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  1. Americans are getting waaaaay too comfortable with congressional inaction and inertia. And our attention spans are getting waaaaaay too short. If I were one of the family members, I’d think right about now that no one gives a damn and all the talk about “never again” was just that. Talk.

    The whole damn country is suffering from a case of “if we talked about it, it’s done.” No, it’s not. And as long and repukes control the house and democrats can’t get it together to support a unified agenda, nothing will get done.

    It’s like our country has one foot nailed to the floor and we keep going in the same circle, but thinking we’re making progress just because we keep moving. No, it’s not progress. It’s going around in a circle.

    • My DIL and I were just talking about this issue last week. It seems our country is so hellbent on professing to be such a moral Christian country – but yet all we really do is flap our gums.

      I remember my father’s gun in his closet. My grandfather and all my uncles had their guns. Hell – most of my friends’ fathers had guns.

      What we did not have were these guns designed to be human-killing machines. We did not have these assault weapons with huge magazines filled with flesh-tearing bullets.

      Plus – we did not have this mentality I see from the average American.

      It’s this mentality of don’t tell me what to do or I’ll blow your head off.

      Where in the hell did that come from?

      I do think our movies, television and music have influenced kids who are now adults.

      But it’s more than that….IMHO

      I think it’s also due to the fact that there is no shame anymore in our society. The crooks are winning – and they are smirking as they are emptying out the tax dollars trough for their latest bail outs.

      Corporations are increasingly getting larger and larger and then the military industrial complex is the most dangerous overfed beast that is literally threatening our very existence.

      And what do most people do about these things? They go out and wait in line to buy the latest iPad or Xbox game.

      We have become a nation of consumers – very little critical thinking – we just do as we are told by all that marketing B.S.

      Let’s not forget – what did the GOP say they had to do to win elections? Rebrand themselves (just change the marketing B.S.)

      These folks never once said they had to change their message – did they?

      Just change the package in which they wrap their B.S.

      • P.S. – that absence of shame also applies to our so-called religious leaders.

        Case in point – the Catholic Church and their crime of covering up child molestation.

        Some of these Evangelical Preachers and Televangelists say the most outrageous things and NOBODY dares to tell them they are lying.

        Plus – Phylis Schafly and her son appointed themselves to rewrite the Bible to fit their narrow Conservative agenda and NOBODY has dared to question them or their motives?

        Back in my childhood – we had a lot of churches – majority were small and Christian. But we had other faiths around time but I don’t remember such a hate-filled mess as we see today when it comes to religion.

        Well – I take that back. I did see the hate-filled mess start to happen when my mother decided to change churches and go to that new Fundamental Baptist Church with the charismatic preacher man.

        That dude was the man who told me I was marrying the Devil himself – which is quite funny because that preacher man was too busy screwing everything that was not nailed down and he NEVER even met my fiancé (my husband now).

        When I asked this preacher dude what made him think I was marrying the Devil – the response was: because his hair touches the top of his ears.

        This was in 1976……..

        And then when I refused to call off my engagement – that is when this preacher man started to work his evil by convincing my mother I was marrying the Devil and then all Hell really did break loose.

        Of course, my mother poured even more money into that preacher man’s hands so that he could help her through this family crisis.

        I call B.S. on that crappola.

        I suspect the truth was that this preacher man knew he had lost me and my money because that Devil I was marrying was a Baptist preacher himself. So – I had already made the decision to leave the preacher man’s church and he did not want my mother (the decision maker) to decide to join me and attend my fiancé’s church – and give her money to our church.

        To this day – I still believe it was all about money..

        But this preacher man started a hate-filled firestorm within my immediate family and then my fiancé’s church members got all hot and bothered by that rival church’s influence on me and I was told to my face that I was not welcomed.

        And these are Christian folks?

        So – you see – just because one calls themselves a moral Christian – does not make it a fact.

  2. This is an interesting read —

    Grow up, Libertarians!
    Your philosophy is superficial, juvenile nonsense. Here’s what you should focus on instead

  3. 6176,

    Would you help me understand the recent SCOTUS ruling against protests on public property that our taxes pay for? Does the U. S. Constitution still include the right to protest and petition the government? Is the SCOTUS upholding the U. S. Constitution? I’m missing something and would appreciate a bit of your wisdom and expertise.

    • I saw this also……is it just for those who protest at the Supreme Court?

    • Simply stated, the Congress passed a law in 1949 which barred protests on the Supreme Court plaza. Said law was struck down yesterday(?) by a District Court judge who found it unconstitutional. SCOTUS then quickly issued a Court Rule to the same basic effect as the statute (the decision on which by the District Court judge will surely be appealed). That’s all I have for now.

      • I remember seeing that guy from my Fundy Baptist College protesting on the steps of the Supreme Court while carrying a doll baby around his neck while he was waving an anti-abortion sign – and this was after 1949.

        Was this 1949 law not enforced?

      • The 1949 law applied only to the plaza, not the building. Same for the rule.

