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  1. This article contends:

    When a country places more importance on sports than on academic achievement, its decline is inevitable. The American Decline is real and this is where it comes from.

    This is why our politics are a disaster. When you raise a generation to believe that throwing a ball is more important than fulfilling their civic duty to make informed decisions, you allow charlatans to sell their lies to the public unchallenged.

    This is where the Steubenville and countless other sports town rapes comes from, the vast majority of which are covered up and ignored. We literally worship at the altar of sports. The rape of young women is a small price to pay for glory immortal.

    Until we get our collective head out of our ass and treat teachers and cops and sanitation workers and firefighters and the men and women we send into combat as the priceless resources that protect our lives, care for our children and make our country worth living in, we’re doomed to a future of self-centered stupidity and civic ignorance.

    Bread and Circuses brought Rome to its knees. Will our epitaph be “Football and Junk Food?”

    What part, if any, do you think the emphasis on sports has on education?

    • As usual I messed up the graphic. Go to the link (first three highlighted words above) for the graphic and its key.

      High profile athletics can impact student recruitment but if teaching and learning are not of high quality then is there a gain?

      There doesn’t seem to be much debate about what counts as success in sports. There is a huge debate about what counts as success in education: Should schools maintain the status quo? Transform society? Nurture moral individuals? Develop individual potential? Generate competent employees? Empower critical thinking? And if we can’t get all this done well in all schools with current resources, which goals should prevail and why?

      • It is easier to hold the athletic team accountable and reward them accordingly because the rules of the game and who wins and loses is very clear. We are struggling to define the rules of the game in education. No wonder the coaches, players, and fans aren’t bringing in the $$.

        Is this an accurate analogy?
        head coach = president | asst. coaches = deans | players = professors | fans = students

        Do we think as highly of the academic teams and their impact on the world as we do the athletic teams?

  2. 6176, I’m hoping the surgery went well yesterday, you rested well last night and today everything is clearer. 🙂

  3. After watching republicans throw their childish tantrums over Benghazi I have decided too many of them want a massive and horrendous attack on America — something at least on the scale of what happened on 9/11 — so they can justify their idiocy and be proven correct when they accuse President Obama of being ‘soft’ on terror. Many of them sound mentally unstable.

    Yesterday I listened to Darrell Issa telling us there is a BIG difference in “terrorist activity,” and “a terrorist attack.” He sounded deluded, quite insane in his obsessions.

    • And don’t forget the attack must be from someone who is Muslim to be called terrorism! Because, of course, if they were Christians it would be different.

      The everyday white supremist who wants to overthrow government is a run of the mill American who is fed up with President Obama — just one of them, and has every right to think their race and their religion should be supreme and in authority.

      • Did you read my comment from last night?

        A pharmacist (a profession that requires a lot of book smarts) actually told me that Muslims are born killers – they cannot help themselves.

        When I asked him about White Christians who are mass killers – he said (with a straight face) – there aren’t any….

        And this guy also believes that Obama is handing over our country to the Muslim Brotherhood.

        NO amount of discussing the facts will change this White Catholic male’s view…..he is too busy being God’s favorite….

      • I did read your comment from last night, Indy. Neither education nor intelligence prevents hate in the person who nurtures it. Sadly, there are many who think the same way — they’ve pulled bits and pieces from the Qurʼan to use as proof. Holy books can be used like a smorgasbord and people of all religions emphasize some parts of their scripture and downplay others. The Bible is also full of evil atrocities. I’m certainly not a fan of the teachings of misogyny.

        Writings of men are fallible.

      • That pharmacist specifically rejected the idea that McVeigh was a Christian. He said that McVeigh was an agnostic.

        Okay…..let’s read through this Wikipedia (with a grain of salt due to Wikipedia – correct?)

        McVeigh was raised Catholic, stated that he got away from the church but still held its the core beliefs.

        He did say he was an agnostic in 2001 to some newspaper – but do you think that possibly he might have just said that because he did not want the White Christian Movement to be blamed for his stupid actions?

        But….what struck me as his ‘core beliefs’ was the fact that McVeigh was given a CATHOLC rite on the gurney before he died..

        SO….don’t you think a person’s true ‘core beliefs’ would be what would be going through your mind if you know you’re about to die???

        This man was Catholic – and that means he was a Christian.

        But….why just argue about this guy’s religion? Just read about this man’s entire history – it shows a young man that had a lot of problems.

        1) Seems to have had trouble establishing relationships with women.
        2) NRA enthusiast – until he quit the NRA because he said they were ‘too weak on gun control issues

        3) Job career was not exactly anything to brag about.

        4) Seemed to blame everyone and everything for his own problems…

        So -……does it really even matter what religion this domestic terrorist was – or shall we just paint the entire population of men who fall into the same categories as above – and call them all terrorists?

        As I read through this article – it seems like we are breeding a lot of these potential terrorists – and the Hate Talk Radio 24/7 crappola does NOT help any of these potential terrorists from crossing the line of simply fantasizing about doing something and actually carrying it out..

        God help us All.

        P.S. – while Googling this article, I read several web sites to Christians and Right Wing groups vehemently denying that McVeigh was a Christian.

        Hmmm…….why are these folks so defensive – if it was not true?


      • From what I hear from the evangelinut tea baggers religion doesn’t matter unless it is Muslim. Then it matters a lot!

    • Hell, Fnord. Put me in the camp of people who think they wanted the FIRST attack on 9/11. I still think LIHOP and MIHOP have not been disproven, and of course, now we’ll never know.

      So, if they want the first “new Pearl Harbor” as PNAC said, why would they not want a second to happen, and the fact that it might happen on the black man’s watch would make it even sweeter to the neocons.

