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  1. I think Reagan and Republicans knew exactly what they were doing – do you?

    I remember watching Ron Reagan Jr on with Chris Matthews. Chris was talking about Reagan’s trickle down economics and he asked Ron Jr if his dad really believed that would work.

    Ron Jr’s face was priceless – and then he said – I guess so. Ron Jr just laughed.

    I must confess – I like Ron Reagan Jr. His faces he makes is priceless and he does not shy away from saying exactly what the thinks. I guess it helps to know you’re the kid of a beloved Republican Saint – huh?

    • What made that entire trickle down crappola sell to the public was Reagan’s ability to put a Hollywood actor’s spin on that particular pile of crap.

      I have to shake my head and laugh every time a Conservative Republican demonizes Hollywood actors on the Democratic side.

      Do these folks even know what Reagan did before he stepped into the White House and started his wrecking crew?

    • rick liebst

      In theory Tickle down should work in the sense of if it worked at thought it would have mention that the top would have had so much that they would have been more open to the workers. It did not of course since the top does not think about comfort or ability to buy comfort. Money is noting more then points in the board game to them. So it was not in their interest to tickle down the money. To them there is nothing wrong with that logic since to them it is about the game not the people.

      • In theory – the only way trickle down would work is if the top folks had the good sense God gave a goose and realize that if they treated their employees well – then the entire country would do better.

        But – hey – trickle down was just an idea made up by Republicans who really don’t care about anything but their own money..

  2. The most glaring part of the Conservative Republicans’ claim about their economic plans is the fact that Corporate earnings are way up and keep going higher..

    So, when these Republicans are moaning and crying about how businesses just cannot make it anymore due to the Democrat in the White House and and Senate Democrats – I just have to wonder – how much more profits do these greedy S.O.B’s need?

    It’s clear from every analysis I’ve heard about – it’s the working class that has seen the biggest drop in their economic future.

    So….when these CEOs start losing their multi-million-dollar paychecks – then maybe I might just listen to their paid lobbyists – these Conservative Republicans.

    I’ve often heard these Christian Conservative Republicans talk about how churches should be the ones to help the poor, hungry, homeless and unemployed.

    Sounds like a great plan – which one of these Mega Corporate Churches will stop their damn building yet another huge monument to glorify themselves and actually start doing what Jesus did?

    Republicans love to talk about the good old days – don’t they?

    I remember the good old days – when doctors made house calls and the preachers were not the ones driving the luxury cars and Gucchi suits.

    • just caught the end of my last statement..

      and -WEAR- Gucchi suits (the way I left it, one might assume I think people drive Gucchi suits…

      It’s been a long, long week……LOL

    Good blog post. It gives much to consider.
    I am a mertiocrat. However, there is much to overcome to allow one’s merit to be recognized unless the right parents are chosen. As much as is wrong with the military, as an institution it does provide a more level playing field for demonstration of merit (at least the Air Force does) than American society as a whole.

    • The problem with most merit-based ratings is that human beings are involved in who deserves what…

      That is where the rich parents come in – which, in turn, brings in politics

      And once politics and money comes into play – all Hell breaks loose

  4. Jay

    Long time since I’ve been here. Anyone got the guts for a fight on a blog that at least USED to mean something?

  5. Jay

    I doubt I’ll survive “moderation”. This blog originated by my dear and now dead friend was originated from the WEBlog. Look at that lately? Like how it has been taken over by Paul Rosell and James McCluer? Anybody here with the guts for a fight? I’ve looked at this coffee clatch. There is nothing happening here. The bad guys are winning folks. I can tell you all about it from personal experience.

    • Hi, Jay, good to “read you.” I’ve thought of you often and missed you! I’ll speak for me. No, I haven’t been there, don’t intend to. We have a good bunch of friends here who would all welcome you to talk with us about whatever you want as long as it isn’t about people at another blog. We’re NOT interested! Please do visit us and let us know how you are, what you’re doing and thinking, but PLEASE don’t bring the negativity of those people here. Their fights and childishness don’t need to be spread further. It’s like a cancer that grows and destroys.

      • Fnord – I agree – living with that much hate and negativity is a cancer that will eventually consume the hater.

        Jay – I fully understand how you feel about the bad guys winning – but in the end, what have they really won? The bragging rights to some blog in Kansas?

        That’s not much of a victory – in my opinion.

        But – why continue to fight with hate-filled people? Do you really think they are going to change their minds – or you change your mind?

        Your fighting with them everyday feeds their existence to live for 24/7 hate.

        Why would I want to feed their hatred?

        As for the bad guys winning – hasn’t that been true for a long time?

        Sometimes the bad guys win…sometimes the good guys win…

        But – in the end – I have to live with myself in how I conducted myself.

        And that, my friends, is why I do not go over the fence to the other blog.

        There’s an old saying – you’re known by the company you keep.

        I do not choose to keep company with hate-filled people.