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  1. I’m always pleased when gun manufacturers are handed a reasonable control to their out-of-control industry practices.

    The U.S. government can require gun dealers in border states — Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas — to disclose records of certain firearm sales, a federal appeals court has ruled, upholding a key component of the government’s recent crackdown on illegal gun trafficking. The ruling on Friday (5/31/13), by a unanimous three-judge panel for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in Washington, comes over strenuous objection by the firearms industry.

    • I agree there should not be unrestricted ability to buy any weapon you want. Some there is no practical need for unless there was a invasion or the Government suddenly turned Nazi. OK there is some suspension on my part that there are element of the Government that envy the Nazi regime.

      Yes on the Right side along with the extreme of the Religious Right.

  2. (from the link): That money that the legislature is spending on themselves in the form of overtime pay could have gone to any number of worthier causes. Off the top of our head, here are a few better uses for $330,000 taxpayer dollars.

    The Kansas Legislature’s wasted $330,000 could have been spent to:

    Hire ten new teachers
    Hire eight new Kansas Highway Patrol troopers
    Purchase over 5,000 textbooks for Kansas students
    Distribute over $1,000 to every Kansas school district
    Move eight disabled Kansans off waiting lists for Medicaid services.

    Facing a projected budget deficit of $802 million caused by the worst tax plan in America, Kansas legislators need to protect every taxpayer dollar jealously so we can continue funding the priorities that matter to Kansans: strong schools, safe communities, and quality infrastructure.

    But instead of spending these funds wisely to improve our state, Gov. Brownback and GOP legislators have squandered $330,000 on overtime pay for themselves protecting tax breaks for billionaires,

    Worst of all? There’s no clear end in sight, meaning Kansas taxpayers will be on the hook for thousands more in overtime pay to a group of legislators incapable of doing the job they are paying themselves to do.

    KDP Weekly Wrap-up

  3. If you’re looking for a logical explanation as to why these Conservative Republicans are against health care for everybody- there is none.

    Of course, yesterday I watched as CONS actually said Germany changed from socialism to capitalism and that is why they are thriving.

    Hmmm……Germany has government-funded health care for everybody. And they are the country that provide family leave for both dad and mom when a baby is born.

    Like I said yesterday – Is it possible these folks do not know the definition of socialism

    Or are they just being parrots regurgitating the GOP talking points because they hate Obama more than they love their country.

    • Both. They’ve proven to me they don’t know and that they’re repeating talking points. It’s all they’ve got, and guess what? Since the republican constituency doesn’t know the difference their elected officials and Fox News can spew any talking points they want and count on them being spread and believed without question.

      You’re correct on the point about hating Obama too. It is the main item the many factions of today’s Republican Party has in common.

    • “Like I said yesterday – Is it possible these folks do not know the definition of socialism”.. Entirely possible since the description is so used that it often has lost the true meaning. It is such a bug-a-boo to accuse someone of it that it has gotten the same inference as S.O.B. It is not that meaningful to accuse someone of it or even call someone as a joke.

  4. These kinds of stories always interest me!

    (from the link): Calling it the Rip Van Winkle of the plant world, nature is providing awe-struck researchers with a live sample of a plant that has woken up after being dormant for 400 years.

    Ancient Plant Wakes Up As Glacier Recedes

  5. As usual, Ezra spells it out clearly —

    The shocking truth about Obamacare’s rate shock
    By Ezra Klein

    Last week, California released early information on the rates insurers intend to charge on the new insurance marketplaces — known as “exchanges” — that the state is setting up under Obamacare. They were far lower than anyone expected. Where analysts had anticipated average premiums of $400 to $500, insurers were actually charging $200 to $300. “This is a home run for consumers in every region of California,” crowed Peter Lee, director of the state’s exchanges.

    The Affordable Care Act’s critics saw it differently. Avik Roy, a conservative health writer at Forbes, said Lee was being “misleading” and that “Obamacare, in fact, will increase individual-market premiums in California by as much as 146 percent.” Obamacare, he said, would trigger “rate shock,” the jolt people feel when they see higher rates. That doesn’t sound like a home run at all.

    Who’s right? In typical columnist fashion, I’m not going to tell you just yet. But stick with me, and you’ll be able to parse the next year of confused and confusing Obamacare arguments with ease.

  6. Something amusing. My mother was in town today for the State Lions Band concert (I have siblings that are involved as high muckety-mucks, as well as a niece who assists. She is a high school instrumental music teacher), and we met her for lunch. A pleasant time was had, and on the way out as we were saying our good-byes, she said “I am having trouble recognizing you since you’re not wearing your glasses”. Gee, Ma, it’s only been 55 years since you last saw me regularly without them; you think that might have something to do with it?
    I’m also looking forward to the reactions of two high-school classmates with whom I’ll be lunching soon. Except for occasionally having them off for cleaning, I’m not sure either has seen me with “naked eyes”. 🙂
    BTW, fnord, as time passes, I more fully appreciate your mother’s comment about not feeling dressed (without her glasses). I’m awaiting the end of this adventure to figure out whether I’ll wear some (if I don’t need to otherwise) just to maintain the status quo ante.

    • It sounds like you’re having great results from your first surgery.

      I’m so happy to hear the good news.

      • I’m thrilled, indy, which I’m sure is patent from my comments taken as a whole. Very optimistic on the left eye, surgery set for 6/24. Pre-op “physical” on 6/6, and one last look 6/14. Heigh ho.