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cried wolf


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  1. Common sense, it so seems that these days common sense is failing if not bygone. I keep thinking that the time will come when finally people will look to the shy and realize that the wetness on their leg is not rain as being told.
    Then the above mentioned scare tactics will not have the effect it has and the game for the Nazi-Cons will be over. Oh don’t get wrong it is so much fun! That is part of the appeal of the crying “WOLF” with the President is this or that. Chicken little has such fun running around screaming about the sky is falling! And of course it is such a laugh at how many people will believe it!
    There is no feelings of guilt either since it is only using the believer’s natural stupidity so the real fault is not in the liar but in the so gullible.

    • I think President Obama may have finally gotten the message that these aren’t people that can be reasoned with — they are unreasonable, childish, sore losers. The best course of action is to get on with the nation’s business. There is much to be done and we don’t need the children in the way when the adults are working.

    • Republican Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal was correct when he said the GOP is the Stupid Party.

      Let’s not also forget what Republican Rick Santorum said that smart people will never join the GOP.

      Hey – when two of their brightest and ‘rising stars’ in the GOP seem to think the GOP is stupid and not smart – who am I to question these two men?

  2. Speaking of Benghazi…..

    When will Darrell Issa and his Henchmen subpoena Gen. Petraeus’ self-admitted mistress (ie adulterer) and question her as to her knowledge of what happened at Benghazi?

    This mistress spilled the beans about the CIA secret operation at Benghazi – so if she told this public audience – then who else did she tell?

    I want to know:

    what did she know
    when did she know it
    who the hell told her
    who the hell has she told

    Think about this…..if Petraeus’ mistress knew about this secret CIA operation – isn’t it possible that their was a leak way before the Benghazi attack and that HELPED fuel the attack which killed those 4 Americans that Issa and his Henchman keep yelling about?

    Don’t we owe it to those 4 dead Americans to find out the entire truth?

    Or does Issa and Henchman just want to play partisan politics with the lives of those 4 dead Americans?

  3. The little boy that cried wolf will suddenly disappear the minute Republicans are successful in getting their next wealthy white guy into the White House.

    I suspect we will NEVER hear one single word of outrage about massive federal spending on all the ‘right’ things – military, Corporate Welfare, and did I mention military?

    Let’s face facts – the day will come when another Republican wins the White House…..we had better be prepared for a deafening silence on their transparency and a lot of ‘Bring It On’ to foreign countries to start another damn war or two.

    Time is money and since Obama has been in office – these Republicans see that as a time with no obscene profits off the blood of Americans to do the actual fighting to kill all Muslims.

    And you know with Republicans – the way to their stone cold heart is through their stone cold cash..

  4. We’ve got another scandal brewing. Clearly the sweat of desperation is rolling down the backs of right wingers caught empty-handed (or, at least, with victory denied) and, needing more grist for the “Get Obama” scandal mill, and like pigs trolling for truffles, they’ve dug up something they’re hoping will get some traction: ‘Big gaffe!,” I read in one faux headline (faux, because once you clicked it, it went to a page with a far less sensationalized title… the old bait n’ switch). The ‘big gaffe’? A focused, obviously distracted President Obama climbed into the Air Force One helicopter and forgot to salute the Marine at the bottom of the stairs.


    Because God knows how these things can blow up, here are the facts:

  5. You all know how often I’ve said, “look at Massachusetts,” when we’re talking about healthcare reform. Their plan, which The Affordable Care Act is based on, has been fully implemented for a few years, and it is working! They implemented faster than ACA so did face some challenges, but they met them.

    Everything you know about employers and Obamacare is wrong

    (from the link):

    Take employers. There’s real concern that companies will see the Affordable Care Act as an opportunity to drop health insurance for their employees and let taxpayers pick up the tab. For those with more than 50 full-time workers, that’ll mean paying a $2,000 to $3,000 penalty for each one, but that’s a whole lot cheaper than paying for health insurance.

    The Massachusetts reforms, if anything, were even friendlier to this sort of dumping. The penalty for employers was a paltry $295 per worker. Compared to the average cost of an employer-provided health plan in the Northeast — $17,099, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s 2012 Employer Health Benefits Survey — that’s a pittance. It seemed almost irrational for employers to keep offering coverage.

    “The benefits we were giving guys who left employer-sponsored insurance were way more generous than what the federal plan gives them,” says MIT’s Jonathan Gruber, a health economist who helped design the Massachusetts reforms. “And we didn’t have much of an employer penalty. I predicted employers would drop coverage.”

    But they didn’t.

    • I hope that holds nationally, but I suspect here, the need for employment will win, thereby creating such a drop. Plus, I’ve a feeling that employer provided healthcare has been a big deal for a considerable time in MA, while (based upon my experience) such has not been true in KS.

  6. Remember when we talking about the new Pope bringing a much needed change to the Church ??

    I do hope this Pope was behind this much-needed resignation..

    Or …was it so blatantly obvious that this was a case where either the old fart goes – or more s__t will be hitting the fan?

    I will say again what I said the other day – I am holding my praise for this new Pope until I see some actions put into place – and not just all the flowery words.

  7. My husband and I were going to the flea market and to antique malls today. It’s a nice way to spend a day and – if nothing else – point out all those things from your childhood – and those things from my own kids childhood – that are considered V-I-N-T-A-G-E.

    I came across this hold pamphlet about how get rich in spite of your self.

    There are two ways to get rich

    1) Be of service to others – such as Henry Ford that brought cars to the masses.

    2) Or make money off the misery of others (being of disservice to others).

    I had to think about that for a moment……maybe this is why our current society is such a mess?

    We have way too many wealthy people who make money off the misery of others?
    ie – Mitt Romney and his Bain Vulture Capitalist Boys??

    This theory kinda throw Televangelist Pat Robdertson’s theory out the window – huh?

    He actually told viewers all this past week during this Beg-a-Thon that the # 1 way to get rich is by giving your money to God.

    Funny thing – God’s address is the exact same address as good ol’ Pat..


    I thought of a third way to get rich – marry money.

    Isn’t that how Sam Brownback got his money – his wife’s family and their fortune?