Monday, 6/24/13, Public Square

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by | June 24, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. The image does so speak to what comes out of Fox and what they think of their viewers. But then of course the network does not have the total fault. You can forgive for someone feeding you shit once, since they may think of you as being just that stupid. But if you continue to come back, then they are simply providing you with the serve you are wanting. which of course is where the real money is.

  2. HA! Perfect! And don’t you love it that the repukes are asking Loofah Bill, Beck and Rush to please, pretty please, support their immigration bill because the party needs their support? WTF?

    And they said Rush was NOT the head of the RNC? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  3. Sounds like SCOTUS decided not to decide about affirmative action…

  4. And, once again, it’s not decision day for DOMA or Prop 8 or voting rights.

  5. Yes! We will!

    If republicans think they can win this war, they’re just wrong! Women have fought too hard and too long to allow republicans to take us and our rights backwards! They under-estimate women at their own peril.

  6. Hi, there. Left eye cataract surgery completed and am now home. Sedative used this time different, or different dosage. Feeling all warm and fuzzy, called two recovery nurses darling when getting my wheels under me, to their great amusement. All is good.

    • Thanks for checking in! Now, do whatever the doctor said.

      • First follow-up 8:30 a.m. tomorrow, use eye guard for four nights (first time, it was two), eye drop instructions same except first administration post-surgery is at 8 p.m., rather than 7 p.m. I adhered to my instructions faithfully the first time, same plan this time.

      • Sounds like you have things well under control…..glad to hear it.

        Now – do as Fnord says……. LOL

  7. We just returned from a family gathering in Dodge City. We can’t remember how many years it’s been since we drove out to Dodge, but it was a bunch. I enjoyed seeing Greensburg with its ‘green’ on, the wind farms, the delightful ‘whirly gigs’ beside the road at Mullinville (10 miles west of Greensburg). Do you remember when Iggy used some of those as his blog gravatar? Little bit of wheat being cut, not enough. We saw custom cutters headed out to perhaps Colorado. Another thing we noticed is the wheat fields that had already baled the straw got very few bales out of those big fields — the wheat they cut was so short it didn’t leave much straw after the wheat was harvested. We had a great visit and it’s good to be home.

  8. Catchy tune, goes straight to the fact that corporations are more important to republicans than YOU are, and addresses the shockingly cruel attitude republicans have toward the poor. WARNING: explicit language. But truly what the republicans are doing to America is far more offensive than anything I’ve ever seen or heard!

  9. I found this photo on a ‘conservative’ site, and I know there are those who believe, and others who hope, that Obamacare will be a trainwreck.

    Let’s hope the national version is as resoundingly successful as RomneyCare is in Massachusetts.

  10. I read the front page of the Wichita Eagle today and there was a story about Sandy Praeger – our third-term Republican Kansas Insurance Commissioner.

    If you did not see that article – it was well worth reading.

    Here’s the premise – Praeger is now a RINO and the Establshment Kansas GOP apparently hates her.

    BTW – Praeger has been busy getting Kansas ready for the implementation of the ACA – but, of course, Sammy and his Church Ladies are right there to block her every move.

    And to MOCK her – of course.

    I voted for Sandy Praeger because I had contacted her office once and I was treated courteously, efficiently and she helped me with my problem.

    Her office also helped my son when he had a complaint about his homeowenrs insurance company – they tried to terminate his homeowners policy due to the back porch did not have the correct spacing between the back porch spindles. They have lived in the same house – with the exact same back porch with the same spindles – for the past 7 years.

    But last fall, this ‘good hands’ insurance company decided they could just terminated his homeowners policy without even notification of a problem with the back porch?

    Let’s just say – Sandy Praeger has proven herself to my family – and she is one Republican I do not regret voting for……

    But, she is a woman and she is what Republicans used to be……

    Which is why these current Far Right Wingers hate her so much.

    In this newspaper article – she said the Kansas GOP put out a listing of current GOP state-held offices – and her name was conspicuously missing.

    This woman is on her third term….!!!!

    What a bunch of #1 A__Holes.