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IRS scrutiny


by | May 30, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. The above cartoon reminds me of the bankers WE the TAXPAYERS bailed out when GWB and Gang crashed the economy…

    How dare we taxpayers demand to know what they did with all that money.

    I’ll tell you one thing I’ve noticed, Capital One has now bought out every credit card company we had – and even store cards like these hardware stores – they are Capital One.

    Is this really the free market capitalism we keep hearing is so great?

    Or is it the same old B.S. – too big to fail banks just got bigger.

  2. Disclosure is the Achilles heel of the Koch brothers attempt to buy a Government for their company to run.

  3. Have you heard about this deal?

    Smithfield Hams…….used to be an American icon product – wasn’t it?

    So – while our politics has boxes of unmarked cash donations to spew unfounded accusations and hatred towards any and all perceived enemies – our very soul of America is being sold to the highest bidder?

    In this case – it is China.

    Oh, now isn’t that a good idea….

    • Serious question – how many American-owned companies are left from my childhood?

      I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s…..

      Just how many have been sold simply to make a few people more wealthy..

      Doesn’t the Bible talk about a man who sold his birth right?

      To me – these American companies that have been around for years are being sold for nothing more than making a huge profit.

      Isn’t that kinda the same as America selling her birth right?

  4. I heard about this UPMC case this morning on CBS News.

    So – does a non-profit hospital deserve tax free status? Especially when they pay hourly workers less than a living wage?

    And if a non-profit is worth billions – then are they really doing charity work – or are they in it for the money?’

    To make this more relevant to our own lives here in Kansas – substitute Via Christi for UPMC.

    Same scenario – but a worse case because Via Christi throws in their religious cover to this whole sordid health car for obscene profits business.

    I know, I know….Via Christi has announced they have to lay off hundreds of employees because they are losing money.

    Well – has anyone thought to look inside those fat cats’ lockers for that lost money?

    Or may that lost money is somewhere in the Cayman Islands – keeping Mitt Romney’s money company?

  5. It is difficult to look away from the train wreck which is today’s Republican Party in the throes of their identity crisis.They haven’t learned any lessons and it seems they’re doubling down on the crazies. They don’t even pretend any longer to be about legislating and are openly attacking the government — the same government that pays their wages. They don’t pretend any longer to have any solutions, they just vote again to repeal Obamacare. What percentage of population do they represent? Probably only a small percentage of republicans are represented by the likes of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, et al. Yet, they are the loudest, they receive the bulk of the news coverage and by default are the face of republicans. I’m sure many republicans find this disconcerting. Maybe more sane republicans will come forward and speak as clearly as Bob Dole did.

  6. Is everyone okay? Hope no one has washed away! I dumped the 5″ rain guage that was overflowing. So all I can tell you is last night and this morning we had more than 5″ of rain.

    • Many puddles around our yard…..husband had to dig out some of our gutters by hand due to clogging from our many trees near the house.

      But, things could be worse…

      • The last time our insurance company paid for a new roof and gutters we put a little extra in the pot and bought gutter covers. The best money we ever spent! They work! We’ve never cleaned gutters since they were installed. Here’s the ones we bought at least 5 or more years ago. Nice people to work with.

      • Thanks for the info.

        The only gutters we have problems with are the ones on our patio roof. This patio roof must have been a home-made job….I’ve never seen quite anything like this before..

        Of course, the patio is right off the near the crawl space/basement wall and that is where we will get water first…….

        When we bought this house – the gutter drains were buried and we were told they drained out to the French drain about 30 feet from the house.

        Awesome – right?

        Well – the first bad rains after we signed the papers – we learned those drains were only shoved down into the ground – they were not completed out to the French drain – as we were told.

        So all the water from the gutters were going down those buried drains but was going nowhere away from the house……they were actually coming right back into the crawl space/basement wall.

        DAMN………I hate being lied to…

        My husband bought a few of those rain barrels to catch all the runoff of water – and then the hose is run out to the French Drain – just for extra security..

        Of course, these sellers also took the sump pump out of the crawl space between the time we signed the contract and then the final walk through – they put the door back on to the crawlspace – and we never even thought to look in there..

        Lesson learned…….

        DAMN ….I hate being lied to…

  7. Heh. Today’s graphic reminds me of something our old pal CF used to say about dragging out the fainting couch. That’s what all these cons and pukes need. A good old fainting couch to catch them when they fall from outrage at having to actually, ya know, follow the laws.

    As Leona Helmsley once famously said “taxes are for the little people.” So it seems they also regard our laws. They want transparency for the feds when the democrats are in charge, but transparency for their little political jihads? Not so much.

    Transparency for thee but not for me!

    • Must be from that White Puritan gene running through those RePUKES’ blood line ….

      I’ve often wondered if the American Native Indians ever regretted being so lax in their enforcement of illegal immigration.

  8. Five inches of rain? Wow. I had rain but not that much. Oh,and I did watch swirling, rotating, black and green clouds directly over the farm last night. Saw a few tails start to come down but thankfully none got too far. Didn’t see anyone on the TV machine mention it, but I saw it with my own peepers. With two really terrified dogs wrapped around my feet, it would have been hard to make a quick get-away, so I just stood at the kitchen window and watched it.

    Life on the prairie.

    • Does this weather push you closer to your decision about moving to Hawaii?

      • Oh yeah, it does, except where I would be moving is the rain forest and they get about 300+ inches of rain a year! And did I mention I hate mold?

