Friday, 5/3/13, Public Square

guns don't kill


by | May 3, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. Speaking of stupid…….take a good look at the line up of speakers at this NRA Lovefest –

    Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal and Keynote Speaker – Glenn Beck.

    Enough said?

    • Also note – the NRA claims a membership of 5 million.

      • Emily’s List claims a membership of 2 million. I heard a woman on Chris Matthews yesterday or the day before and she said their membership has quintupled recently…

        Do you think it has anything to do with the senseless gun violence issue and the NRA’s inability to be moderate in their demands?

      • Yes! Women are only beginning to organize, but it won’t take long for the gun nuts to realize just how big our numbers are and how small their numbers are in comparison! This too will be decided by women who don’t “think” Sarah Palin represents women’s best interests!

        Isn’t Sarah Palin representative of those who scream, “Kill that person whose religion is different than mine because my god is all about love”?

    • Bob White

      Boy!! I love today’s post. I also love it when others use the words ‘stupid’ and ‘idiots’. I do know that I tend to ‘over-use’ those word and it helps me feel better about myself when others use them, too. And too many gun owners are stupid idiots!

  2. There is a much debated blog on Huffington Post about Sen Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire declining an invitation from a woman whose husband was shot and killed in 1998.

    One of the arguments the NRA gun loves are using is that this woman’s husband was over a decade ago – so she has no business expressing her opinion or asking for a meeting with this Senator.

    Since when is there a time limit on your opposition to gun violence?

    Is it 10 years – or maybe 20 years?

    I still get angry over the death of my loved one from the Vietnam War……

    Earth to Republicans – There is NO Time Limit on trying to get this senseless gun violence under control.

    But……it is not just Kelly Ayotte with this problem of declining to meet with victims of gun violence……it appears there are several Republicans doing the exact same thing.

    These NRA-voting puppets are running scared…….from victims of gun violence?

  3. This is Sarah Palin’s contribution to the gun control debate – remember?

  4. I like the Emily’s List group because they are doing great things and they are accomplishing their goals.

    But more than that – they are not out in their Tea Party events with misspelled signs or with a big gun strapped to their leg to prove how powerful they are……

    These are women and men who have joined together to try to make a positive difference.

    And – it appears – this group is winning…..quietly but most effectively…winning.

  5. You know the ironic part of these town hall meeting where Republicans are getting questioned about their votes against the gun control bill ?

    Remember in 2010 – these same town hall meetings were taken over by the much -hyped Tea Party Express – which reportedly had the same protesters on buses from event to event – and these Tea Party Mad Hatters all bragged about their behavior -didn’t they?

    Well – it’s now 2013 and these same town hall meetings are filled with people who are questioning Republicans about their votes on gun control – and these folks are not screaming, yelling or threatening anyone…

    BUT yet these Republican Congress Critters are whining about how they are being mistreated?

    Please, just pass the barf bag now.

    P.S. Do you think Lady Karma is serving a big ol’ serving of whoop ass to these Tea Party folks?