Some News

Cataract surgeries scheduled for May 13 (right eye) and June 24 (left eye). Looking forward to being able to see, read, and generally get on with normal activities when this is completed.


Above demonstrates Spring has arrived in Central Maine, so it surely will be here soon.


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6 responses to “Some News

  1. Beautiful picture, so peaceful and calming.

    Good luck with your surgeries! I’ve heard such great things from many so I’m hoping your experience is the best. I’ll be interested in your journey as I have that same journey to take soon.

    • I plan on a report, maybe every day, every two days, as the process unfolds. My mother has told me that based upon her experience, I could come out of this whole thing with my vision better than it has been for decades, as hers was (she went from wearing glasses daily to “just for reading”). I’m hopeful, but if all that happens is that I can see better than my current situation, that’s enough.

    • You go, 617! Here’s a toast to great outcomes for you. And, like Fnord, I may be facing the same thing, so we’ll all look to you as our scout and guide for this ritual of the passing of time. Saying it that way was is so much better than “process of aging, no?”

      Anyway, I know you’ll be glad you did it and can move on. Onward through the fog, as we’d say in Austin! That was the motto of Oat Willie’s, the locally famous head shop in Austin. Oat Willie’s is gone, but the motto remains, right up there with “Keep Austin Weird” and “On Earth as it is in Austin.”

      • I’ve only been to Austin once, to my deep regret. Need to get back.

        And, PP and fnord, think of it this way: cataracts are a natural consequence of making it to the verge of early middle age. Works for me.

  2. My Mother didn’t need her glasses either, but continued to wear them as she felt “undressed” without them. 😉

    My appointment with my regular Optometrist isn’t until July and he warned me last year we just might have to do more than talk about those cataracts next time we see one another.