        But I don’t hate mold as much as I hate the cold. My blood thinned out in Texas and I’ve never recovered in the 12 years since I moved back here.

  9. Good to hear from you, PP. I’ve been missing you!

    • Thanks, Fnord. I miss you guys too when I’m not here. I sure would like to make a visit to Wichita this summer and see everyone. It’s just hard to get away. The last time I was there was for Iggy’s funeral. I’d like to see everyone on a happy occasion!

      • Hey – Prairie Pond – if you ever do decide to move to Hawaii – I HAVE to meet you in person before you leave….

        I might even try to stow away in your luggage……..LOL

  10. I’ve linked to this blog before. The blogger seems to make a lot of sense and this time speaks to the Michele Bachmann decision to not run again.

    (from the link): Wait: a proud constitutional conservative and fervent believer in limited government is under investigation by the FBI — part of Antichrist Eric Holder’s Justice Department — and the GOP and right-wing noise machine aren’t rushing to her defense? No one’s calling this a witch hunt? No one’s claiming that this is part of the Obama jihad against True Patriots? No one’s dismissing the other investigations as traffic-ticket stuff?

    Well, obviously the GOP establishment considers Bachmann a liability — it’s done no pushback on her behalf. A couple of months ago there was speculation that she might run for the Senate against Al Franken (even though polls showed that she’d be crushed) — but whether she ran for the Senate seat or just for reelection, she was likely to be a Todd Akin, a loose cannon saying things that would rub off on other Republican candidates across the country, at a time when party establishmentarians like Karl Rove are hoping to hold the House and win back the Senate by de-Akinizing their candidate list.


    • I’ve always said that Republicans will eat their young when push comes to shove.

      After all, aren’t these the same folks who would step over their mother’s dead body to pick up a dime ?

      Ah…those family values…….

      • Republicans are very busy eating their own so maybe that totally explains Bachmann’s decision. The only other reason I’ve heard and believed was that she was leaving Congress to spend more time with the voices in her head.

    • That’s entirely possible. I think we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their internal civil war. It ought to heat up and spill out publicly when we’re closer to the 2014 elections. Hell, if Pastor Sam and the church ladies keep pissing off their own people, we may even see war in Kansas!

      • Will the ghost of John Brown be seen riding through these Kansas counties?

        NOW there was a man that knew how to get down and dirty and FIGHT.

    • She is finally the sign post that there is a point that even the establishment will not stand by. She is just so far out in the wilds of nutcase that even the other nut-cases can stand. LOL when you give nutcases such a bad name. That the other whack-o-dolts nutcases run away from you. She was truly fragged already… the fagger was Michele Bachmann.

  11. Kansans paying 2nd highest state sales tax in nation on groceries

    If the Kansas sales tax decreases to 5.7 percent, as current law states, Kansans will pay the third highest state tax on groceries behind Mississippi and Idaho, with a 6 percent tax.

    • If these Compassionate Conservative Christians are so concerned about families – then why do they even want to tax groceries?

      My home state of Illinois has not taxed groceries in years….

      And it does make a big difference…

      Every time I check out with groceries, I loudly say what the total tax is and then I say ‘thanks Gov. Brownback – thanks for NOTHING’

      I usually get people smiling, laughing and some even clap..

      P.S. – I work with a lot of staunch Republicans. They all do not like Obama (which is understandable since their side lost to the guy twice).

      But the person they really do not like (even more than Obama) is Sam Brownback.

      These dyed-in-the-wool Republicans asbsolutely HATE Brownback because – their words – he is ruining Kansas.

      No duh Sherlock…..

      • should have went with my first instinct…

        No Shit Sherlock

        We’re all grown ups here – aren’t we?

        And if any man deserves the use of the word Shit – it is Brownback.

        Am I right?

      • And funny thing is, they’ll all march right to the slaughter house and elect Pastor Sam again. I heard Sam is afraid of a primary challenge from the RIGHT, a la Kobach.

        And the democrats in Kansas still can’t find a decent candidate to mop the floor with Sam. Does anyone else ever wonder if the KDP is on KKKarl Rove’s payroll?

      • You’re right – PPP – these buffoons will line up to vote for Pastor Sam again…

        And then bitch about how Sammy completed his decimation of Kansas.

        But hey – Kobach – would he get the same hold-my-nose-to-vote-for-this-skunk as Brownback would get?

        I don’t know…..Kobach is more toxic – IMHO

    • Ya know, it always amazed me how much cheaper groceries were in Austin than in Kansas. I just chalked it up to volume sold, but now I see the difference in sales tax matters. There is no sales tax on food and drugs in Texas, so even though the rates are higher, the grocery and pharmacy bills are lower.

    • Serious question regarding Marcus …

      Is he or isn’t he?

      I wonder how many news journalists would love to get the scoop on that particular story – and with pictures..

      • Personally, I don’t care either way.

        Marcus Bachmann reminds me of a few guys from that Fundy Baptist College I went to in the mid 1970’s.

        Ewww;…….either way…..

        Just …..Ewwwwwwwwwwww

  12. What is the cost of one life – is it more than adding a safe room?

    I heard a disturbing report on NPR in the last part of the week the tornado hit Moore..

    There was some inspector talking about how what he saw when going through the rubble of the two schools.

    Not only were there no safe rooms – the building codes were not even followed. He was talking about some type of bars not being in the right placers and something about the use of short nails rather than what was required.

    In this guy’s opinion. the buildings were not even up to code – let alone having any type of tornado-proof building codes.

    So…….where is the investigation into this?