Sunday, 6/9/13, Public Square

Bernie Sanders


by | June 9, 2013 · 6:00 am

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    • They ignore the teachings in the Gospels for the perversions in Paul’s Epistles, because Paul agrees with them.

      • Was Paul a greedy liar willing to stomp on his own mother’s dead body to pick up that dime?

        And Paul must have been a chauvinistic Neanderthal – along with his other redeeming characteristics.

      • The answer to both questions you pose indy is, to me, yes. I see Paul as an opportunistic individual with sociopathological characteristics, who took advantage of his ability to write (not at all common then) to steer the nascent belief system that became known as Christianity in the direction he wanted. I’m sure you know that the Pauline Epistles predate, in major part, the appearance of the Gospels in written form. A vacuum which Paul was most eager and willing to fill.

    • Bob White

      Ah, yes! Wisdom.

  1. Abby Huntsman interviews Frank Schaeffer to discuss how Republican policy no longer represents the teachings of Jesus, but has morphed into some perverted Ayn Rand psychosis. It’s evident in everything they do. They favor the rich and show disdain for the poor, disadvantaged, sick, elderly, long-term unemployed, children, women, gays, and minorities.

    How The Right Got From Christianity To Ayn Rand

  2. They have scales on their eyes regarding their own hypocrisy. The gap between what they say they believe and what their actions really are is huge. So huge as to be completely discrediting. It must be really difficult for those who truly believe and try to align their beliefs, their words and their actions, and then apologize or rationalize their comrades who make it difficult for everyone worshiping under the same umbrella.

    • Kindas like those moderate Muslims who have to live down their Radical Fringies….

      There really is no difference between a Radical Fundy Christian and a Radical Fundy Muslim – especially when both are heavily armed and think their God has chosen them as his ‘favorites’.