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  1. Michele Bachmann won’t seek reelection. Guess the investigations have turned up some scary stuff, huh. One down!

    I read an article stating the sequestration cuts to food stamps and like programs will affect the red states the most. Figures. They take the most from federal coffers. Their Senators and Reps will tell them it’s all the president’s fault, they’ll believe them, and on we go. Won’t make a hill of beans difference in anything since none of them were going to vote for anyone without an “R” beside their name. Status quo except so many people will be hurt. People.

    • I heard a panel discussion on The Melissa Harry-Perry’s show that SNAP (food stamps) is a federal program that is rated 97% effective.

      What other programs can say that?

      All I hear from these Republicans is they want SMALL GOVERNMENT.

      I want a government that works efficiently, gets the most bang for our bucks and our citizens can get what they need.

      If that means small government – fine.

      If that means a larger government – but one that is efficient – then that is fine also.

      • The republicans who are loudest all seem to worry about who is getting something they don’t deserve. There was the Kansas Republican in the news recently who was afraid if the tax on food was lowered it would encourage poor people to buy more food.

        I know.

        You can’t make sense out of nonsense. Don’t even try.

        I’m glad I will never ever begrudge any person food. I will never ever wonder whether they’re deserving. They are, and that’s all that needs to be said!

        “Give me your tired, your poor,
        Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
        The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
        Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
        I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    • The queen of nuts has finally found that even the nuts are tired of her! Pretty bad when you are too nutty for even the nuts to support..

  2. “On Monday, several news outlets highlighted comments that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) made to the Iowa Republican Party earlier this month in which he mocked an Obamacare provision for being burdensome and silly. Paul ridiculed the health law for forcing doctors to use 122,000 new medical diagnostic codes for describing Americans’ injuries to the government, including for “injuries sustained from a turtle” and “walking into a lamppost.”

    The new codes do, admittedly, exist. There’s just one problem with Paul’s claims — they were adopted by the George W. Bush administration, long before Obamacare was even being debated.”

    • Hasn’t this type of buffoonery be seen before ?

      I remember working in a tax return preparation office when Bill Clinton had just been inaugurated.

      People (many Republicans) were cussing out Bill Clinton because they had to pay into the IRS that year rather than get their usual refunds.

      While these buffoons were yammering and screaming away – I quietly said for all to hear –

      Remember when George H.W. Bush changed the required withholding tax rates and you were all happy because you had more money in your pockets.

      Also remember this – George H.W. Bush did NOT change the required tax rate to be paid – so that money you got into your pockets during the year is now to be paid back…

      My boss (a Republican himself) had to laugh….and even said – Boys, she’s got us there…

      • Memories. Especially memories from an intact memory. 🙂 I know you don’t have to surrender your memory when you register republican, must be something you have to give up so you’re able to believe the lies and choose to be governed by the agenda of the uber rich.

    • Bob White

      This must be a cartoon. It can’t be true. It is too honest for any bank or banker. Banks are notorious for being dishonest and exploitive. Aren’t they?

  3. I know you’ve all heard the rumors that President Obama will nominate three judges to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Here are a couple of articles (on from back in 2005) to give some history and perspective of this bold move. Also speaks to the Senate filibuster and how it has become a tool of massive and unprecedented obstruction begging the question of whether Reid can muster 50 votes to change the Senate rules. The link from 2005 gives some insight into one of our least favorite Supremes: Clarence Thomas. Good reading!

    (from the first link): The Constitution in Exile movement seeks to get conservative jurists out of their defensive crouch and onto the offensive. Its aim is to restore the courts to their role before 1937, when they were controlled by arch-conservatives who interpreted the Constitution (much as the tea party does) to forbid extensive government regulation of the economy.

    • Now would be a good time for Bob Dole and other elder Republicans to step up to the plate and tell their Far Right Wingers to STFU.

      • I hear that! so get myself in trouble and told I am a RINO when ever I speak out against the Far Right wingers and speak truth to the outlandish.

  4. Boehner does not care if he promised jobs and has done anything and everything but work on jobs..

    Look at his targeted audience that he has to appease……..these folks really do not care about creating jobs.

    And why, you may ask?

    When jobs are created – the president will get credit – and that is one thing these Republicans refuse to do…… help their arch enemy – Obama.

    This is what happens when people hate Obama more than they love their country.

    And I don’t care how many damn tea-bag stapled hats you wear. Actions speak louder than words.

  5. I’m taking this excellent advice and contacting Senator Reid. I think he should have been defeated last election and would have been if only the republicans had fielded an electable candidate.

