Saturday, 6/22/13, Public Square

ceo vs worker pay


by | June 22, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. I had an interesting discussion with a proud Conservative Republican that actually believes the CEO ‘earns’ their money and is entitled to keep ALL of it.

    I asked this person what would happen to that CEO if all his low-wage workers did not show up for their jobs?

    How much money would that CEO be able to stash overseas in some tax-free bank account…

    The man just looked at me like he had been hit with a dead fish across his face.

    I can understand why the CEOs want to keep people believing they are ‘entitled’ – but these Republicans that will fight to the bitter end to defend that type of thinking is something I will never understand.

  2. This may not meet with general approval among the PPPers, but I agree with it in general, although it pains me to say so:

    • We should not have to force employers to pay any minimum wage – IMHO.

      We should have enough employers with the good sense to know their workers are what we keeps their company in business – along with the customers buying their product/service.

      Just because the minimum wage is increased does NOT mean that all the jobs will be created that is needed to really keep our economy getting stronger.

  3. Bob White

    For me, it all comes down to morality. Wisdom tells us to share with those who have needs, whatever those needs may be while being good stewards of mother earth. The plan that stupidity suggests is that we in our Empire should compete for whomever can get and keep the most, then die with it while leaving multitudes with basic needs unmet and destroying mother earth at the same time.