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  1. It bothers me a lot that SCOTUS can so easily override Congress’ decisions — those that were passed by overwhelming supportive votes. Our only method of participating is through those we elect to Congress. We don’t have a say in who serves as a judge on SCOTUS beyond a possible ideological bent of the POTUS who nominates to the Court. I’ve read bunches, listened to the TV heads — some who made sense, some who didn’t. I like what The Rude Pundit had to say —

    A Reminder or Two About What Happened During the 2006 Voting Rights Act Reauthorization:

    Reminder 1: In 2006, the renewal of the Voting Rights Act for 25 years passed the Senate by 98 to 0. That’s how uncontroversial it was. John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison, both Republicans from Texas, voted for it. Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions, both Republicans from Alabama, voted for it. The bill they voted for contained the section that the Supreme Court struck down today. Were these conservatives wrong? Did they make a grave error in judgment? Hell, the case itself, Shelby County v. Holder, came from Alabama. Did Shelby and Sessions betray their state?

  2. So we wait. At 9 am (central) this morning we learn more. Waiting isn’t easy but at least we still have hope …

    • I wish you could just bake a cake and fill it with that optimism, Fnord. I’d eat the whole thing in hopes of having just a little of your good outlook. Really. After the affirmative action and voting rights rulings, I’m scared today. I anticipate another day of dashed hopes.

      Once again, thanks in advance to all of you for your unwavering support of equality for all. Knowing you all really is the only bright spot about living in Kansas.

  3. I think all in all, I’ll be way more disappointed with the voting rights act disaster than I will be however SCOTUS rules on gay issues. Voting is such a foundational building block of democracy, and if voting rights can be taken away or make difficult for racial minorities and class minorities, then any right can be taken away from anyone, anywhere, any time.

    It shouldn’t be so hard to vote. And yet, the future of the repuke party depends on keeping people AWAY from the polls. How fucked up is that? It makes us little better than South African or any banana republic.

    • For all their proud bragging about their Conservative views being what the people want – these Republicans’ success depends on people NOT being allowed to vote?

      That makes no sense at all…..

      But – if your only goal is to WIN – then you really don’t care how you win – do you?

      As for being fucked up………Reagan and George W. Bush – enough said?

      • Isn’t it ironic that many of those same proud Republicans also claim to be such morally superior Christians.

        So…they treat their politics like their treat their belief in Jesus? They like to cherry pick the good parts of the Constitution and the Bible.

    • Optimism is just part of me. I don’t know how difficult life would be without it since sometimes its as hard as I can imagine even with it.

      I don’t know how it will be accomplished but the decision SCOTUS made yesterday might actually be the final deadly wound to the Republican Party.

      I was so proud of Wendy Davis yesterday! I was proud of the people of Texas who didn’t allow those republicans to get by with their evil. My hope is that The US Senate GOP should be forced to do what Wendy Davis did on every bill, every nominee they block.

      • I admire your optimism – wish I had more of it myself….

        But, I work with a lot of Far Right Winger Republicans…..and they are so exasperating…

      • I don’t know how many generations of minority and women voters the Republican Party has lost, but I do know their evil affects the younger people most so I suspect they’ve lost more than just one generation.

        As for people in Kansas — their SIX electoral votes will go to the candidate with the little “R” and the best they can do is keep that number at six, because it’s likely the next census will reduce it to five.

      • Agreed about Wendy Davis, and ALL the people who backed her up and participated in the process.

        When will Kansas women find a Wendy Davis to step up for them? When will Kansas women step up and find their own Wendy Davis?

        I can tell you one thing, our own Wendy Davis will NOT be found in the Kansas Democratic Party. Probably not in the kansas repuke party either.

        We need leadership in Kansas, not grand masters and pastors like sam and the shams. Or their little dogs like susan wagle.

        Sigh. Would the woman who will lead Kansas out of this wilderness please stand up?

  4. Tomorrow my grandson has surgery for stomach cancer. He won’t be 21 until August. I’m tied in more knots than can ever be untied. We’ll know tomorrow whether only part or all of his stomach must be removed. I have to have hope!

    • So sorry to hear that…….my thoughts and prayers are with your grandson, you and your entire family.

      Need anything……just let me know…

      • Thank you, Indy. I shouldn’t have said anything, sometimes it’s hard to keep quiet. It means a lot to know people will think about him. It hasn’t spread and he has great doctors. He’s already had two surgeries this year and tomorrow will be the hard one. We’ve been studying what we can do to help him, what to expect and how to handle it. We have a big family and we’re all in this.

        How is your son-in-law? That was a tough surgery last week. Along with all the other challenges facing him and your family you need a bunch of thoughts and prayers too!

