Cataract Surgery: Prologue

On 9 May, I went for my pre-op physical. As I am in good shape except for the deficiencies due to the stroke, this took little time.

While each of us will have a slightly different experience, there are some things that are apparently common to this procedure. These are:

1) Two days before surgery, administration of two different kinds of eye drops four times a day begins. One is an antibiotic, administered on a prophylactic basis; the other is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory.

2) The day of surgery, at some point subsequent thereto, a third eye drop is introduced to be administered along with the other two four times a day. This is Prednisone. When it is time to administer the eye drops for the first time, the patch comes off the surgery eye. I am told improvement in vision will be noticeable at this time.

3) That night, and for three nights following, an eye patch is to be worn to bed. This would amuse my wife, were she living.

4) There will be a follow up appointment. In my case, it will be the next day. At this appointment, I will be advised the length of time to continue the eye drops.

5) There is no need to wear the eye patch during the day after the day of surgery unless advised otherwise. Sunglasses to be worn if going outside.

That’s about it. My second surgery is now scheduled for June 24, when we repeat some or all the above. Hope this is helpful to fnord and PP, as well as anyone else facing such surgery.

Almost forgot: a driver will be needed the day of surgery and for the follow up. 


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5 responses to “Cataract Surgery: Prologue

  1. We’ll be thinking about you this next Monday and you can bet we’ll be anxious to hear from you when you’re comfortable enough and it’s all safe to check in here.

    I was given a minor talkin’ to by my daughter last night. She is sure that I have just been putting off taking care of things like cataract surgery, etc. Her words, “If it’s bothering you, get it fixed!” I bit my tongue to keep from telling her how many things bother and how many fixes might be required. 🙂 I find no redemption in complaining about getting older and all that comes along with that, thus depriving her of those experiences when the time is right. All things in their own time. Besides, by the time you get here you are too often jolted with the fact that you were lucky enough to make it this far and blessings aren’t always clearly identified. Sometimes you have to stop and ponder before you find the roses and are able to smell them — I am grateful for each ‘bother.’

    Ah, youth. A time for everything.

    • My standard saying: If I’d known I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.
      A question (actually an admission, followed by a question): For the first 62 years, I have never needed or used eye drops. Thus, my consternation when I started my regimen this morning and immediately had troubles due to, believe it or not, my eyelashes (I had two separate girlfriends in college tell me that they would kill for my eyelashes; I thought my leg was being pulled). Any suggestions on the best way to attack this? My next attempt will be trying holding the bottle sideways and getting a drop in the eye, hoping this will work. Part of the problem is the fact the right eye has little vision, so I can’t see the bottle straight on.

      • Two suggestions:

        1. Lie down flat and close your eyes. Put one drop in the inside corner of your eye right by the nose (this actually works best if you have another person to put the drop in place). When you open your eyes that drop automatically goes into the eye where you wanted it.

        2. Pull out your lower lid making it a cup. Put the drop(s) in the cup.

        Hubby starts blinking when the word eye drop is uttered. He is impossible! Number one works for him. I think either of the two above would solve the challenge of the long luscious eyelashes.

      • Attacking from the side, over the nose, worked much better. I’ll give your suggestions a try, fnord. Been doing the cup, maybe just not enough of one.
        Have to do these on my own, as younger not available most of the time. Neighbor to the North’s girlfriend has offered, but she has class, etc., and I want not to be any problem.
        I understand your hubby’s reaction. As to lashes, is not one (or more) on the lens of the glasses whenever cleaning them normal? 🙂

    • To say I can relate is meaningless, I agree with “if I had only knew!”.
      On a related note when I finally got by the heart thing I asked about my left eye? I am now blind in it because of blockage of the blood flow to that sights optic nerve. The Doctor offered to remove the eye if it was bothering me. I told him unless it was needed then I would endure it. But otherwise I do not want to have another surgery. It is my understanding too that eye injury is more painful then teeth so no thank you..