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Friday, 5/24/13, Public Square

Sure ~ Just a Spontaneous Uprising of Ordinary People ( not ) …



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Ten Days and Counting

May 22 was the “one week” follow up appointment. All is healing well, the medical types tell me all is well, and as I posted late last week, the vision in the surgery eye is greatly improved. My enthusiasm for the improvement was amusing to the nurse and physician who examined me.

I feel it appropriate to caution readers that not every surgery for cataracts will be so successful. In fact (although there is no current indication to the contrary existing), the outcome of surgery on the left eye may well be different. The primary factor involved is the underlying health of the eye itself pre-surgery. Thus, if there is macular degeneration in its nascent stages; heretofore undetected glaucoma; or damage due to undiagnosed or untreated diabetes, to list a few, the outcome will likely be not as positive as my experience. Also important are observation of the post-surgical orders as to eye drops, etc., any infection which might arise, and complications of surgery.

All that said, the eye drop regimen has changed from 3 separate drops 4 times a day to 2 separate drops 3 times a day. I continue to wear the shield from time to time at night, although the instructions say I no longer need to so do, due to allergies causing itchy eyes (I really do not want to rub my eye during sleep which might dislodge the implanted lens). Oh, and I continue wearing the funky shades when outdoors, much to the delight of the younger kids around who are fascinated (one thought I was blind, due to the glasses plus the cane; with her mother’s permission, I explained as best I could to a five year old what was going on) or simply very, very curious. Oh, lest I forget; light (from whatever source) no longer has this yellow tint.

More later, as appropriate.


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Thursday, 5/23/13, Public Square

arm children


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Wednesday, 5/22/13, Public Square



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Tuesday, 5/21/13, Public Square

ss funding



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Monday, 5/20/13, Public Square



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Sunday, 5/19/13, Public Square

It’s time to create a future without oil. Abu Dhabi is leading the way.

“Abu Dhabi is known for its incredible wealth largely due to the oil industry, but what might be less known is that they are envisioning a future without oil. Masdar City is poised to be the first zero-emission, skyscraper-free city. Vehicles are not permitted within the city limits. Instead, mass transit will be available to help traverse the city.

Just outside the city, solar and wind farms will provide electricity. Geothermal energy will be harnessed through the world’s largest hydrogen power plant. Masdar City will welcome many clean energy companies to set up shop and will even provide the headquarters for the International Renewable Energy Agency.

By the time it is completed in 2025, 40,000 residents and 50,000 commuters will be able to live and work in Masdar City with the goal of becoming the world leader in clean energy research and technology.”

zero carbon city


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