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First Cataract Surgery: Final (Planned) Report

I had the one month (and last planned) follow-up today about the cataract surgery on my right eye. I learned a few things (more on that later), but the news was all good (at least to me).

Healing has gone well. No need to continue the Prednisone eye drops (which, per instructions, were discontinued after Monday’s application). Pupil has returned to its prior recalcitrance, not dilating with the first application of the drops designed for said purpose. Pressure in the eye itself is “normal”, as is the case with the left eye. Eyesight measured at 20/25 (last time it was “measured” in these terms, it was 20/850 before cataracts happened ), may actually get to 20/20 over the next six months. All good.

Now, for things I learned. Due to the size of the cataract, it was necessary to make an incision in the sclera, rather than in the lens itself, to remove it. As several students got to see (with my readily granted permission; as you folks know, I’m all about education), there is a suture there (in good shape and will eventually dissolve) which explains the bloodshot appearance of that part of the eye. Due to the size of the cataract (and will be true on the left eye, too), iris hooks were needed to position the iris correctly when the artificial lens was being implanted. Finally, as I suspected, the 14.5 power of the lens relates to its strength. Given all the above, it was pronounced by the resident and students present that I was quite fortunate to end up with vision so near 20/20, it being a high probability the vision would not recover so well.

So, fnord and PP, you now know my experience, which was a bit atypical in parts, but totally “normal” in other ways. If either of you has this surgery to consider in the near future, I hope my tale has relieved some anxiety.


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