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It’s time to create a future without oil. Abu Dhabi is leading the way.

“Abu Dhabi is known for its incredible wealth largely due to the oil industry, but what might be less known is that they are envisioning a future without oil. Masdar City is poised to be the first zero-emission, skyscraper-free city. Vehicles are not permitted within the city limits. Instead, mass transit will be available to help traverse the city.

Just outside the city, solar and wind farms will provide electricity. Geothermal energy will be harnessed through the world’s largest hydrogen power plant. Masdar City will welcome many clean energy companies to set up shop and will even provide the headquarters for the International Renewable Energy Agency.

By the time it is completed in 2025, 40,000 residents and 50,000 commuters will be able to live and work in Masdar City with the goal of becoming the world leader in clean energy research and technology.”

zero carbon city


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7 responses to “Sunday, 5/19/13, Public Square

  1. The United States is being left in the dust on many levels!

    From wiki: Standards of health care are considered to be generally high in the United Arab Emirates, resulting from increased government spending during strong economic years. According to the UAE government, total expenditures on health care from 1996 to 2003 were US$436 million. According to the World Health Organization, in 2004 total expenditures on health care constituted 2.9 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), and the per capita expenditure for health care was US$497. Health care currently is free only for UAE citizens. The number of doctors per 100,000 (annual average, 1990–99) is 181.

    So the have a government protecting the environment and giving citizens FREE health care.

    Plus, many talented scientists find the United Arab Emirates to be among several foreign countries where funding of scientific endeavors is generous — countries that know the economic benefits of being world leaders in scientific discoveries, medical treatments and cures, something the so-called conservatives in the U.S. are either ignoring or too dumb to recognize. Austerity will never create economic activity.

    • When it comes to scientific discoveries – think about who that would hurt the most…….Fundamental churchy-people – that’s who.

      And the best way to hurt a fundamental cult is to educate ALL the people and let them decide for themselves if birth control (for example) is right for them.

      Just look at the history of the Catholic Church and how they demonized scientists and intellectual thinkers throughout the centuries.

  2. During this past week when so-called conservatives set new records for doubling down on being idiots it seemed they are completely oblivious to just how stupid they make themselves look. And that doesn’t begin to address the damage they do to our country while they strut their stupidity on the public stage.

    I ask again, as I’ve asked many times: What is your favorite republican legislative achievement? Could you list just one?

    I’ve never had one, not even one, ever listed. They have nothing!

    • There is a difference between being ignorant and being PROUD of being ignorant.

      The Conservative Republicans we are witnessing today are very PROUD to be ignorant – and no amount of reasonable debate will stop these folks.

      Too many of them are being encouraged by their Mega Corporate Church preacher men and their Televangelist – both of whom are raking in tax-free millions.

      That is the real threat of educating ALL the people – that tax-free money might not be flowing in as fast …….if more people begin to question the status quo

      Then we have the Hate Talk Radio 24/7 shock jocks – again, with them – it’s about the money.

      Do you really think Rush Limbaugh and his fellow Limpballs would continue to do their schtick if it was not paying off in a lot of money?

  3. Let Everyone Know That On October 1, 2013, Uninsured Americans Can Sign Up For Healthcare Coverage
    It’s time to get coverage!

    Don’t be fooled by extremist members of Congress and their pointless efforts to repeal the healthcare law. Obamacare is the law of the land and on October 1st of this year, 25 million uninsured Americans will be able to enroll in health insurance plans through the newly created health insurance marketplaces.

    Health insurance coverage will begin on January 1, 2014. Make sure everyone you know who is uninsured understands that healthcare access is close at hand.

  4. One more example of the NONSENSE the republicans spout —

  5. I trust everyone in PPP blog land is okay this morning?

    Bel Aire got hit pretty hard yesterday. When I returned home from work, our power was off and it did not come on until sometime during the night (I finally went to bed after midnight with no power).

    Let me just say……being without power for more and with night time quickly approaching – one has to wonder how our ancestors managed to build this country…

    I know, I know……I am soft, lazy, greedy and think I am ‘entitled’ to my power ( as a Conservative Republican would put it)

    Seriously – we do have it pretty good as a society and a power outage lasting beyond a few hours makes one realize that fact – very fast.

    BTW – the local WalMart was doing a booming business on all flashlights and lanterns.