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  1. I was on Huffington Post blog just now and the GOP trollies are sure collecting their shiny nickels today for the Bangladesh-made buckets.

    One can always tell when the Troll Factory is working overtime – the same regurgitated GOP talking points are posted again…and again…and again.

    I wonder – does the original poster get the entire nickel and the followers get a pro-rated portion of their nickel pay – or does the Grand Old Party splurge and give them all nickels?

    But I digress..

    It seems the main GOP talking point for today is that Obama killed 4 innocent Americans with those drones.

    Well – let’s review the facts – shall we?

    The Obama Administration admitted to killing 4 Americans with drones – that is true.

    As for innocent Americans – I doubt that…

    First victim – the known RAdical Muslim Cleric that openly attacked and recruited for attacking Americans.

    The other 3 victims were people within this Al Queda network and worked closely with the first victim.

    And…these were all people who had their butts in Al Queda hot spots….

    So – are these Americans really innocent victims?

    But – let’s change the scenario of this – shall we?

    What if this had been The Little Cowboy and the same four victims.

    I suspect these same Republicans demonizing Obama would be lavishing praise on their boy for killing those Radical Muslims -…

    what do you think?

    BTW – personally, on the use of drones – I am still on the fence. As I’ve stated before.

    But, I keep coming back to this one factor…….if these so-called innocent Americans were in the Al Queda hot spots and they were with the known RAdical Muslim Cleric – then were they so innocent?

    Or did they put themselves into that situation?

    • My opinion is that people died and nothing should be political about that. We need to find out the circumstances, who the people were, details are needed to have a clear picture. Yet, details and safety might conflict to make details limited. Oh why do we not pull together to see what may have been prevented, to see what is behind these deaths? It’s a milestone when choosing political sides is the first and most important part of the discussion.

      War is hell no matter how it’s fought.

      • To prevent further events like this – one would have to be willing to understand – and comprehend – what made that known Radical Muslim Cleric to turn from an American into that Muslim Cleric using his position to recruit attackers against his own country?

        And that is where the politics come into play….IMHO

        With far too many folks – just the fact a person is suspected to be Muslim – then all communication is cut off….

        Just like that pharmacist I had the lively discussion with a couple weeks ago…

        He just came and said that he hates all Muslims………not because of what they did or said – just because they are Muslims.

        Now when I talk about Fundy Christians – I have personal experience with the hatred and demoniziation of women that comes from that Fundamental religion mentality.

        But even then – I don’t HATE all Fundy Christians – nor do I wish them all dead….like the pharmacist believes all Muslims should die…

        But…..I am still not convinced that Obama acted wrong when it came to these drone killings…

        I just wonder…how many lives were saved somewhere else because this RAdical Muslim Cleric is no longer there spewing his hate?

        I am still on the fence about these drones..

        Maybe that is because I’ve been personally touched by the loss of several loved ones to the Vietnam War ?

        That war changed my thinking ……just as a lot of folks …

      • I’m on that fence with you. I don’t want to see more troops killed. If war is something I must accept as reality then I applaud the ways technology has reduced the numbers at risk. I do marvel at how terrorists are identified and it breaks my heart that being a certain color, religion, ethnicity is used to determine that by some. I’m beginning to think I won’t live to see discrimination die.

      • I just heard news coverage about the immigration reform bill is being pushed further down the Congressional sausage maker line…

        but the issue of same-sex health care benefits was stripped from the original bill before it was passed along its way to become the final sausage product.

        Discrimination – I am afraid – will ALWAYS be with us.

      • A few random thoughts.
        I, too, am on the fence about drone strikes for all the reasons indy, in particular, has enumerated over time. If I may, there is one more thought which strikes me, to wit: while drone strikes are widely criticized for angering the civilian populace (rightfully so), would the addition of, say, 10,000 ground troops into the area to accomplish the same goal (and, I would posit, result in more civilian casualties and general damage to property) cause less outrage?
        As to discrimination, I argue such is the natural result of evolution. Best we humans can do is to eliminate the pernicious societal effects thereof through our laws, social education and conditioning, and generally “getting to know” those who seem different. BTW, while I’m working without a net here (read, no links to data/studies), other species of primates (in particular) also practice discrimination in ways that are cruel to humans but which may well be (to personify a bit) believed necessary to species survival.

  2. In reference to the graphic above….

    I would trust a toddler with a gun more than I would some raving Teabagger from the Stupid Party.

    At least the toddler would not be knowingly and intentionally killing you.

    I suspect these Teabaggers would enjoy the killing.

    That’s the difference – IMHO

      • Kinda renews your faith in the decency of humanity.

