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American Indians


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  1. I have questions. These are serious questions so I would appreciate any input you’re willing to offer.

    If the republicans had all their accusations regarding Benghazi proven, what would this get them, what would it accomplish?

    If someone told them President Obama and Secretary Clinton and whoever else they want implicated did know this was a terrorist attack from the get go and they (one or all of them) personally told Susan Rice to go on the Sunday talk shows and hide something / anything, and if it took weeks to hear the word terrorism from the people the republicans want to be responsible for whatever it is they want them to be responsible for — what would be their next move?

    Would they bring impeachment proceedings?

    What exactly is the purpose or goal of their obsession?

    • To them is it is nothing more then the Politic game as if it does not have real consequences. A totally disjointed thoughts of in the end it mean little if anything in the end. Playing mind games with everyday people’s lives, It id like they are not capable of seeing beyond their close door meetings.

    • In my opinion – I think this is more directed at Hillary Clinton – than Obama.

      Republicans are scared sh_tless of HIllary running in 2016.

      They know (and for the first time, they’re correct) that Hillary would beat any of their Republican candidates like the dirty rug on the clothesline.

      But …..doesn’t it sound all patriotic and compassionate when they say (with their squished up faces) how mad they are that 4 Americans died in that tragic attack?

      But….if these folks are so mad…..then I guess those 50+ Americans that died during numerous embassy attacks under George W. Bush’s watch don’t mean a damn thing?

      I never saw their squished-up faces then…..and I certainly never heard any demands for hearings…..

      WHY? R.D. has the answer to that one…

    • I think you have a “bingo” with impeachment. Especially if they get control of the Senate in 2014, which is not out of the question. They may do it anyway even if they don’t get control of the Senate. They are not likely to lose control of the House in 2014, and they may do what they did to Clinton. Impeach in the House and lose the vote in the Senate.

      In any case, it will effectively end Obama’s presidency as nothing will get done while they obsess and spend billions running around with their hair on fire regarding the impeachment process. Whether it would affect the 2016 elections is debatable. Who knows how nutty the American voters will be by then. See: Mark Sanford.

      Not that it would be any different if they did not jump on the impeachment bandwagon. Nothing is getting done anyway, but at least they wouldn’t have the impeachment expenses.

      • But….but….these Tea Party Mad Hatters are only concerned about how much money we are spending………

        What? You don’t buy that line of B.S. either?

      • What part of this would they attempt to make an impeachable offense?

        I know republicans have short memories and therefore learn absolutely nothing from history but the waste of time and money on futility just reminds American voters that republicans are sore losers and very irresponsible and childish.

        I do understand that many Americans vote against their own best interests and that gerry mandering is the republicans best friend, but under the current electoral college they can’t win at the national level just because they’ve ‘fixed’ more local elections.

      • I listened to Sen. Bob Corker (TN) this morning yammer on and on about if Obama lied and people died.

        I guess that is what they are going to use as impeachment grounds?

        Hey – if that was grounds for impeachment – then why did these same folks worship and adore George W. Bush?

        Talk about lies….and a lot of people died..

      • I believe impeachable offenses are defined as “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Clinton’s impeachable offense was supposedly purgery and suborning it for lying about Miz Lewinsky and coercing others to lie about his relationship with her. I suppose they will try to make the case that Obama suborned pugery in some way. Who the hell knows. I think the issue is when you have a majority of the House, you don’t need no stinkin’ reason to begin impeachment proceedings, which, IIRC, must begin in the House.

      • Okay, that makes as much sense as anything I’ve heard. I actually haven’t been able to figure out what their accusations are. I hear that “something” happened that then needed to be covered up… It’s all very terrible (whatever in the hell it is), and you just wait until the truth comes out — then you’ll see. I know there have been hours and hours of testimony and independent investigations that haven’t yet shown the truth the republicans have chosen to believe.

        And what is it with republican’s obsession with the word “terrorist”? Is there some definitive way of knowing what is or isn’t a terrorist attack? I do hear them talk about how very important it is to use the word terrorism so I wonder if the rules are written down someplace clearly? If it involves a black or brown person is it automatically a terrorist attack? I’ve read that killing 26 people — 20 of them small children — isn’t a terrorist attack, and killing a dozen people in a Colorado theater isn’t either. I recognize neither of those shooters was either brown or black. When an Army psychiatrist killed 13 at Fort Hood it was called a terrorist attack and the recent bombings in Boston were too. What color were those “terrorists”? Were they “different” than the acceptable white male born in some place good — say, Texas or South Carolina?

      • I’ve also wondered about how the republicans know a scandal when they see one. [eye roll] Manufacturing evidence to support the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and the resulting loss of most likely 12,000-15,000 American military lives (by the time we count the suicides), 35,000 grievously injured Americans and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilian lives, not to mention the $1.5 trillion (and growing) debt that has resulted wasn’t a scandal according to republicans. Torture? Nothing to see here. Approving the use of cruel and inhumane interrogation techniques definitely was not a scandal.

