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Cataract Surgery: the Next Day

First, it is not easily believed how quick the procedure is. Even with a more complex procedure needed, due to the maturity and size of the cataract, I was out of recovery at 10:30 a.m. after surgery which began about 9:40.

When I checked in, the normal process ensued. Good news: weight, fully dressed, 222.2 lbs, down four pounds from ten days earlier. Anyway, in pre-op, got settled in, eye drops administered (several times) while nurses giving me a hard time about my eyelashes getting in the way. IV hooked up, sedation administered, all is right with the world. Discovered that right eye became totally useless for sight, had good discussions with nurses and anesthesiologist, then off to surgery.

Warm blanket brought, which I didn’t need as it made me too hot. Draped, surgery began. B-98 on, everything goes well. When finally able to see from the eye, it bothered me that the first thing was Dr. Gangadahr happily stitching the new lens in place. Eye shield applied, taped down, back to recovery, where I was delivered into the custody of Miss Bobbie (I called her ma’am, to avoid her picking me up and breaking me over her knee, which she could have easily done). After checking all things out, she had me stand up, walk a bit, and rip this thing that had been put on my back in pre-op. She then reads me several things about what I will do (the way it sounded, I had no option if I wished to continue to live) for the next four weeks, gave me a written document containing all my orders, and told me to get dressed. Once I completed this task, she gave me a roll of tape (to put eye shield on at night for four nights), and those funky dark glasses that one gets after such surgery, telling me that I WILL put them on when going into the sunlight. She then escorted me to one of the other folks, told her I had been her best patient, and could go.Relieved to get out in one piece, I did just that. My neighbor got me home, at which time I ate a rather large breakfast. At 8 p.m., I took off the eye shield, and administered the first round of eye drops.I note how bright everything is, some double vision, and that my current prescription (glasses) will need to be changed once all is done. After a second round of drops, eye shield in place, to sleep I go.

This morning went to follow-up exam. All seems to be well.High point of this is being able to see the E at the top of the chart with the surgery eye, and read the second line (using the pin hole setting), all without glasses. First time I’ve been able to do this in 30 years (either eye). I was told the double vision would resolve in a day or so, and if it did, could begin driving myself next Monday. Drops continue, eye seems to open up more as the day progresses, and double vision decreasing. All is well.


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