to control the citizens life’s.
      You can not be a total control over people’s private life and not express a total control of everything within a country. Not only is it a double edged sword but once such control is extended then it is like a drug and the users needs a supplier. That is why the Koch’s can run things and get so much of their own control.

      But your picture is a good example for those wanting that much lack of control and regulations. A refinery does not make money if it is not ran safely. You blow up your refinery it does not make you gas to sell and to keep replacing it cost more money then it will make.

  2. Don’t mess with Texas women!

  3. Watch this, please. Point out any exaggerations, discrepancies, misrepresentations, please.

    ABOUT: Since Dwight Eisenhower left the presidency in 1961 – 5 different Republicans have been President of the United States. And every single one of them – from Richard Nixon to George W. Bush – have been illegitimate – ascending to the highest office in the land NOT through small-D democratic elections – but instead through fraud and treason. Don’t believe me? Watch!

  4. In surgery … within three hours …