      • Son in law is doing fine – so far. If he can just be convinced to stop playing in that softball league…….the doctors told him it is time to hang up the bat….

        But, I realize it is hard to give up something you really enjoy

    • Oh, Fnord, I can only imagine your knots. I’m sending good wishes for you and yours. I know what your family means to you and I hope you all come through this in good shape.

    • wicked

      Sending prayers and all that good energy stuff to all of you.

  5. There’s another fight between Democrats and Republicans.

    Google – Moral Monday in North Carolina.

    These protests have been going on for awhile..

    Something is brewing in our country…..and I hope it is thrown straight into the face of the GOP.

  6. Wish it was brewing in Kansas, too.

  7. DOMA struck down!

  8. Federal government can no longer deny federal benefits to same-sex couples who are legally married!

    Justice Anthony Kennedy, the court’s conservative-leaning swing vote with a legal history of supporting gay rights, joined his liberal colleagues in the decision, which will dramatically expand the rights of married gay couples in the country to access more than 1,000 federal benefits and responsibilities of marriage previously denied them.

    Okay, we’re not all the way yet, but we’re on the RIGHT path!

  9. Robert Reich says —

    In a few weeks the nation will celebrate the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, but the Supreme Court has already dealt it a major setback by overturning Congress’s decision as recently as 2006 to require historically discriminatory states to meet certain requirements before changing their voting laws. Make no mistake: “Shelby County v. Holder” is a clear signal to regressives to continue to use voter ID laws, gerrymandering against minorities, and targeting of minorities for removal from voting rolls, to try to hold back the demographic tide of minority voting in America. The Republican-appointed majority on the Court is on the wrong side of history. Like its disgraceful “Citizens United” decision, giving corporations the rights of citizens under the First Amendment, this one also makes a mockery of the true meaning of citizenship in our democracy.

    PS: The Court’s 5-4 decision this morning to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act, combined with yesterday’s decision on voting rights, reveals only one thing: that the meaning of equal opportunity under the Constitution now depends almost entirely on Anthony Kennedy.

  10. And, same-sex marriage is now ONCE AGAIN legal in the state of California! It’s a good day for equality!

    • Standing (or lack thereof) was the key in the Prop 8 case. This decision is NOT on the merits. While the result is as fnord says, the same was not finally determinative. No res judicata, stare decisis flows from today’s ruling.

  11. The important information is not necessarily the content, but the methods and connections. It is entirely possible that they did not previously know how much of their communications were being analyzed, or how that was happening. Now they do.

    When the President explained that nobody was ever listening to people’s phone calls, but instead establishing a record of which suspect groups were talking to each other and how, that rang (pun!) completely true. That is exactly the kind of information a terrorist group would like to have and probably did not have previously.

    Al-Qaida said to be changing its ways after leaks

  12. The people that I’m reading who are angry and upset over today’s SCOTUS rulings seem to be the same ones who are upset when the weather is nice, because it means their gods aren’t punishing anyone.

    • I just got home from work (I was offered a full time position – so, I am now a full-time employee).

      My DIL quit her job to be the stay-at-home mother – and I fully support her in her choice. And if she decides to return to work full time – I will also fully support that decision.

      That is what I am all about – allowing people to make their OWN choices.

      • But….I digressed….

        When I turned on the television and Chris Matthews was talking to Pete Williams about the SCOTUS decisions – I just about fell out of my chair.

        My husband then said (he was a Baptist preacher when I married him 36 years ago) that this being Wednesday night – there will be a lot of moaning, groaning and gnashing of teeth at these Sanctimonius, Pious, Hypocrit Churches tonight…..

  13. The journey to equality is a step at a time, no major accomplishment has ever been done in one step or simple decision. Slavery did not end when many were against it nor did it continue when some did not accept that it was wrong to enslave others and both found footing in their book of worship and in the history of nations. But we are witnessing a moment in history, one that is equal to the emancipation proclamation. The journey to equally is still a long one, there will be a day when the younger generation will look to us and ask if there really was such a time? They will have a look of stupor at the lack of understanding how such an injustice could have been allowed in the United States at one time.

    They will cheer and hold those who fought for the freedom of others even if they themselves were not in the oppressed minority. As long as one person suffers an injustice then all are stained and downtrodden by someone having been stained. Such is what it means to be the United States and a people who hold freedom as being for all and blessing of being the most that a mere human can strive for.

  14. Thanks for posting that, Fnord. It brought tears to my eyes for that poor woman and her courage. Thank you Edith.

    I’ve had a beer at the Stonewall. And like Edith, I wish I could go there now!

