Thursday, 6/13/13, Public Square

only contradicted


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  1. From what I hear the gun nuts are one of those “persecuted” groups. Uh huh. Not just contradicted… Reasonable regulations are persecution, and their right to own guns trumps all other human beings right to live!

    Toddlers Killed More Americans Than Terrorists Did This Year
    11 Deaths in Five Months Where Shooter Was 3 to 6 Years Old

    • The most persecuted are these Religious Right Republicans – followed by the Tea Pots.

      I am trying to think when was the first time we really heard about this War on Christmas?

      Was it before or after Obama became actively seeking the presidency?

      Seriously – what a joke to think Christians are being persecuted in America.

      But…that playing that persecution card sure does bring in a lot of that tax-free political money and/or money in the church’s collection plates.

      • P.S. – when I speak about the War on Christmas – I am referring to the non-stop yelling and screaming from the folks on Fox Network – who seem to be the loudest screamers…..about this issue.

        As I just read on Wikipedia (consider the source) – the Puritans banned the celebration of Christmas for couple of decades.

        It was stated that at the time of the Declaration of Independence in Colonial times – the celebration of Christmas was not being observed.

        Hmmm…..I wonder if these Fundy Christians know about this??

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    June 12, 2013 at 11:29 am
    There are studies that show the grumpier you are, the longer you live. indy should well be aware of these studies, as she has been involved in the long term care industry.

    I just read this from yesterday….

    You know my theory as to why grumpy and mean people live so long?

    God does not want these folks.
    Satan does not even want them – they are too mean for him

    So God and Satan are having a staring contest (remember those from our childhood).

    The first one to blink has to take the S.O.B.s

    • Hey, I resemble that remark! 🙂

      • ROFLMAO

        Hey – given the right circumstances, I can be as grumpy, mean and spiteful as any of these CONservatives.

        With an added bonus – I can quote Scripture right back at their faces and then let them tell me how God did not mean what is in their own Bible.

        When I am in the right mood – I rather enjoy debating a Conservative Religious Right. Of course, by the time I am finished with them – the CON is usually as mad as a wet hen….

        Picture me with a big bucket of water just waiting for the first CON to poke their head out and quote me their Scripture…

        I must confess – my 98-yr-old grandmother (that died the day after Christmas) was known to be a scrappy, vindictive and spiteful little woman -when she set her mind to it…..

        And – did you notice she lived to be 98 yrs old?

        I loved my grandmother ….but she was what she was……..spitefulness and all…

        I wonder…..which one blinked when my grandmother finally died?

      • My wife tells me since the heart attack I seem to have gotten grumpier. I say I have finally stopped put up with as much shit as I use to! I would often bit my words. Toward members of the family and friends that would spout some crap about Religion or Politics. Not to mention those members are the real egg heads.

  3. I heard a news report the other day about how life expectancy rates are going up and how that affects our Medicare and Social Security programs.

    Okay – that makes sense..

    But – what about these Conservative Republicans that want to ban birth control? Isn’t that going to add to the problem?

    So – bottom line – people are living longer – fewer people are working living -wage jobs to pay for the Medicare and Social Security programs already in existence.

    Then factor in – people are living longer due to the advancement of medical technology paid for Medicare…

    So…..tell me again why are we fighting over these two programs in terms of having them or not having them?

    If we discontinue them entirely – then what happens to the millions of people living longer…..and wouldn’t that be implementing those dreadful death panels that Conservative Republicans hate so much?

    The ultimate death panel would be – abolish Medicare entirely.

    Shouldn’t we be finding ways to create jobs in order for people to have the money to continue what we have already started..

    Or shall we just become Pro-Death – but we’ll blame the Democrats for it?

    • IIRC – 6176 has brought up the issue of over population before on this blog.

      Again – that makes sense.

      So – why are CONservative Republicans so hell bent on having women give birth regardless of the consequences…

      Personally – I suspect this Pro-Birth mentality is being driven by the Far Right Wingers of the Religious Right because these are the folks who truly believe we need more bodies to fight their much-desired Holy War.

      • Hi Indy–Google “quiverfull” and you’ll see why the wingers and evangelicals are hell bent on forced birth. More little soldiers.

      • I seem to recall Todd Tiahrt making some comment similar to this quiverfull ideaology while he was still in Congress.

        But..the last time I tried to find it online, I came up empty-handed.

        Maybe I read it in the local newspaper?

        I was just thinking about Todd Tiahart the other day and wondering why we have not heard anything from him..

        I am not knocking the silence……mind you….but sometimes when these folks are too quiet – it means something is about to blow..

  4. So….Gov. Rick Perry is upset because that evil government has turned off the spigot?

    While I fully support helping innocent victims of this workplace disaster ….I have to wonder, where is the accountability and liability for this fertilizer plant?

  5. Another national publication asks why would Gov. Brownback raise taxes on poor and middle-class Kansans and institute the worst tax plan in America. US News & World Report’s conclusion: “Brownback’s policies may be aimed more at the 2016 presidential race – and GOP primary voters in Iowa and South Carolina – than they are at Kansas’ economy. It may be that poor Kansans are simply being asked to pay the price of Brownback’s political ambitions.”

    What’s the Matter with Kansas’ Tax Policy?