Saturday, 6/8 13, Public Square

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    • Republicans have dragged their party down to nothing more than school yard bullies with their wannabe ‘bad’ boys and girls spewing all the buzz word and those names that stoke the pot of Obama hatred.

      The problem is – when one of these yahoos starting spewing – then it turns into another pissing contest.

      And God knows who’s 4-incher we will see step up to the line next…

      I’ve often wondered if it is a requirement to have a Napoleon-complex to become a modern-day Republican.

      Or can any yahoo become the next ‘big’ man (or woman) ?

      • You notice that some of the ole guard are coming out lately, Bachman and Palin have been speaking out trying to relevant again. Along with some of the other old guard that managed to stay in front of the camera, Loony Gomer is still grabbing the mike to make more outlandish comments so he will not be forgotten.

        All are still being used as tools for the Neo-Nazi-Cons to get the uneducated masses into standing in line and make the imaginary pretense that they have the support and mindset of the majority. I do agree that some may have delusions of being like Napoleon but the difference is that Napoleon was more the ultimate commander, his sheer will was what enable him to have such control.

        No I will say it is more a collective then a single person, like the Nazis.
        There can be a figurehead but it was the collective that made the power and control. If you look at the “Figureheads” that are being put out front.
        Again Palin and Bachman and Gomer, loud mouths and weak minded.
        All able to play up to and enflame that minor thinkers.

      • If there was a republican who could tell me what their ideas and solutions are — anything other than decimate safety programs that benefit millions of Americans and cut taxes for the wealthy — I would listen intently. It would be refreshing to hear ideas instead of criticism and simply being against everything the other guy is for. It would be refreshing if the Party of No actually said “this” is our idea, let’s see how we can make your idea and our idea into one we can both compromise on. If I heard that, I would do the research, and if convinced they really did have workable solutions I would vote for them. I’m fully aware that when companies are privatized there are shareholders who demand profits so I know privatizing public programs isn’t the answer — not for Social Security or Medicare, not for our prison systems, not for education. The candidate I vote for can’t want to wage war unilaterally, and they must be aware every human being deserves equality. Do you suppose there’s such a republican?

      • rd, as long as they have those nut jobs out front and center they will remain a party only attractive to nut jobs. When Todd Akin talked about “legitimate rape” and even a few of the nut jobs were willing to say that was overboard, all the rest of us knew Akin only said the words while Paul Ryan was putting them in legislation he introduced in the U. S. House of Representatives. We’re not easily fooled and won’t be convinced that these are ‘isolated’ nutjobs because it’s too easy to see the whole Republican Party is quietly going about the business their loud mouths make public.

  2. This puts it all in perspective.

    Jump Ship From Obama? And Go Where?

    Look… so that I won’t have to say it over and over, to those who messaged me that Obama’s no better than Bush and that it’s now time to “jump ship,” here’s my answer;

    1) Jump ship to where? There are two major parties in this country, and I’m going to support the team that most closely reflects my ideology, warts and all. Abandoning the Democrats reduces my choices dramatically. And voting for the Greens or whomever, means my vote will go down a black hole, which in the end, benefits the R’s. Why would I do that?

    2) Do I support every single thing this administration has done? No, of course not. That would be statistically impossible. But I will continue to support the team that signed the Lily Ledbetter bill into law, rather than ignoring it. That outlawed TORTURE, rather than making it policy. That went after and killed Osama bin Laden, rather than concentrating on which tough-talk slogans would sell best in South Possumfart. The team that’s taking us OUT of the quagmires, rather than immersing us in them.

    3) And it’s my right to do so – so rather than sending me funky graphics of Bush and Obama morphed together, how about you propose your alternative? If President Obama has disappointed you, and I get that, then what’s your solution? Before you “jump ship,” maybe you’d better make sure you’re not jumping aboard the Titanic, and dragging everyone else with you. This NSA phone records sweep is hardly something new, and anybody who thinks it all came to an end soon after it was revealed 8 years ago hasn’t been paying attention. Yes, I’m troubled by it. But not enough to hand the White House over to a President Rand Paul or Marco Rubio.

  3. Lots of maps. Scroll through.

    Did Your Senator Vote to Expand the Government’s Spying Powers?
    Senate votes that expanded the government’s surveillance powers, mapped.

  4. Fnord in part the correct answer is to enable everyone to do better at least to the point that they can and will spend more on extremity items. The real money making is in the extremities such as at least minor if not middle level buying. Food, housing and medical are not true money making endeavors.
    The only reason that there is big money in medical is that the insurance and medical have such a monopoly.

    It is something that should not be a matter of money or whether someone can afford to have medical treatment. The insurance companies can change large amounts in premiums. Now with the largest amount for most comes from the company they work for. which in turn that company can charge it off on taxes. which means that the cost is then spread out over the tax payers.

    while the company can then have more profit and reinvest in making more money for the company.

  5. Bob White

    Why does the ‘public’ pay wages, benefits, retirement and expenses for anyone elected to an office for which that person both campaigns and wants. Yes, at one time it was called public service. And, today, it is called theft and corruption.