Friday, 6/7/13, Public Square

This is only one topic that should be made clear to republicans —






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  1. wicked

    Oh, dear. Don’t confuse them with facts. Their heads might explode.

    Then again, proceed.

    • I no longer expect republicans to admit (even to themselves) that their heroes did some things they disapprove. Republicans from the past were able to do that, and were in possession of their mental faculties. That was then, this is now — as the picture tells so well.

      I suppose it makes more sense to be angry about poor undeserving [sic] people having phones than to be angry that poor undeserving people have food. You know, those poor undeserving people should be grateful they have the opportunity to live in the world’s greatest nation! They DO have a choice since relocation isn’t just another item on the long list of choices they can’t afford, but instead another indication of their laziness. I know none of them actually wants to live in a safer neighborhood or city. If they did, they would do something about it as soon as they get off work from their second or third minimum-wage job! Good thing they’re sub-humans and deserve no dignity. Do the wealthy and the biggest businesses have enough yet? We really need to help them get more!

      I almost forgot —


  2. Don’t miss the ditty Richard Crowson performs at this link! The lyrics are posted, but do click “Listen.” He spells it out perfectly whether by a cartoon or a simple song. 🙂

  3. Here’s data that I find interesting. I think some of you will too. It explains why after you’ve read a written piece and decide to read the comments you find “so many smart-alecks jump in to the comments to make points that get mentioned later in the piece,” and a lot more about why a “small number of you are reading all the way through articles on the Web.” I think it also explains why you’ll often find a blog poster who provides a link to support their opinion and if you read all the way to the end you find their own link actually supports a differing opinion.

    You Won’t Finish This Article
    Why people online don’t read to the end.

  4. Yesterday, the Movement Advancement Project (MAP), the Center for American Progress (CAP), and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) released a comprehensive new report examining the myriad hardships and barriers facing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) workers across the country. That report, called A Broken Bargain, puts together for the first time all available information about LGBT workplace issues.

    According to the report: “If fairness and equality are part of America’s basic workplace bargain, this bargain is clearly broken for LGBT workers. This broken bargain, in turn, can create an untenable situation for employers.”

    Groundbreaking New Report Examines ‘The Broken Bargain’ LGBT Workers Experience

  5. I am certainly no fan of Rudi Giuliani – but when I saw this on the Lawrence O’Donnell show last night about the firefighters radios that did not work on 9/11.

    So – I decided to do some research…and found this website.

    In fairness – this union might be stretching the truth…

    But – I guess my question is – since when does stretching the truth count as a sin – because I’ve seen a lot of Republicans stretch a kernel of truth until it pops up like a popcorn machine at the circus.

    Bottom line – it is when unions are labeled as ‘stretching the truth’ – then it just gives the RePUKES more wood for that damn martyrs cross.

    And – that does not help further the actual truth – does it?