  15. It’s all bittersweet. We’ve come so far… and we still have so far to go….


    “After Matt came out to me, he once asked me if I thought gay couples would ever be allowed to get married. I told him I didn’t think it would happen in my lifetime, but it probably would in his. It’s so sad, and ironic, that it turned out the other way. But this case warms my heart, to think that his dream is still coming true. Dennis and I look forward to the day when loving, committed couples are able to marry in every state.” -Judy Shepard on the Prop 8 decision

  17. Declaration of Human Rights


    Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,

  18. Wendy Davis brought what was happening in Texas to the attention of people all across our country. In the end it was all those people watching the live feed who stopped the republicans from passing their evil bill. This is how WE THE PEOPLE will make changes and improvements. If Rick Perry calls yet another special session we’ll be prepared to do our part!

    “In the end, it all came down to a last-minute vote that could barely be heard over the din of cheers from pro-choice activists gathered in the gallery.

    But where did that last minute fall — before or after the bill’s midnight deadline?

    The Associated Press and several other large media outlets initially reported that the bill had passed, taking Lt. Gov. Dewhurst’s word that the vote was taken “just before” 12 AM.

    But Democratic State Senators and the tens of thousands who witnessed the vote live on a YouTube stream were skeptical.

    As well they should have been.

    Screengrabs of the official SB5 results page captured by several wonks clearly show the record vote was called after midnight local time, and was therefore dated 6/26.”

    Internet Catches Texas Senate Altering Timestamp on Abortion Bill Vote

    • I was asking this very same question this morning – when I heard the Republicans were trying to pull a fast one….

      He..he…he….the little bastards got caught – didn’t they?

  19. The Repukes, along with their corporate masters, will stop at nothing to control ALL levers. They will lie, (above), cheat (kansas tax policy) and steal (Bush v Gore) and kill (Kennedy) to get whatever they want.

    Whenever you think “naw, they wouldn’t do that. They wouldn’t go that far.” Think again. They have, they do, and they will again.

    To say we must remain vigilant is an understatement. We have to watch their sorry asses every second of every minute of every hour of every day. And then we have to scream at the top of our lungs when we catch them doing wrong. And scream until someone listens and wrongs are corrected.

    It’s a never ending job. I just hope the forces of good have more stamina than the repuke forces of evil because the repukes seem to have boundless energy. Even if it takes 50 years, they will over turn voting rights. Even if it takes 80 years, they will end Social Security. Even if it takes 40 years, they will end abortion rights. They’ll never give up on gay equality or racial equality or any other kind of equality. In their world, things are upside down until white, rich, christian men control the world. Again.

    • Remember that line about how conservative judges were all about judicial restraint? That was bullshit then and it’s bullshit now. The voting rights case made it clearer than anything in recent memory.

  20. Finally, the Kennedy Court does something good. Next challenge: the states.

    • Oh Hell, Zippy. They’ll have to send federal troop to Kansas to enforce any equality for gays. Yet another good repuke reason to start a war. It’ll keep the feds busy and unable to enforce equality.

  21. Well, one thing we can always count on is Kansas will bring the crazy. Never mind that we don’t have a farm bill. Timmy Huelskamp has more important things to do.

    “Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS), announced he would introduce a federal constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage in response to the court rulings.”

    I knew someone would do this. I just thought Huelskamp might be more concerned about, ya know, agriculture, even though he is the only Big First Congressman to not serve on the House Ag Committee.

    jesus wept

    • I don’t think there is anything more important to republicans than

      1. corporations and money

      2. cutting benefits for people who aren’t wealthy (therefore they are undeserving according to republicans)

      3. maintaining control over women, minorities, everyone deemed to be ‘unworthy’ which allows republicans to think they are superior to all those they oppress.

      I haven’t seen any evidence they think about anything else.

  22. If he even realizes the attention his first ‘special session’ drew from all across our country, he hasn’t seen anything yet. And you all know that motivating voters is guaranteed to backfire on him. By calling a second ‘special session’ maybe he can ensure that twice or maybe three times the women are paying attention — ya know, women in purple states that will be motivated by his actions! Do you remember when Bush2 was the greatest ambassador the Democratic Party had? I think Rick Perry might be vying for that position!

    The comments are a recommended read. 🙂

    (from the link): A spokeswoman for Gov. Perry confirmed to Mother Jones that he has called a special session that will begin on July 1. Perry said in a statement, “I am calling the Legislature back into session because too much important work remains undone for the people of Texas. Through their duly elected representatives, the citizens of our state have made crystal clear their priorities for our great state. Texans value life and want to protect women and the unborn.”

    Here’s How Texas Republicans Will Crush the Wendy Davis Abortion Filibuster

  23. Tweet of the Year!

    If only my vagina were shooting up schools, airports, theaters and offices. THEN the GOP would willfully ignore regulating it.