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  1. Public food assistance is such a mix bag, some of the foods are very good in fact some of it that is sent home with my grandsons is so good I wish it could be bought at the grocery store! But then there is the other side of that coin. There are some that even people in some third world countries would not eat.

    It is such an insult to the human condition that it would be sent out to those in hard times. It would not be needed that they would be sent out Fila minion and Caver. But please at least let there be some dignity and food that a dog would nut turn it nose up at.

  2. Darrel Issa, who is this moron playing to and if they realize they are being played to when will they realize just how Fooking stupid this guy thinks they are?

    • How much time and money can be wasted and still not be an outrage to republicans? I guess if we look back to the years of the Bush2 Administration we see the answer clearly: as long as the person has an “R” after their name no amount is too much.

      Issa is an awful man — words are inadequate to describe that snake in the grass. We could talk for a while about his criminal past but everyone knows it and the republicans ignore it so what’s the point. He hopes to bring down President Obama and cares nothing about what or who else he harms, including our country and her citizens. How stupid is he? Only a little less stupid than those who vote him into office. (hat tip to PP!)

      • The only thing Issa can accomplish with all his investigating might be to energize the republican voters, but it still remains that at the national level they are irrelevant — they just don’t have the electoral votes necessary. All six electoral votes from Kansas will go to the candidate with the “R” beside their name no matter what and that’s true of the other ‘red’ states. As long as they continue to alienate every minority group in the country (Blacks, Latinos, Asian-Americans, gays) not to mention the majority group — women, they can’t win at the national level, they can’t win any swing states. If Issa is energizing his base, he is also energizing all the voters who know how much of our money and the time we pay for he is wasting. Republicans have no ideas, no solutions, nothing but obstruction.

        What is your favorite republican legislative achievement? Was it their thirty-sixth failed vote to repeal Obamacare? 🙂

  3. Edith Bunkcer – aka Jean Stapleton – died last Friday.

    I remember when ‘All In the Family’ premiered and the ruckus that show caused. I remember riding the school bus during my junior high school years and our bus driver was a Illinois University student. He had the typical hair cut from the 60’s era.

    I remember the next day after the first show and this college kid was laughing and he simply said – you know the reason the show is causing such an uproar is because it hits the nail on it’s ugly head.

    • Bunker…..(I need coffee)..LOL

    • He was right about hitting the nail on its ugly head! Look at the hate being displayed as a result of Cherrios using a mixed-race couple in their ad. The haters are showing their butts and they are still ugly. They don’t learn from history since they don’t even admit it happened. Time began January 20, 2009 for them, but there are way more of us with intact memories and the place for bigotry of all kinds is in the dustbin of history.

      Go back in history and see how many times the republicans have wasted our time and money on hating to see how unsuccessful this has been for them. You can’t fix stupid.

  4. George W. Bush and Gang took us into war under false pretense of weapons of mass destruction .

    George W. Bush said the profits from the Iraq oil would pay for the Iraq War – remember?

    THIS is end result of GWB and Gang’s 8 years… it any wonder our economy crashed?

  5. I always come back to the same question:

    What is your favorite republican legislative achievement?

    Then I laugh right out loud because there are no republican legislative achievements!

    • Well, it depends on one’s perspective. Some think that (on the federal level) the best legislative achievement of the republicans is blocking the President.

      • I do know some republicans are proud of their elected officials obstructing everything and anything that President Obama supports. Kinda sad when being the Party of No is their source of pride and they don’t have higher expectations of those they elect.

        I’m proud to support the political party that introduces and then passes bills that actually benefit the populace. Contrast that to the fact that twenty-two U.S. Republican Senators opposed the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act in 2013, and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 had republican opposition. You think women will vote against their own best interests which is what a vote for a republican would be? Recent elections prove the majority of women won’t!

    • (from your link): “The tax credit premium subsidies are disproportionately going to be helpful for the young adult population. They’ll get the largest tax credit subsidies of any age group.” The reason, put simply, is that young people are likelier to be poor than older people.”

      Well, that is a good explanation for why the republicans are so adamant in attempts to repeal the new law. Just one more demographic they lose as potential supporters. Unless the young people who gain this benefit can be persuaded this is something they don’t want… The young people I know aren’t that easily fooled, but maybe the ones I know aren’t the average. How many demographic categories can the republicans lose until support for their party no longer exists? Old white men aren’t going to live forever.

      • Have you read what the College Republican National Committee thinks went wrong for Republicans with young voters in the 2012 elections and how the party can improve its showing with that key demographic in the future? If they listen, we’re going to see many good changes to The Republican Party. If they don’t listen, soon there won’t be anyone left in their party.

    • I have no idea what is going to happen to my premiums come renewal time and I have no idea if I will qualify for any subsidies, or how much, or if I should stay with my current company. My plan will go away since it covers almost nothing and accomplishes only the task of keeping me minimally insured.

      I expect to hear sometime in July what will happen with my plan and what choices I will have from my provider. I already know I won’t be able to afford any of those choices because I can barely afford what i have now. California set up it’s own exchange using the money pastor sam sent back to the feds. We’ll have to get along with the federal exchange in Kansas since our governator stomped his feet and refused to play. Whether the federal exchange is actually operational in time to help me is anyone’s guess.

      I’ve limped along (literally) with my current insurance as long as I could. Depending on what happens between July and November, I could be uninsured for the first time since I moved back to Kansas. Don’t know if Obamacare will be my savior or my slayer.

  6. The KC Star asks why Kansas politicians who raised taxes $777 million and made devastating cuts to education are celebrating? It’s a good question as it appears the only winners this session were politicians who got to finally go home after wasting $400,000 in overtime pay and the super wealthy who collected even more tax breaks while working Kansas families saw their taxes raised.

    Why are these Kansas politicians celebrating?

  7. Robert Reich asks:

    Regressive Republicans have managed to accomplish something they only dreamed of when Tea Partiers streamed into Congress at the start of 2011: They’ve basically shut Congress down. Gridlock is working just as they hoped: No jobs agenda. No budget. No grand bargain on the deficit. No background checks on guns. Nothing on climate change. No tax reform. No hike in the minimum wage. Nothing so far on immigration reform. It’s as if an entire branch of the federal government — the branch that’s supposed to deal directly with the nation’s problems, not just execute the law or interpret the law but make the law — had gone out of business, leaving behind only a so-called “sequester” that’s cutting deeper and deeper into education, infrastructure, programs for the nation’s poor, and national defense.

    By default, more and more of the nation’s work is shifting to state governments — some of which are moving to the right (restricting abortions and rejecting gay marriage, cutting taxes and regulations, and gutting education and public services) or to the left (allowing gay marriage, expanding abortion rights, raising taxes and environmental regulations, and spending more on education and public services). Is this a workable solution to the deep divisions in the country right now?