    Robert Reich says:

    Don’t be sidetracked today with the news of Michelle Bachmann’s decision not to run again. That’s small potatoes relative to the biggest political and economic issue — and showdown — emerging in Congress. Some background: The Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit isn’t just the main feeder into the Supreme Court (four of the current nine justices served there before ascending to the Supremes) but, even more critically, is the court that reviews most major federal regulations. Four of its current judges were appointed by Republican presidents; three by Democrats. It has three vacancies. Senate Republicans have held up almost all of Obama’s court appointments, sometimes for years, effectively preventing him from putting his picks in the federal court system as elsewhere.

    Now the President is nominating judges to fill all three of these crucial vacancies at once. He’s also looking ahead at the strong probability that at least one Supreme Court justice, most likely Ruth Bader Ginsburg, will retire within the next two years, and he’ll need to get a replacement through the Senate.

    Senate Republicans under the cynical direction of Mitch McConnell have abused the filibuster system. Harry Reid punted on changing the filibuster rules, but he could — and in my view now should — propose changing them for judicial appointments, which he can do with the votes of 51 senators. A president’s court picks shouldn’t require 60 Senate votes. The Constitution is quite specific about when “super-majorities” are needed, and makes no mention of super-majorities for court appointments. Reid is not known for his strong backbone, but here’s an instance where he owes it to posterity. You might even write to him and tell him.

  6. I know how far away 2016 is, but I also know we’ll begin seeing candidates declare and begin their campaigns soon after 2014 midterms. There is already much speculation about who will run. Here’s an article that mentions a republican candidate I haven’t heard discussed as often as others. He is a Koch Bros puppet so would have adequate funds —

    Scott Walker Is The Republican To Beat In 2016

    (from the link): The few Republican governors from states President Obama won with positive approval ratings — Chris Christie (R-NJ), +42, Bob McDonnell (R-VA), +32 and John Kasich (R-OH), +16 — all have committed some act of conservative heresy — like trying to get poor people health care, compromising on something or hugging President Obama. Wisconsin’s governor isn’t wasting his political capital trying to get immigration reform passed, and he doesn’t waste his time positioning himself against fellow Republicans as Cruz and Paul do.

    Scott Walker is an ultra-orthodox conservative with a passion for taking on unions that extends back to his first bill as an elected official. That’s a passion he shares with many of the right wing’s biggest donors. And if they have their way, what happens to America after 2016 will resemble what’s happened to Wisconsin since 2010.

    • Scott Walker Is The Republican To Beat In 2016

      Can’t we just beat the guy now and be done with it?

      I saw a few antique rug beaters at the antique malls last Saturday – they would work nicely.

  7. While I was blogging regarding Michele Bachmann’s sudden decision to retire in 2014, a thought popped into my head.

    Now follow this…..

    Perhaps Michele Bachmann’s name popped up in the IRS scandal about these tea parties and their applications for tax-free status.

    Let’s not forget – Bachmann was a former IRS agent.

    She knows the IRS system from the inside – and could help many of those TP folks to fill out their applications for tax-free status.

    Perhaps – now this is just a thought I am throwing out there – PERHAPS some of those TP groups are not ‘social welfare’ groups but rather – political groups.

    Those applications were signed under penalty of perjury.

    So …what if Bachmann’s name is now connected to several of those Tea Party groups who are now screaming and whining about being targeted?

    The only reason I thought of this is because – let’s not forget this – Bachmann encouraged many of her followers to not fill out the census form – remember??

    I am not usually into conspiracies – but wouldn’t this be a great one to spin out of control?

    Or… there a kernel of truth in there somewhere?


    This IRS scandal and the fact Bachmann is currently being investigated for her own campaign finances – maybe made Michele ‘see the writing on the wall’ and she decided to quit while the money is good?

    • I base my conspiracy theory on the #1 reason Michele Bachmann might have helped those Tea Party groups in seeking tax-free status – whether they qualified or not – is because of this –

      She is the Pied Piper of the Tea Party – isn’t she?

      And she is one of their loudest cheerleaders – pom poms and all.

  8. She definitely never gave any creditability to the Tea party. LOL though I will have to admit I when feeling a bit on the ornery side love watching such a train wreck happening! One more of the stupidly feeders down next one should Glen Beck then Rush the plush toy Limbaugh. It can only go on so long before finally someone will finally shout ” HEY THIS STUFF TASTE LIKE PURE CRAP!!!”

  9. Here is a nice graph with all of Michele Bachmann’s legislative accomplishments…..

    Wow – and she had time to run for president?

    • I wish I could forget that clown show –a really low point in American politics was the republican wannabees of the 2012 election.