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  1. This POS legislation raises taxes on the poor and middle class by $777 million over five years to give CORPORATIONS and millionaires tax breaks. The narrow, fear mongering voice of the Republican Party has traded in a belief of loving your neighbor for one that champions big business, the wealthy, and those that have no idea what struggle looks like.*

    Obviously, only a select few Kansas citizens are worthy. /sarcasm


    Budget approved in House with minimum number of votes needed

    Topeka — The Kansas House on Saturday approved a $14.5 billion budget despite concerns raised about cuts to higher education and the state prison system and placing those with developmental disabilities under KanCare.

    The measure got the minimum required 63 votes after House Speaker Ray Merrick, R-Stilwell, kept the roll open for about 20 minutes and six Republicans switched from voting against the budget to voting for it. No Democrats voted for it.

    • Just unbelievable. They run on lower taxes, smaller government, and defeat those who supported the sales tax. Then they expand government reach into women’s reproductive issues, raise taxes overall with a quick shell game, and keep the sales tax they all ran against.

      Wanna know what I find even more unbelievable?

      All these asshats will get re-elected. Because the only people dumber than the Kansas legislators are the people who vote for them. Over and over and over.

      Jesus wept.

      • Yep. Even the few who have intact memories of the Bush2 administration and actually understand that he took a surplus and made it a deficit plus launched unilateral war on Iraq killing many thousands would vote for him again.

        Even those who admit his failures ignore that interest on all that money he borrowed then wasted on tax breaks, unfunded war, and unfunded Medicare expansion add more to today’s debt than current spending does. They’re also ignorant and obstinate when the fact of today’s taxes being at the lowest level for over 50 years is brought up.

        You can’t fix stupid.

    • Oh, and we’re supposed to be happily impressed that no kansas democrats voted for this? Well, that’s a start. But…howzabout coming up with come candidates who could run against these asswipes and a party machine that could support them? So they could, ya know, win?

      Paul Davis’ gloating over these boneheaded legislative moves makes me think he’s gonna run against pastor sam. And he’ll get his ass handed to him because no leadership in the KDP could find ANYONE’s ass with both hands, a map and a flashlight.

      Hell, the KDP strategy in the last election was to support REPUBLICANS! Yes, moderate repukes, but repukes none the less. That was easier than cultivating their own candidates and building a party to support them. Joan Wagnon is a joke.

      Except, no one is laughing but the Kochs and the Kansas Chamber. Oh, and maybe Dave Traebert.

      • Pond I think there is the answer for now at least, “Hell, the KDP strategy in the last election was to support REPUBLICANS! Yes, moderate repukes, but repukes none the less. That was easier than cultivating their own candidates and building a party to support them.” . For the most part Kansas is still very hard for a over all Democratic take over. To much of it is still rooted in the outback and clod-kickers.

        Other then right out side of their own window the only thing they see and the only outreach of their world is the church on Sunday. Many churches are now seeing that they have a golden opportunity to become relevant again through being more about Politics then God’s message.

        Likewise the Cons are also seeing the chance to be more relevant through hitting on the illogical and human nature of fear and hatred.

      • “To much of it is still rooted in the outback and clod-kickers.”

        All of western Kansas, or even rural counties, voting for the same person, could not get them elected. It’s the urban areas, like Wichita, KC etc. that determine elections. Look at the population centers. That’s where our governors, like Pastor Sam, get elected. And, the last I checked, Moran and Roberts were elected at large, not just from rural areas. And, the last I checked, Jenkins, Yoder and Pompeo were just as crazy as Huelskamp. Well, maybe not QUITE that crazy, but you get my drift. They are pretty damn crazy and elected by urban populations.

        Yes, out here we send our share of nit wits and yahoo to the legislature, but just about every article on the subject says rural legislators are losing influence and we lose districts every ten years. They took one away from the rural areas this year and created a new one in a more urban area. This is no longer a state ruled by sparsely populated counties in the outback. It’s ruled by KC and Wichita.

        Can’t blame the state of the state on rural voters. It’s the urban clod kickers and nitwits that have to take responsibility. On our own, we can’t do a damn thing. But they can if they want to.

        And they don’t want to!

    • Joe Aistrup has a great editorial in your local rag today about how pastor sam’s economic plan is not working and will never work. But, since the voters in Oz are so easily duped, Joe also offers some suggestions on how to make this bad situation a little less worse.

      That’s what we’ve stooped to in Kansas. Making things “a little less worse.”

    • Republicans approve tax, appropriations bills to conclude legislative session

      In the middle of the night, the Kansas Legislature voted to raise Kansans taxes $777 million. They also voted to slash $56.1 million from higher ed, cuts corrections funding making our state less safe, and refused to carve out the developmentally disabled from KanCare. Raising taxes on middle-class Kansans and cratering education – just another night’s work for Gov. Brownback and the Kansas GOP.

      Read the comments if you have time. Here’s one of my favorites:

      “‘People are going to look at this all over the nation,’ Wagle said.”

      Of course they are.

      They will be asking, did they really raise taxes on workers so that business owners don’t have to pay state income tax? Do they really believe that raising $777 million in new taxes is not a tax increase? Did they really make no provision for K-12 education funding when a lawsuit is pending and there is every reason to believe that the state will lose just like before? Did they really cut funding for prisons? Did they really cut funding for their universities, none of which is among the top 100 nationally? Are they really as backward as they look?

