Friday, 5/24/13, Public Square

Sure ~ Just a Spontaneous Uprising of Ordinary People ( not ) …



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  1. Add this to the graphic above.

    Since when does a ‘social welf’are’ non-profit group have an extra $8 million to throw at some ex-politician when he leaves their group?

    BTW – When you read this article – I did not know that this Tea Party group was run by the guy that owns The Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

    Wow – that explains a lot…

    I went to their Tulsa location – after I fired that first oncologist (ie The Best in the Business). They did confirm my diagnosis and chemo treatment protocol. But they also never told me that one of my chemo drugs came in pill form. They wanted to do the same chemo schedule of every 2 weeks – but I would have to travel down to their Tulsa location to have it done. (Ughhh….during winter time driving down to Tulsa?)

    So – NOW I know why they never told me one chemo drug came in pill form – which cut my other chemo drug treatment down to every 3 weeks (which is a huge difference).

    Plus – if they would have given me this choice – that meant everything to someone who had been flat on her back for 31 days, gutted like a fish and trying to find some doctor that gave a crap about his patient and not just their profits.

    BUT…NOW I know why this Tulsa place did the same thing my first oncologist did – THEY were the ones who were going to sell me the $10,000 chemo drug – and at a 2-week interval for 6 months – that would be quite a little profit there – HUH?

    And to think – I found my foreigh-born, very dark-skinned – possible Muslim (I don’t know for sure because I don’t even care) onocologist in the Yellow Pages that day.

    And HE was the one that was honest enough to tell me the chemo drug came in pill form – and he was the most compassionate doctor I’ve ever known.

    Even with the latest incompetency of his front desk girl (I shared yesterday) – I would STILL recommend this oncologist to anyone needing the best chance to fight cancer – and win the battle.

    • Just a P.S. to this story – does anyone else here really think that Dick Armey needed an extra $8 million so that he would never have to work again?

      Seriously……….he retired from Congress, he was a former House Majority Leader…..

      Does anyone truly believe this man even needs to work – with all that pension money and health care the taxpayers are paying for?

    • My window at Nero-restorative which was across the street from CTCOA in Tulsa. I would spend a lot of time staring out that window and thinking. I would so want to go across the street and at least talk to their patents and explain that I understood how it was to suddenly find out that something that was life changing had happened to them and because life changing thing had happen to me. When you review your history and look for the cause of such things. You so make a long list of all that might have led to it.
      Cursed the day you ever made a decision that led to it. For me it was my
      love of hotdogs and laziness of cooking and being so picky of what food I would eat. Not to mention a three pack a day habit, yeah basically lighting one of another!

      • My grandfather was a chain smoker – but he started when he was about 9 yrs old (IIRC).

        But back in those days – 9 yr old boys were on the cusp of being grown men that would go to work when they turned 11 or 12.

        My grandfather was a farm hand – and had to go quit school in order to go to work to help keep their family fed.

        But….back then….smoking was not known to be such a killer…was it?

        My grandfather was in his backyard tending to his lilacs when he suddenly fell over from a massive coronary.

        It was such a shock….but my other grandfather was sick for a long time and he lingered in his bed. He went in and out of the hospital so many times – until one trip to the hospital was his final time.

        Personally – I would rather go like my LIlac grandfather – fast and easy.

  2. Last night the Kansas Senate approved a sales tax increase and further income tax cuts. They’re raising taxes on the poor and middle class to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. This plan was promptly endorsed by Governor Brownback.

    • But..but….Sammie gave us those tax-free deals to non-Kansans if they are willing to move into certain areas of the state.

      What more do you want from this wannabe Preacher Man?

    • But fnord, the plan reduces (not eliminates {sigh}) the rate on groceries. See what a wonderful law that we’re going to get (not).

  3. Thanks to Gov. Brownback and the Kansas GOP’s inability to do their jobs, the Kansas Legislature is now working overtime and spending taxpayer dollars. It’s estimated that every extra day of session costs taxpayers $45,000. In the Kansas Legislature you get paid more for not doing your job.

    • Have you ever worked with people who knew how to milk the time clock?

      Isn’t this exactly what these so-called fiscal conservative Republicans are doing?

    • I have yet to figure out in exactly what way same-sex marriage would ruin a heterosexual marriage – unless one of those two heterosexuals are bi-sexual or a closeted homosexual and then acted upon their sexual desires (sexual behavior)

      So…isn’t really the heterosexual’s fault for ruining their own marriage?