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    • This is why Johnny B. is trying to look like he is so tough when he demanded to know who is going to jail over the IRS scandal.

      Please, just pass the barf bag now.

      I am so sick and tired of these GOP piss ants……

  1. It is so reminding me of a argument I overheard one night while working in the Sedgwick County jail. Two child molesters got in a argument over who was the worst criminal and human being. Both pointed out the details of their crimes and only made the difference at to who was their victims. One molested boys while the other molested girls. Both of their victims were in their early teens.

    Now on the morning Political shows I am seeing that the Cons are lambasting the President and his party for dirty and under handed spying on party groups by the IRS. Having forgotten that if they did then they surely would have learned the methodology from the past dirty tricks from part Republican administrations. I.e. tricky Dick for one, again there is not right to any righteous indentation when both are committing the same crime and are equal in their despicable acts. .

    It make me wonder just when the people will finally wake up and put a stop to this being played for fools.

    • I notice the many headlines that compare Obama’s “scandals” to Nixon’s.

      But not Reagan’s? The president who sold missiles to the Ayatollah and funneled the proceeds to a terrorist group in Central America, and then lied about it right into the cameras to the American people? The president who during a deposition said “I don’t recall” 70 times?

      And not George W. Bush whose entire 8 year presidency was one long excruciating scandal, starting with SCOTUS deciding he was president, him ignoring warnings of an impending al Qaeda attack, bungling the capture of bin Laden, invading a country unrelated to 9/11, causing the unnecessary deaths of 4,500 Americans and 100,000+ Iraqis, intentionally exposing the undercover status of a CIA agent tasked with protecting America from loose nukes, demolishing a roaring economy, and leaving the country less safe, less prosperous and less respected than when he took office? More scandalous than that?

      It does sound much more sinister to use “Tricky Dick” in comparisons. Go for the sensational! 🙂

      I’ve even seen a bunch of people mentioning ‘when Nixon was impeached.’ Yet, Nixon wasn’t ever impeached. I never ceased to be amazed at how few people seem to have intact memories.

  2. This is interesting.

    Remember When Andrew Joseph Stack Flew a Plane Into a Texas IRS Building?
    That was February 18, 2010. A week later, the agency’s scrutiny of the Tea Party began. Here’s what happened leading up to the two events.

    • At the very least…this suicide plane flyer was full of hatred for the government and anti-taxes – on that we can agree?

      So…..then he was more like Timothy McVeigh?

      • But…put that aside…….what is the main message from these TEa party groups?

        They hate government.
        They hate taxes
        They brag about an armed Revolution coming.

        So….again…does any seriously believe that these Tea Party groups are for ‘social welfare’ and not political ?

      • All we can know for sure is neither McVeigh nor the suicide pilot was a “terrorist.” Their skin wasn’t the wrong color and they weren’t found to be of the Muslim faith. It’s hard for me to keep the rules straight for which words should be used but I think I finally understand where the lines seem to be drawn.

        There’s no doubt in my mind that any group that uses the words TEA PARTY in their name is a political organization.

  3. I suspect these Republicans are pushing these scandals because then they do not have to deal with the real issues of gun control, immigration, budget, creating jobs

    And – for the added bonus – these RePUKES get to spew their hate-filled venom for Obama and all the groupies of these bullies will be cheering and applauding ……and all that tax-free money will be flowing into all those ‘social welfare’ groups.

    Please, just pass the barf bag now….

    • And their constituents love it! I still have HOPE some of them will figure out most voters don’t hate President Obama the way they do. You would have thought they could have caught on to at least that by now.

      Approval ratings for President Obama haven’t plummeted. What the republicans are doing, and what they aren’t doing, isn’t working and they should take note of that ever bit as seriously as they should note how few women and minorities support their agenda.

      Take a look at the RealClearPolitics average of of polling data on the President’s Job Approval:

  4. Last night on the HuffingtonPost blog – I noticed a new GOP talking point.

    It goes like this:

    Obama used the IRS to deny Tea Party groups their tax-free status in order to suppress the vote in 2012.


    We all saw the videos of those long lines of people waiting for hours to exercise their Constitutional right to vote.