        They sure spend lots of time, effort and resources trying to find a scandal they can pin to President Obama! Seems they’ll need to improve their skills in identifying and then explaining what “is” a scandal if they expect most Americans to pay attention.

  2. It can so get me, the judgment of who should and should not marry. Surly if such judgments was place on every marriage then just how many would be able to marry? It is about love and not what or who is best for the society at large. Commitment in a relationship is what strengthen society not whether a couple can have children. It is true that a committed relationship does strengthen society. Not to mention the personal level it strengthens.

    • RD, I wish everyone was as compassionate about same sex marriage as you. And I wish they could express it as well as you do! Thanks for always being so supportive.

      • I am a big fan of RuPaul and watched the RuPaul’s Drag Race show this year.

        One thing that I give RuPaul credit for is this – he has always told every person on his shows that they are a part of HIS family – and that gays have the privilege of picking their families.

        And I find that so telling – don’t you?

        These Fundy Christians are so busy trying to prove who is a real family and who is not – that in the end – it does not matter.

        A family means more than just being related by blood……MUCH more – IMHO

        Seriously – there are people in my family that I would NEVER choose to be around – let alone be related to…

        I still remember hearing Franklin Graham (Billy’s boy) yammering on and on about how Obama has to be a Muslim because the Muslim gene is passed through the father – so even if Obama claims to be a Christian, he is still a Muslim.

        Oh, really, Franklln? Then why do you Fundy Baptists preach that everyone can accept Jesus and become Saved Christian? I guess that only counts if your father was not a Muslim and your not a boy?

        If people really listen to what these Fundy Baptists preach – it just does not make any sense….

        I think that’s why these preachers are so popular in the Deep South – too many people content to not think for themselves?

  3. In addition to the graphic today…….those pompous Christian leaders and their followers were also the ones that landed on the shores of America and then decided that God gave this land to them – and then set out to destroy the Native Indians.

    I often wonder if the Native Indians regret not having strict illegal immigration laws back then?

  4. Regarding Mark Sanford…..

    What’s the surprise here? Republicans consistently vote for the males that see no problem with adultery, cheating, lying and being forced to pay back money to the state.

    In certain GOP circles – that is the criteria for getting your own statue erected. And if you’re lucky, you get to be next to the Golden Idol Ronnie Reagan…

    NOW that’s a Republican male’s wet dream…

    • Republicans are biased, hateful, hypocrites and electing Sanford is just one more incidence of proof that the little “R” beside the name trumps everything else. Spending taxpayer money on his trip to diddle his mistress is no problem at least not compared to his stated support of marriage being between a man and a woman. I know that in his case marriage is between a man and a woman and a mistress but there wasn’t anything icky happening. Lying, cheating, wasting taxpayer money are trivial when compared to something unforgivable like supporting marriage equality. Or worse even than supporting marriage equality would be voting for a democrat. Now we’re talking some serious screwing up!

      Besides he asked his gawd to forgive him so it’s all good to go!

      • Let’s not forget – this is South Carolina. These folks would rather vote for the no-good, dog-dickin Republican than the evul libral on that thar ballot..

        Their State Flag says it all….doesn’t it?

        Seriously – I do have to laugh when I hear them brag about Mark Sanford being such a budget financial guru…….

        South Carolina routinely takes in more federal money than they ever send in…

        How hard is it to say you can get money into the state when the Blue State Democrats are the ones whose taxes are flowing into your state??

        Time to burn off some Red State Leeches…..IMHO

  5. fnord posted:
    Besides he asked his gawd to forgive him so it’s all good to go!\

    I am all for giving people second chances – and I am all for people asking for forgiveness and being forgiven…

    But……have you noticed these Fundy Christian Republicans always brag about how their God gives THEM a second chance – BUT the evil Democrat Liberals do not deserve forgiveness or the same second chance?

    Yeah – I’m sure that was what Jesus meant to preach when he worked and lived in the midst of the outcasts of society….

    • You know me girls and boys in PPP Land – I am very cynical when it comes to these damn Fundy Christian Republicans.

      BUT…it makes me damn mad when they use God’s name in vain to cover their own lily-white butts….

      Personally, when the Ten Commandments tell us to not take the Lord’s name in vain – I don’t think it means cursing or cussing.

      I think it means just what we are seeing in these Fundy Christians actions – they do evil and then use God as their Free Pass Card.

      THAT is what is taking God’s name in vain – these folks are just the ‘users’……never the givers (unless giving grief and a pain in my ass is giving)

  6. Federal law has long banned a national gun registry. And the recent gun control bill that died in Congress, explicitly did not create a national gun registry. So why is the NRA saying so?

    This Is How the NRA Lies to Gun Owners About Obama’s Agenda