      Cue RD on the neocons….

    • Issa, the used car salesman with so many near criminal indictments, is deluded and quite insane. He’s one of the consequences of Democrats losing control of the House. He’s back in his chairmanship.

      I guess Kansas isn’t the only state with districts that send teh crazy to congress.

      • The firearms charge got him a fine and 6 months probation. The arson and auto theft cases were dismissed. And we all know justice is blind… [eye roll]

      • My theory about 9/11 – The Saudis wanted Saddam out of the way – so they picked their favorite puppet – The Little Cowboy President – to bankrupt America while the Saudis sit back and laugh at us.

        And so what if thousands of our American soldiers died – George W. Bush got the privilege of strolling through that damn garden with the Saudi King and NOBODY asked this damn King why all but one of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia?

        There are a lot of still unanswered questions on 9/11……..but we will never know the truth.

  4. Rick Santorum summed it quite well and this was the only time I’ve agreed with Rick Santorum on anything…


    • We’re back to education.

      Have you noticed how many weak men want to control women and use religion to do so?

      • Exactly….

        I’ve noticed a trend in religious folks – the more fundamental the religion – the more bizarre their behavior.

        But…Santorum is a devout Catholic.. Maybe it’s something in that Holy Water?

      • Strong men are fighting FOR gender equality. Gender inequality is the most pervasive of inequalities in not just our country but the world. When I hear an American female say something about American women having it better than women from any other country so we should just shut up and be thankful, I know I’m talking to a woman who doesn’t have very high self esteem.

  5. Regarding the graphic today – I think our society values the wrong things – our priorities are messed up big time.

    I like to watch competitive sports but I am not a fanatic.

    I also remember when I was growing up – sports was a privilege you earned in school. Your academics came first and if your grades were not up at least a B, you did not play any sports.

    Unfortunately, this attitude has changed. And I think it is because too many parents think they will hit the lottery if Little Johnny gets lucky and lands a multi-million dollar contract.

  6. I wonder how the NRA publicity team will handle this one? Will the NRA be there vigorously defending this guy’s Constitutional right to own 11 guns?

    Or – will they try to blow smoke up our asses again by attempting to label themselves as a group of hunters and sportsmen who believe in handing guns safely?


  7. So let’s arm school employees. Sounds like a great idea.

    Aurora Police: Rangeview High School employee accidentally shoots student

  8. The stalemate continues: Republican lawmakers are locked in a staring contest with Governor Brownback over his demand to raise sales taxes on all Kansans. And every day this impasse continues costs the state of Kansas over $30,000 in legislative salaries. That’s roughly the cost to hire a starting teacher in Kansas.

    Monday was the 80th day of the Republican-dominated Legislature’s annual session – the day GOP leaders previously had promised that lawmakers would finish their business for the year. Legislators typically schedule 90-day annual sessions, but this year, top Republicans planned to trim 10 days off the normal time in a show of efficiency. Lawmakers are paid $89 a day in salary while they are in session, plus $123 to cover their daily expenses.

    Either way, Kansans lose.

  9. What are you thoughts about this IRS scandal ?

    If it was the job of the IRS to ask questions of these groups to determine if they were indeed appropriate for tax-free status – then why all the screaming and fussing from the same Tea Bots that see nothing wrong with the wife of a Supreme Court Justice being a paid staff in one of these Tea Party groups?

    Talk about a conflict of interest – which SHOULD be a scandal…

    • I don’t think I know enough yet. The Inspector General’s report just came out late this afternoon. I’ll wait until I have more info to form an opinion. I hope that any wrong doers lose their jobs, but I’d also like to see organizations that don’t pay taxes be what the law says they can be, not something else. I don’t like that contributors to political organizations can hide — we should know who is paying for what, who is buying who, and what agendas candidates represent.

      I absolutely don’t like what I’m hearing about the Justice Department and AP reporters! Sounds like a real big over reach! Again, I need more info.

      Republicans are having fun being assholes, aren’t they?

  10. A mere four days after news broke that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had improperly targeted conservative political groups for scrutiny, Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) is threatening to introduce legislation that would “deny the IRS funds to hire new agents to implement Obamacare.” The bill would effectively make it impossible for the agency to provide millions of Americans with federal subsidies to buy the very health coverage they are required to have under the law.

    Heller argues that this extreme measure may be necessary in light of the unfolding IRS scandal, echoing a growing trope among conservative politicians and right-wing commentators. The implication is that if the IRS singles out conservative political groups, what’s to stop them from snooping through Americans’ private health care information or imposing fines on companies they don’t like?

    This is a reduction to the absurd. The IRS has been collecting health care taxes and compliance information from employers for decades. In fact, it has to, seeing as most Americans receive their insurance through their employer and the employer health insurance tax credit is the single largest tax credit in the federal budget. That system seems to have worked without gross invasions of medical privacy since the the 1950s, and there’s no reason to assume anything will change in 2014.

    • But…but….this is the desperation straw these TeaBots are grasping……..to stay relevant…..IMHO

      I think there is something else going on here – the Tea Party has lost a lot of its initial support and the 2014 midterms are coming up soon.

      I think all these scandals are now playing quite well to the TeaBot crowd and will – no doubt – increase their donations to all those social-welfare non-profit groups (big eye roll)

      Let’s not forget – midterm elections is when a lot of voters do not push themselves to get to the polls to vote.

      I wonder…….will all these TeaBot Republicans screeching and screaming for the next year and half turn people towards the GOP side or will it turn people off?

      • Besides – like I’ve always said about my religious zealot MIL – do not ever give her any reason to get her cross out and play the damn martyr role. You will never hear the end of it…