Friday, 5/10/13, Public Square

Twenty-nine states where a person can be fired for being gay! 

workplace equality


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  1. After looking at the map above – read this article in which Chris Christie recently stated that the ONLY acceptable form of discrimination is being overweight…

    I wonder…..does Christie know about this map?

    • Chris Christie has a larger challenge than his weight because he is not a dogmatic right winger. The evangelinuts won’t nominate someone with an inclusive world view. Unless you’re nuttier and more full of hate than Rick Santorum you are obviously not a real true republican. Rand Paul has more going for him because he is truly nuttier and definitely more full of hate than Rick Santorum.

      Unless there are some big changes very quickly the republicans won’t be a competitive presidential party in 2016.

      • How true, until they shake loose of being the party for far out nuts and extremists they will never select someone that could win. The only hope they could have would be that things got so bad that people would strike out in anger or fear. Look forward to the next time it will be painting the world and the country being at a end.

  2. Boy, do I know that map well on an up close and personal basis! There is no recourse if you are fired for being gay or speaking about being gay. And people here, even some older and conservative folks were mystified as to why I did not sue. Uh… because there was no case? A settlement was the best outcome possible.

    • That’s a great video, Fnord. People never think that about how they were born and when they made their choices. They don’t ever think that we may be the same way. They just assume EVERYONE is born straight and then gay people at some point repudiate that and choose to be gay. It’s that “everyone is born straight and then something goes wrong” that let’s them feel so superior to us. Because, ya know, nothing “went wrong” with them, so it much be a choice.

      I don’t know that any of us can say when we “chose” to be gay. Many of us can say when we recognized it for what it was, and many of us can say when we chose to accept how we are, but none of us would say we chose to BE gay. We can only choose to accept ourselves. And that is damn hard to do when everyone you know and everything you’ve been taught sends the message that what you are is really, really, REALLY bad and you damn well better get yourself together and not be this horrible thing that you are.

      Oy. I don’t know how any of us make it out of that paradigm alive. And way too many don’t.

  3. I think discriminating against gay people is the last acceptable form of discrimination. People still openly discuss this prejudice, are very willing to admit it and know it’s acceptable. Most who still feel black or brown people aren’t equals realize they need to be careful about who they say that to and how they treat someone of color. There are laws protecting against racial discrimination. Same goes for the idiots who consider women not deserving of equality. There are laws to protect us. The sanctimonious bigots who hold their holy books high and claim superiority are pathetic examples of pure hatred.

    PrairiePond summed it up well as she always does. There is no recourse. Our laws and our society allow people this discrimination and those being discriminated against aren’t even seen as the victims they are.

  4. I’m not positive this link will work. Maybe you have to be a subscriber to see this magazine cover. It’s a good one, I hope you can all see it. I can see the love between these kids and these Moms.

  5. Did you hear about this proposed amendment to immigration bill from a Republican to make it okay to continue the practice of hiring illegal immigrants – as long as they work in certain domestic services jobs..

    In other words – don’t you dare take away THEIR cheap and exploited domestic help..

    • What was it that Mitt Romney said to Rick Perry during that debate? Something about he had to tell his lawn service that he could not have illegals working on his property because he was running for president.

      Hmmm……but it’s okay to have them work on his property NOW since he is not running for president?

      Republicans are truly the biggest H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-S this side of Heaven…..

  6. When Republican members of the U. S. House bring impeachment proceedings it won’t only be approved by their cadre of sore losers who hate President Obama, it’s actually their only choice for pleasing their constituents, isn’t it?

    They’ve been trying to take down this president since Tuesday, November 4th, 2008, the date he was first elected. We know they don’t care nearly as much about what harm they do because their obsession for achieving their goal overrides everything else.

    It seems they’ve decided Benghazi is the political fodder that offers the opportunity to accomplish their goal. They’ve honed in on what was said and what wasn’t said after the attacks like that is THE important point. Because, of course, what was or wasn’t said afterwards was why four Americans died. Government officials should never be cautious in their words and they shouldn’t take the time to gather the facts. Whatever words are used immediately should include all the details to be learned in the future. Obviously, if Susan Rice had said “Al Qaeda attacked us in Benghazi,” President Obama would have lost the election. [eye roll] Makes no sense, but everything else they’ve drummed up previously didn’t fly so this is what they’ve got and they’re determined.

    How will they sell this to the American people? Will they continue to lie about spending increasing under President Obama and say stopping him is the only way of stopping that ever-increasing spending? Will they justify the outlandish costs of impeachment as being the better choice when compared to the out-of-control spending? Will enough people buy those lies? Will most realize that Congress, not the president, hold the purse strings? Will most realize our country’s spending is decreasing, not increasing? During the impeachment proceedings how will republicans limit the answers to those that conform to their preconceived crazy conspiracy theories? How will they keep out witnesses from the military and State Dept security? Is it possible these assholes will be digging their own graves?

    I am so saddened, and angry at the same time, that our country has sunk so low that lies and crisis and childish behavior is the only answer one of the major political parties has in their playbook.

  7. Is it possible these assholes will be digging their own graves?
    Haven’t we been saying this same thing for the past 4 1/2 years? Seriously…..WHEN will these Republicans completely dig that hole so deep that they NEVER crawl back out?