Tuesday, 6/11/13, Public Square



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    • Might I suggest Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are suppressing those headlines??

      I swear – Republicans would rather see the country tank rather than to give Obama one ounce of credit for anything.

      And then these folks have the nerve to call themselves the ‘real’ patriots?

      Well – Hell – a lot of these same folks call themselves Christians….so what is one more lie?

    • Bob White

      Best “point” of the day. Good for you.

  1. Serious question – do you think this NSA leak story would have happened if Romney was in the White House?

    I still have to wonder…….who is bankrolling this 29-yr-old guy? Somebody has to be the Sugar Daddy pulling those strings.

    • I don’t know. Are the Koch arms that long? Actually when you stop to realize there are only a few with the big bucks and those same few are buying control all across the world it takes us back to the moniker “THE 1%” which is still accurate. Romney as president isn’t anything i want to think about.

      • I still suspect this is all just red meat being thrown to the Republican flying monkeys to keep them riled up and foaming at the mouth.

        And then – hopefully – some Far Left Progressives will be duped into joining forces with the Tea Pots – and just to make Obama look bad.

        Never mind the fact that what is being done is legal and their boy GWB started the damn program.

        And Bush even went so far as to not bother getting warrants for his wiretapping….but that is okay because he is a Republican.

        Like I said yesterday – the Tea Pot Sugar Daddys have made a huge investment and – so far- they have not gotten a lot for their money – have they?

        If Republicans have another bad showing at the 2014 midterm elections – there is a possibility the GOP will implode…….and be destined to wander for the next 40 years.

        All this scandal crappola is just too convenient – IMHO.

      • The fact that Romney and the election was not bought does give me hope.
        Money talks and Bullshit walks seems to have not lived up to the old say.
        I am so glad to see that the economy is coming back, if not then we would have seen the powerbrokers gain more pull with lies and false tales.

  2. I’m sure the George Zimmerman trial is being streamed live somewhere – but I really don’t care to watch.

    Bottom line – this thing got politicized very quickly – but a teenage boy was shot dead and the only crime he was doing was walking home from the corner convenience store with a bottle of iced tea and a bag of Skittles.

    And NOBODY is worried about that part of this tragedy?

    • He was also walking black — seen as a real crime taking place all too often.

      Justice isn’t fair, and that is something that makes me very sad and discouraged.

      There are many really dumb laws, and Florida’s STAND YOUR GROUND LAW belongs at the top of the list.

    • When I was a foot patrolman at the Institute Of Logaoedics, I often encountered people walking through late at night. I was there from 11 P.M. to 7 A.M. were African- American. It was not a crime and often until they figured out what I was doing and how I handled myself. I caught a real attitude from several. Being the way I was to them when I first encountered them worked in my favor. Soon they were actually helping me keep an eye on the place! LOL it got where the bad actors actually feared more many of the locals then me. They knew if I got too much grief then the entire hood would be on them!

  3. All the republican ‘scandals’ fall apart when examined. I’m sure some will always believe they are scandals and never accept any new information that might be viable, but those people are the right-wing nutjobs in my opinion. Other than the occasional glimpse at the train wreck they are making of the Republican Party I ignore them. I don’t even find them entertaining any longer. People that support government doings only under a president with the correct letter following the name are stupid.

  4. Will we see the day when republicans take credit for many of the ideas that became Obamacare? Much of it was their ideas, it was patterened off Romneycare with a few tweaks. So when they switch from repealing to wanting credit for the success will all their supporters just stop dead in their tracks and follow the new path? Now, that will be entertaining! I hope some of them get whiplash.

  5. Funniest thing I read today: