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  1. This interesting blog post speaks to why, in 2012, everyone in DC knew that Teabaggers were supposedly being “targeted” by the IRS, yet few said anything about it.

    But I think it also speaks to the control of all the messaging. What the CORPOCRACY wants us to hear is disseminated in the way the CORPOCRACY wants it to be told. News junkies of all stripes may know more, know better, but the masses hear the soundbites and the CORPOCRACY maintains control. Voters are easily manipulated.

    Control of the message keeps rape victims quiet.

    • All the ‘scandals’ the republicans are using to avoid doing something / anything for our country are easily seen through. It’s also very easy to see they need to spend their time in this fashion either because they have absolutely no idea how to do good for our country or they fear President Obama may share the credit. As the Heritage Foundation recently ordered, they continue to obstruct and avoid legislating because that may shine light on the divisions in the Republican Party. These so-called ‘scandals’ (Benghazi and the IRS exemptions) are made up and the only people paying any attention are the ones who decided there is a scandal and need to find a single snippet of evidence to support what they’ve previously concluded without evidence.

      That said, I do hope the Justice Department /Journalist subject is delved into deeply! Getting phone records without a warrant is serious misjustice! Controlling the message is dangerous to America! If Journalists were stupid enough to put secrets where they endangered people let’s be sure they’re punished, but let’s also be sure the Justice Department isn’t controlling the message unfairly and unnecessarily.

      I know none of us are as stupid as those who are attempting to make tax exemptions as important as protecting the First and Fourth Amendments.

  2. On Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders called for an investigation into oil price manipulation. He also proposed a 30-day deadline for federal regulators to use emergency powers to curb excessive speculation in crude oil markets.

    Over the past five months, the national average price for a gallon of gasoline has gone up by more than 41 cents. The price hikes come at a time when U.S. oil inventories reached a three-decade high while demand for gasoline is lower than four years ago when prices averaged less than $2.30 a gallon.

    Sanders spoke about rapidly rising gas prices during a Senate floor speech on two amendments he proposed to the farm bill.

  3. Has anyone else heard of this case?

    I saw this couple on The 700 Club (as I was changing channels to get away from Pat Robertson)…

    I remember good ol’ Pat saying that Germany has a long history of being anti-Christian.

    Okay – Hitler and his Boys did not like certain people – but did he specifically call out Christians -or was it the Jews, homosexuals and disabled people that Hitler REALLY hated?

    The thing I would like to know is this – these people are apparently not American citizens (or they would not be seeking asylum) – so why are these people not being demonized as ‘illegal immigrants’ by the same Religious Right Republicans that demonize all Mexicans?

    • How can a country who has 70% Christians be anti-Christian?

      Do you suppose Pat Robertson is using this as a fundraising tool – yet again?

      Do you suppose that is why Fox News has a story on this couple – because their targeted audience are probably in the Religious Right Republican category..

      So… the problem really about home schooling or is good ol’ Pat trying to make some more money off this issue (just like issues of abortion and gay marriage have paid off so well in the past)?

      Hmmmmmm…..interesting question…

    • Perhaps German schools wisely don’t endorse any single religion. Christians frequently scream about being persecuted but seldom is there any evidence to back up their claims.

      • As I read through the article – when pressed for details as to their objections – the facts are vague…..if any at all.

        These Fundy Christians are not pushing for Freedom of Religion – they want only their religion to be first.

    • Hitler was born Catholic and never publicly renounced his Catholicism. Who knows the hearts of man? Not men! I think you nailed the groups he wanted eliminated but why would it surprise you that history has been rewritten to fit a narrative? Isn’t that how today’s republicans conduct business?

      • Same goes for Timothy McVeigh – he was raised a Catholic and then it was reported he told some magazine that he was an Agnostic.

        But – McViegh was given the Catholic rite on the gurney right before he was executed – so I guess the Catholics kept their stake on that claim – huh?

        This was an argument that pharmacist used in his ‘proof’ that McVeigh was not a White Male Christian terrorist.

        You should have seen the pharmacist’s face when I brought up the fact about the Catholic rite on the death gurney.

  4. I found this interesting and insightful.

    (from the link):

    And in the case of the IRS, the president must have been furious when he learned the news. I can remember how angry he was during the GSA debacle (parties in Vegas; think there were clowns and jugglers involved? Wow). He was angry because he knows that a progressive vision of government requires faith that government is efficient, and responsive, and trustworthy—and the handful of morons who break that trust sully the reputation of all the federal employees who uphold those values every day.

    But the president was not willing to fire a bunch of people before knowing all the relevant facts. He was not willing to go on a witch hunt before the investigation of the independent Inspector General was complete. That was more important to him than his short-term political standing in the eyes of the Washington press corps.

    That is who he is. The handwringers and bed wetters in the D.C. punditocracy should know that Barack Obama will never be on their timeline. He does not value being first over being right. He will not spend his presidency chasing news cycles. He will not shake up his White House staff just because of some offhand advice offered to Politico by a longtime Washingtonian or a nameless Democrat who’s desperately trying to stay relevant. And if that means Dana Milbank thinks he’s too passive; if it means that Jim VandeHei will keep calling him arrogant and petulant; if it means that Chris Matthews will whine about him not enjoying the presidency, then so be it.

    How Obama Handles Crisis

    • I appreciate President Obama’s thoughtful and mature way to handle crisis.

      How many times did we have to listen to The Little Cowboy President say those words – bring it on?

      I HATED it when that little sawed off shotgun swaggered around there and just let his gums flap with every ‘bring it on’ to every foreign country that hated us.

      What I really hated was that this same little sawed off shotgun knew that none of his family members would be doing the actual fighting and dying in his wars – huh?

  5. This wasn’t always true. It is true today.

    • Rick Santorum even told everybody during the 2012 GOP presidential primary when he said that the – smart people will never join the Republican Party.

      This is the only time I agree with Rickie

    • Bob White

      Good comment. Great, both INsight and FOREsight..

  6. Some times I wonder why I am still a registered Republican? “Never let a good disaster be wasted as a Political opportunity to lambast your opponents”.

    Watching Fox today all they were talking about when covering the Tornado hitting in Oklahoma was how President Obama was failing to provide enough relief. Meanwhile also berating him for sending too much relief? what kind of bat shit crazy is that? Sorry but there just are some things you do not use as a Political opportunity to attack your opponents.

    Not and still be a human being and a good moral person, I might understand better blaming God and even cursing the weather both being more an emotional reaction then actually doing any good. But there are just something’s that it not a waste of money no matter how little you may have to spend.

    Would not spend my last dine to save a life or bring back someone to a healthy and wellbeing better I think so . The Neocons would spend the last dime to wage another pointless war and further their mindless agenda. It is the plight of being so influenced by the Nazis.

    • Foxxies Hen House remind me of a group of Gossipy Old Church Women.

      These folks are never happy unless they are spreading their gossip, innuendos and outright lies.

      I’ve often wondered what their problem is –

      1) Not enough love in their life
      2) Not enough fiber in their diet