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Cataract Surgery: Prologue

On 9 May, I went for my pre-op physical. As I am in good shape except for the deficiencies due to the stroke, this took little time.

While each of us will have a slightly different experience, there are some things that are apparently common to this procedure. These are:

1) Two days before surgery, administration of two different kinds of eye drops four times a day begins. One is an antibiotic, administered on a prophylactic basis; the other is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory.

2) The day of surgery, at some point subsequent thereto, a third eye drop is introduced to be administered along with the other two four times a day. This is Prednisone. When it is time to administer the eye drops for the first time, the patch comes off the surgery eye. I am told improvement in vision will be noticeable at this time.

3) That night, and for three nights following, an eye patch is to be worn to bed. This would amuse my wife, were she living.

4) There will be a follow up appointment. In my case, it will be the next day. At this appointment, I will be advised the length of time to continue the eye drops.

5) There is no need to wear the eye patch during the day after the day of surgery unless advised otherwise. Sunglasses to be worn if going outside.

That’s about it. My second surgery is now scheduled for June 24, when we repeat some or all the above. Hope this is helpful to fnord and PP, as well as anyone else facing such surgery.

Almost forgot: a driver will be needed the day of surgery and for the follow up. 


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Friday, 5/10/13, Public Square

Twenty-nine states where a person can be fired for being gay! 

workplace equality


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