    Now – honestly – do you think those folks would have joined the Republican party and vote for Romney if those Tea Party groups would have only gotten their tax free status?

    Yeah, that must have been the reason – those Tea Party groups just did not get their tax-free status…..that was what caused all those folks to vote for the black man – AGAIN.

    Oh, please, just pass the barf bag now..

    • Uh huh, Romney would have been elected president if only

      It doesn’t look like they’ll ever figure out what that “if only” was. 🙂

  5. Do all of you remember our former blogger: smart, non-partisan (ie principled) Paula? I’m still in touch with her, she still shares gems of wisdom. Here’s one:

    BLIND unprincipled Party Loyalists are killing America. They rail against The Other Side, no matter the details. Whatever OUR team does is fine & dandy, and whatever THEIR team does is dastardly. So arch-conservative Tucker Carlson can rail at Obama’s War on Whistle Blowers, then condemn liberal whistle blowers who have outed Tea Party clubs trying to scam the IRS.

    And the Democrats are no different. On their watch, a Canadian corporation is taking private property under a claim of eminent domain. On their watch, the Keystone Pipeline has been dug under and through our watersheds even before Obama officially approves it.

    And Democrats will allow their blue president to fast track trade agreements with Asia and Europe that allow global corporations to IGNORE laws and regulations protecting consumers, labor, the environment, and public health.

    The Democrats have allowed expansion of warrantless searches, spying on the public, a secret executive war in unknown nations, a foreign prison for uncharged criminals.

    Democrats have allowed Monsanto to corner the world’s seed market and to conceal GMOs. Their EPA protects Bayer, whose poisons are likely killing the world’s bee colonies, according to the EU science community. A Democratic White House, protecting DuPont, has hidden the “List of Chemicals of Concern” which should have been released for public comment over three years ago.

    We have met the enemy — it is most certainly them…and us!

    Paula suggested Cher’s famous quip from MOONSTRUCK, which came to her after remembering a frustrating exchange with some conservatives (the “you liberals” kind) that went like this:

    Paula said, yes, if there was an abuse of power (in this IRS matter), I abhor that! Obama has done some terrible things, but if I stand with you on this, do you stand with me in abhorring all the things that Bush did with the IRS, CIA, Homeland Security, SS and local police to anti-war groups and liberal groups during his administration?

    The answers she got were: 1) what abuses are you talking about; I never heard of them; and 2) I just think we don’t need to be dredging up past history.

    Our always smart, always fair, always principled friend RD said above: “It make me wonder just when the people will finally wake up and put a stop to this being played for fools.”

    Here’s what both RD and Paula are telling us and we know they’re both very wise so we should pay attention:

  6. This is funny! At one point Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) became so flustered he blurted out “the attorney general will not cast aspersions on my asparagus.”

    You can watch the exchange below:

  7. There isn’t an IRS scandal. It wasn’t approved by Obama.

    There is a separate entity that oversees the IRS. It is known as the Inspector General for Tax Administration. Look it up.

    In organizational terms, the Inspector General for Tax Administration comes under the ambit of the Treasury Department. But it is independent of the Department and all other agencies.

    An article full of information:

    The I.R.S. and the Tea Party: Where Is the Scandal?

    • I have talked with many Tea Party folks and one thing they all have in common is this :

      Their lack of knowledge as to how our Government is set up and is to be governed is appalling.

      I heard tonight that 39% of Americans think Benghazi is the worst scandal. And from that group 24% do not even know where Benghazi is located.

      Dumbing down of America was started in …..around the time Reagan tried to get ketchup classified as a vegetable for school lunches….

      • It started in the 1950s, when schools continued to use the 1930s model to produce assembly line workers to the exclusion of the need to teach how to think. Fast forward, and the schools are still trapped in the past: think 9 month school year followed by a 3 month “vacation”; students grouped chronologically, not by ability; and, a rigid series of specific classes to be completed for credits required for graduation. Add thereto the inane implementation of NCLB, parents who view schools more as day care rather than educational institutions, and parents who view family ski trips, daughter’s equestrian activities, son’s football camp as being of greater importance than class attendance, there is no surprise that the population is “dumbing down”. /soapbox