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    • I’ve heard reports on NPR that Syria is in the midst of a civil war – between two rival radical fanatic groups in the seize for power.

      So – exactly who did John McCain talk with? Just another radical fanatic thug who will be worse than the current asshole in power?

      Wow – McCain appears to be putting his nose in where it does not belong.

      And who the hell is McCain to be offering the help of US weapons and/or military?

      Perhaps Johnnie never got that memo that he LOST in 2008.

      • There is nothing too low for him in his efforts to wage war. But republicans don’t seem to mind the old coot banging those drums of war, meeting with rebel leaders and lobbying to arm them.

  1. Serious question –

    If McCain and fellow Republicans manage to start this war with Syria – how do you think that will play with the women voters?

    • I don’t think our Commander in Chief is going to listen to a bunch of old neocons.

      The neocon faction of the Republican Party turns off women voters every bit as much as the faction who doesn’t trust us to make our own personal decisions. In fact, I can’t think of a faction of that party that does appeal to women.

      And no political party can win without the females.

    • I would not imagine it would play too well with the mothers and wives of the men in the military. Nor with the parents of those in the military either, we are tired of our sons and daughters being sent into harms way for little if any good reasons. Just so some over the hill would be Rambo’s can bang their chest and play army with human lives.

      • Did you hear from your son this weekend?

        I was thinking about him and your family yesterday – and all the families that are good people who joined the military with the aspiration to be of service to their country.

        Which is why it makes me so damn angry when I see these Republicans all beating those war drums…..

        and for what? Obscene profits for the ‘right’ people?

      • Last I heard from him Indy the army was going to kick him out because of he could not lose the weight they wanted him to. He had been trying everything except overdosing on ex lacs and has been in the gym twice a day. He lost over forty pounds and feels like crap.

  2. Here’s a question for a legal mind –

    If John McCain did this on his own – and offered to arm the Syrian rebels under the guise of the US government – can he be charged with any crime?

    I just have to wonder….did the White House, State Department and Defense Department know about this old coot’s trip to Syria?

    • I am not a legal mind, but how is it different for McCain to lie or exaggerate to Syrian rebel leaders than it is to lie and exaggerate to American citizens which is something he does every day on the subject of the need for war? I see how this makes the whole already bad situation even worse but isn’t that what republicans do every day on everything?

    • No, under U.S. law. There might be one oe more chargeable offenses under Syrian law.

      • Now – if we could only get the Syrians to put out a warrant for Johnnie….

        Wouldn’t that be exactly what these Far Right Wingers would love…..another martyr for their cause

        Hurry up Cindy…I need some wood for my cross…

  3. Andy Borowitz says:

    If the Chinese are in fact stealing the Pentagon’s plans for weapons systems, it’s only a matter of time before they go bankrupt.

  4. Remember, The Onion is a lot like FOX News. They make it up as they go along. đŸ™‚

    Family Concerned After John McCain Wanders Into Syria

  5. Bob White

    Compassion is the first political criteria; and one party fails this criterion most of the time.