      • That is what I thought…

        Did you read the article? This woman had the capacity to see the bigger picture and her motivation was to keep the crowds that were gathering around to be safe…

        But more than that – it was a picture of a non-violent woman – not yelling or screaming – but calmly talking to this suspect with bloody knife – so this woman knew something violent had just happened.

        My first thought was – Wow – this is something Jesus would have done…..don’t you think?

        Speaking of Jesus ….

        I noticed The 700 Club is on the 3rd or 4th day of their Beg-a-thon.

        Better get your hip boots on…..the B.S. is flowing high. I’ve noticed their testimonials are those who are following Pat Robertson’s teaching of….you give to God, and God will make you prosperous.

        I have one problem with this theory – if the only reason I am supposed to give to God is to make myself more prosperous – then is my motivation wrong?

        I am constantly reminded of the widow’s mite story…….and I don’t see that put into action very many times….or even encouraged nowadays.

        Now the drawing card is – if I give to God (Pat Robertson) then God will give me more money back in return – and, if I’m lucky, God will also pat me on my head and allow me into Heaven to help him throw the sinners into Hell?

        That’s the message I am getting loud and clear from Pat and his Gang.

      • Did you read about the new Pope encouraging everyone to accept everyone, talking about how all people, not just Catholics, were given grace?

        This is a quote from one article on what the Pope said: Pope Francis has said that atheists should be seen as good people as long as they do good, in a move to urge people of all religions – or no religion at all – to get along. He told the story of a Catholic who asked a priest if even atheists could be redeemed by Jesus.

        “Even them, everyone,” the pope answered, according to Vatican Radio. “We all have the duty to do good,” he said.

        “Just do good and we’ll find a meeting point,” the pope said in a hypothetical conversation in which someone told a priest: “But I don’t believe. I’m an atheist.”

        I think this guy will be a loving and positive influence in our world!

      • I have hopes for the new Pope – but I am watching what the church politics makes this Pope say and then retract….

        I’ve read some articles that paint this Pope has not so helpful to certain people – when the rubber hits the road.

        There are lingering questions as to how this Pope (before his Pope days) handled certain political situations – like those kidnapped priests that were tortured……it has been alleged that Pope Francis was in cahoots with the government/political foes that were dong the torturing..

        But….we can always hold out hope that this Pope will get some of his believers to pressure the current Catholic Church political fat cats to change their ways.

        Just my cynicism showing – but I suspect Pope Francis was chosen because he did come from the Jesuit branch of the Catholic Church.

        He is known for his work among the poor and disenfranchised folks. And, for that, he should be commended.

        But…what if Pope Francis was just the Catholic Church’s way to ‘rebrand themselves’ – in much the same way the GOP has tried to rebrand themselves?

        What if it is just for the public appearance….so that nasty business with Catholic Church covering up the crime of child molesting might just go away….

        After all – this Pope Francis has not kicked out any Bishop or Cardinal that was guilty of that crime of being accomplice to child molesting (which, to me, covering up for the child molester is being an accomplice).

        And …this Pope Francis also came down hard on those Nuns on the Bus. He denounced these Sisters….because they are doing exactly what he is now telling everyone should be done?

        I will hold my praise of this Pope Francis until I see what actually comes from his new way of talking…

      • You make excellent points! So once again, patience — we heard the words now let’s see the deeds.

  3. I’ve heard some think it’s women’s work to clean the HOUSE. I think that’s just what women will do in the 2014 mid-term elections! đŸ™‚

  4. Conan O’Brien is not my cup of tea – but he does do a good job on the Tea Party Set…

    You know, the sad fact is that even if there is corruption at the I.R.S. -who is going to believe any of these Tea Party folks who have been engaged in this deep-rooted hatred of Obama for the past 4 and 1/2 years?

    The Tea Party/Fundy Christians/Birthers and rest of GOP Circus Clowns remind me of the boy that cried wolf……..

    do we all remember the moral of that story?

  5. Last month – I shared with you how my oncologist’s office had scheduled a CT for me and did not share that knowledge with me prior to my getting a call from the CT department confirming my appointment.

    Okay – I was cool with that happening because, as I shared before, my last apt was in November and they were learning a new computer system and I left the office without the CT scheduled due to the front girl desk learning the new system and she was having problems with it.

    Okay – not a big deal – I have left the office before without scheduled CT and got the written orders in the mail afterwards.

    Anyway – somewhere the ball got dropped… we cancelled everything and rescheduled.

    NOW we come to this past Monday morning. I received a phone call from the same CT department inquiring if I had my lab drawn for the required testing before the CT could even be done.

    I had written orders to get my lab drawn on that very day (I was on my way to the lab when I got the call from CT people). I told her this and she said – even with that done – we can not do your CT tomorrow morning because we need the results BEFORE you come in for the CT.