      They will see what the Kansas Legislature has done and will ask, who wants to live in a third-world state? If the rest of the nation wanted to be like Kansas, we’d have President Rick Santorum making it so.

      Sorry Ms. Wagle. but your implication that people nationally will be envious of Kansas is about as convincing as your prediction of an 80-day legislative session.”

      • And about as convincing as pastor sam thinking lower taxes will make businesses and people want to move here. As you said, who wants to live in a third world state ruled by westbrook baptists and their wanna be cousins?

  2. The only vote on jobs legislation in the U.S. House under Boehner was when they voted down they Veterans Jobs Bill.

  3. And… the only plan for jobs in Kansas is more tax cuts for rich people.

    How’s that workin’ pastor sam?

    They are doing something to help themselves by cutting higher education. Because we all know educated people don’t vote Republican. Just ask Rick Santorum.

  4. Wisdom from Robert Reich —

    Economic forecasters exist to make astrologers look good. But the recent jubilance is enough to make even weather forecasters blush. “Just look at the bull market! Look at home prices! Look at consumer confidence!” The more sobering reality is this: Almost all the forward movement in the economy is now coming from consumers, but wages are still going nowhere — which means consumer spending will have to slow because consumers just don’t have the money to keep going like this. Consumer spending rose 3.4 percent in the first quarter of this year, according to new figures from the Commerce Department, but the personal savings rate dropped to 2.3 percent — down from 5.3 percent in the last quarter of 2012. We’re now at the lowest level of savings since before the Great Recession. And as consumer spending slows, so will the economy.

    Home prices are rising, but this isn’t good news because they’re beginning to rise above their long-run historical average. (Before the housing crash they were were way, way above the long-run average.) Watch your wallets because this is exactly the same pattern as before the 2008 crash: The Fed is keeping interest rates artificially low, allowing consumers to get low home-equity loans and to borrow against the rising values of their homes. The stock market is soaring mainly because corporations have slashed their payrolls and are keeping them low. Which brings us full circle to the fundamental fact that wages that are going nowhere for most people. Besides, we haven’t yet felt the full effect of the sequester cuts, which will be a larger fiscal drag starting next month.

    So don’t be swayed by all the sunny talk. The weather is still rotten for most people, and big storm clouds lie ahead.

  5. A teeny tiny bit of good news from the Kansas legislative session that may have ended last night while we slept. I say may because I’m not sure whether it is over as this article talks about this issue being brought up again before they adjourn. My opinion is whether these new educational standards are good ones or not, we certainly don’t want our state legislature having more “say” or any more “control” over anything! See PrairiePond’s factual statement about them not being able to find “ANYONE’s ass with both hands, a map and a flashlight.”

    Effort to block new education standards fails in House

    • I cannot believe the House voted this way. It was by a narrow margin, but still. . .
      That said, is the freezing of funding regarding the common core still a part of what the asshats passed in the Senate? I’m too lazy to look it up today.

      • 671, why is it hard to believe the House voted this way? Look at what they did last year. They “tricked” the dumb assed Senate into passing an insane budget with the promise to fix it in conference. Then they promptly adopted said dumb assed Senate budget and adjourned, leaving no need for conference.

        Same song, different verse.

        Unless the Senate and the House adopted the same plan and legislation, they could not have adjourned the session. Maybe they did. Nothing would surprise me anymore here in Dumbfuckistan.

      • I was referring to the vote on Common Core Standards, the “Communist plot” to indoctrinate young minds. The vote makes sense if the fix was in on the budget freeze, hence my question.

  6. Just to beat the dead horse further…

    No one wants to live in a state with uneducated people, and certainly, no business wants to locate in a state with uneducated workers. That’s why pastor sam’s plan to dumb down the state and then recruit businesses with low taxes won’t work. Out of staters won’t move here because it’s Dumbfuckistan, and in-staters will eventually be too stupid to live, much less provide the educated and trainable workforce sucessful businesses need.

    Now, if only the businesses creating jobs and relocating here were once who employed manual ditch diggers, the plan would be perfect. But, since that’s not the case, hand Sam another gun. His other foot isn’t shot off yet…

    • Exactly so. I swear that Maine (once the current governor, who makes Pastor Sam look like a progressive stalwart, is done with his term) is looking better and better, even considering the winters. Actually, Southern Maine, which does not vote like Eastern Kansas. Northern Maine would be like living in the First District of Kansas, socially and politically. Stay South of Bangor=some sanity.

      BTW, current ME Gov was elected due to a 3 way race, garnering right at 34 % of the popular vote, the Independent and Democratic candidates splitting the majority of the vote.

  7. Wow, Bill Maher KILLED it here. I almost always like him, except when he’s being a sexist, classist asshat, but this one, KILLED.

    I especially liked the last part. I’m glad we have a President who did inhale. Now, he just needs to bring the rest of the country along with him.

    “How can our first black president, and our first pothead president be aware of that, and just look the other way? If anyone can say smoking pot won’t ruin your life, it’s the guy who smoked bales of it, and then became leader of the free world.”

    So much for the amotivational syndrome.