  4. The above graphic about the Newtown kids made me think…

    Why would people care about those 20 innocent kids being murdered that day when we have people who still support the Catholic Church leaders who have NOT been kicked out of the church or prosecuted and put into prison for molesting all those innocent kids?

    The ONLY way make some people care about kids is to NEVER let them be born. If there was only a way we could keep every baby in the womb and never allow them to be born.

    Because – once born, that baby is on it’s own. These Pro-Lifers have demonstrated that quite plain and simple.

    Some people really just don’t care what happens to kids………they only care about the Pre-Born.

  5. Hard as it is to acknowledge such idiocy exists, I’ve heard people double-down on their homophobia and blame “the gay” for the whole tragedy of the Catholic priests who abused children. They’ve said those priests were gay and so they blame “the gay.” Now, I’ve never heard any person who has any intelligence say something like this. But there are those who lack the ability to even understand the illness of pedophilia. They are unable to distinguish between something that is as normal as a blue sky and something that is a not only a mental illness but a horrendous crime. Yes, there are very stupid people. Too many.

    Education is usually the answer to most problems that involve hate, bigotry and fear. Once you know and understand it’s a lot more difficult to be hateful, afraid, bigoted. I do believe their are some incapable of being educated. You can’t fix willfully stupid.

    • Let’s put aside the argument these were gay priests……so, we are now to believe the Catholic Church leaders who knowingly covered up these gay priests are not accomplices in that crime of child molestation?

      I will NEVER understand how any Catholic can continue swallowing all this crappola when the Catholic Church leaders have yet to punish any bishop and/or cardinal that made the choice to cover up a crime.

      If the current Pope really wanted to change things – then he needs to kick those bishops and cardinals out of the church….and the sooner the better..

      • The thing is pedophilia is absolutely NOT more prevalent among people who are gay! But these numbskulls I’m talking about think (in truth they aren’t capable of intelligent thought) that gay and pedophilia are the same thing.

        And you’re right that even those with brains and the ability to think who covered up these atrocious crimes against children are guilty of aiding and abetting criminals at minimum. Wonder if they sleep at night and what it’s like to look in the mirror. If it’s easy, they have no soul.

  6. To the subject of the attitude of gun nuts — I agree with them when they say it isn’t the gun that kills, it’s the person behind the gun. The most impassioned gun nuts have shown me evidence that they suffer from mental instability and should never be trusted to be near a gun.

    This is a quote from Gabrielle Giffords —

    “…if we cannot make our communities safer with the Congress we have now, we will use every means available to make sure we have a different Congress.”

    • Gabrielle Giffords is such a treasure – isn’t she?

      I guess in looking at this woman now – there was something good to come out of that terrible tragedy in Tucson?

      But…damn…..what a price to pay….

  7. I recall musing on TBTSNBN that they only permutation of the modern Republican frankencoalition that hadn’t been tried was the one with the Libertarians prominent. After years of creepily bipartisan drifting towards a smiley-faced surveillance state (notice how that almost the only shit that passes and gets signed into law?), we appear to have reached a breaking point, at least with a significant minority of the public (it helps,no doubt, with many of the redneck anti-gubmint types that there’s this brown guy in the Oval Office).

    While I’m skeptical that Rand Paul could win over enough of the so-called social conservatives to get the 2016 nod, I fully expect the Rove/etc.want to try to give this next permutation a go in 2014 and beyond, since we all know it’s really about enabling unchecked multinational corporate power, whilst throwing a few bones to your perceived base.

    Having dealt with cyber-libertarians for about 20 years, I will be there to point out not only the moral bankruptcy of their supposedly consistent, principled positions, but also that, not only are their anti-social-welfare positions unnecessary philosophically (and, in fact, diminish the human freedom they pretend to cherish), but that these folks are not even consistent in supporting the more presumably basic freedoms of the Bill of Rights ..

    P.S. Having said that, Ed Snowden strikes me as one the saner and most intelligent Ron Paul fanboys. He actually hoped to see things get better under Obama (sigh). And I would wager hard cash with anyone who predicts that he’s planning to sell secrets to China. I can’t, of course, claim that’s impossible, but it is unlikely in the extreme.

    • I still want to know who is bankrolling this Snowden guy.

      Seriously, he is 29-yrs-old …somebody has to be his Sugar Daddy pulling those puppet strings.

      When we find that out…..maybe that will be the start of when we learn the rest of the story..

  8. This is what republicans do and how they conduct themselves —

    • BTW – I wonder if Jeb has stopped to think – if we need immigrants to create more taxpayers to fund the safety net of retiring baby boomers..

      Then shouldn’t the Republicans start delivering on their promise in 2010 to create jobs?

    • I heard that this fall’s American kindergarten class will be 49 point something percent minority. By the time those kids are 18 and able to vote the republicans should be a political party you hear about in history class. Maybe even in Texas because they will have been gone long enough that all the history books could be rewritten accurately.

      For now and in the immediate future women are the majority voters.

      And still republicans pay no attention to these demographics when every policy in their platform and every bill they introduce alienates women and minorities further.