    This is when my blood pressure started to rise……

    Last month – when all that happened – I asked my oncologist’s office girl specifically if there would be enough time for my lab to be drawn on Monday and for the CT people to get the results before my scheduled CT.

    I was reassured that everything was fine and timing was no problem.

    So…what the hell happened?

    It seems …this girl from my oncologist’s office has done this before – to the same CT people with another patient just the previous week.

    When I called my oncologist’s office to let her know what was going on….she argued with me that there was enough time for my lab results to come back for them to do the CT.

    Which is true – but the fact remains – the lab results have to be sent to the CT people by the oncologist’s office – and they don’t get into the office until 8am – my CT was scheduled for 7:30am.

    The lab sends specimens up to Kansas City every night and lab results do come in the next morning…
    but if the girl at the oncologist office was not in until 8am and my CT was at 7:30 – how could the CT people get their required lab results BEFORE my CT was done?

    That is something I could never get through that girl’s head – while on the telephone.

    I told her that I did not want the lab, the CT or to see the oncologist tomorrow (Friday) because I am done with everything.

    This CT was planned to be my last one – and if the results were the same as the last 4 years – then my oncologist was going to release me from his care.

    I told this girl that I am perfectly comfortable with taking full responsibility for not having this last CT done – plus, it saves me a $700 bill – which is my portion for all these CT s to be done (and that is with insurance).

    I love my oncologist and he will always hold a special place in my heart for helping me and family to win the battle against the prognosis that I was facing after Stage III colon cancer.

    But…..what the hell does knowing to allow a day between getting labs done and the CT performed is actual medical knowledge training?

    I am in medical records and I know there are certain things that need to be done before any testing……

    and this lab protocol is nothing new….

    So…..this girl at the front desk f_cked up my CT again (for the second time) and I am expected to just rearrange my schedule to get someone to watch my grandkids and run in to the CT department when they snap their fingers?

    Maybe I am getting too old for this nonsense?

    Or maybe I just expect people to do their damn job?

    I don’t know……just wanted to let off the steam and to put the blame where it belongs – especially after I praised this oncologist office staff so much last month.

    They certainly let me down…..but, apparently from what I was told by CT department, I am not the only patient from this office to have had this happen and for the same reason. – a stupid reason IMHO

    If this is the future of our health care system – God help us.

    But, then again, this type of stuff happened all the time at my first oncologist’s office – and they still don’t care after 5 years. They must not care, because those folks have never called me back even after I told them what the problem was.

    Oh well, sorry for the rant……but I just don’t understand how something so simple as to have labs drawn, wait a day and then schedule CT can get so messed up….

    • BTW – since I work in the long-term care business – this kind of stuff happens all the time to these elderly patients.

      They are moved around like chess pieces on a game board – but the sad fact is, most of these elderly patients do not have family members to help them through this maze of doctors, labs and CT testing departments…

      Some of these elderly patients are not even able to comprehend the small things in life – let alone this maze we call ‘the best healthcare system in the world’.

      So…..can you imagine the money that is being made at the expense of just this one population of people – long term care residents?

      I am able to voice my opinion and make my choice known – and to not be intimidated by anyone.

      Alas, there are people who are simply pawns of the system…….I feel sorry for those folks.

    • A neighbor of mine is fighting the same type of incompetence dealing with needed referrals to specialists. This particular person has screwed things up twice now. If she was new, well, maybe a bit of slack. However, she’s been in this position 6 years, and has pulled this before (with my neighbor and a number of other patients adversely affected). Just freaking incredible. Again, nothing new involved here; SOP all around.

      • Isn’t it maddening when this stuff happens?

        I can understand things happening – but on a consistent basis and then to have them argue with me when confronted on the second mess-up – is freaking unbelievable.

      • Yep; she (my neighbor) is ready to explode in more ways than one. BTW, given her status as a retired USAF NCO, her language in describing this matter is, shall we say, somewhat more colorful than mine or yours appearing to date on the blog.

  6. Not at all a surprise, but I feel very confident that the GOP will argue this is false, while scrambling rapidly to extend urban sprawl:

  7. Ah, memories; some good, some not so good:

    • Wonderful anti-war song from 1970; things were hopping in Lawrence, the Kent State shootings, started dating the woman who became my wife, and the war dragged on.

      • That War……it certainly changed my thinking forever..

        I think I am a few years younger than you……but I remember those days like they were yesterday..

      • I’ll be 63 in July, indy, so you have a milepost. That war altered many things for me, and, like you (and many others of us on the cusp of entering early middle age, as one of my high school classmates prefers), those days were surely just yesterday.