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  1. I do still appreciate the screeching and whining of tea baggers for the entertainment value, but they continue to hurt our country and her citizens so let’s get on with UNelecting them!

    (from the link): Starting March 1, federal programs and their state and local beneficiaries began grappling with $85.4 billion in cuts mandated by the Budget Control Act of 2011. Some programs have been spared—Congress voted to restore tuition assistance for members of the armed services and, just last week, restored funding to the Federal Aviation Administration to forestall flight-delaying furloughs. But for the most part, the cuts have remained intact. Six weeks in, we took a look at how sequestration is has impacted 50 states, from canceled festivals to shuttered Head Start programs to massive layoffs.

    The United States of Sequestration
    It’s not just White House tours and airplanes. Here’s how budget cuts are hurting people in 50 states.

    • Teabaggers really don’t care if people are hurt – as long as they get THEIR expected ‘entitlement’ from that evil government they profess to hate so much.

      I’ve said this many times…..I truly believe TeaEvangeliCons are not capable of feeling shame – so don’t waste your breath trying to make these folks feel bad about cutting the budget for the Head Start kids – these folks DO NOT CARE…

      • I just think they’re stupid.

        Austerity doesn’t work, tax cuts for the rich don’t create jobs in America because there’s no demand unless you have people with money to spend, and widening the wealth gap just makes fewer customers to spend money.

        Some of them seem truly convinced that reducing the debt through cutting government spending is THE way to go. They aren’t smart enough to learn from history, they don’t have the critical thinking skills required to learn. I’m not talking about the idiots trying to get to heaven by doing their god’s work. I’ve discounted those folks long ago — they’re going to fight against abortion and what happens to kids after they’re born doesn’t enter their thoughts they’re so off the deep end. I’m talking about people who are unable to understand the difference between a government and a personal budget. Those who never stop to realize that even personal budgets carry long-term debt (mortgage, car payments, college loans…) and aren’t ‘balanced’ every year. They’re either stupid or willfully ignorant.

      • There’s another breed of stupid among them — the ones who think the debt has anything to do with spending on the poor, or as they see them “the unworthy.” They’re the same ones who blame President Obama for the debt. Blaming him for a recovery that is anemic and slow has validity, blaming him for the debt has none, zero, zilch. When they begin their arguments by saying something about not being able to blame Bush you know they’re too stupid to validate with a response. Smile and go on. They’re incapable of intelligent conversation.

  2. I’ve got a suggestion to keep the Meals on Wheels program going….make all these Mega Corporate Churches take over the work and with NO subsidies.

    Let’s see how many of these morally-superior Christians will step up to the plate (pun intended) and actually do what Jesus did – Feed the People

    • As I make my daily trek to retrieve my granddaughter from school, I pass several HUGE Mega Churches along the East 21st North. And every time I pass them, I think about all that tax free money these folks obviously have to pull in simply to be able to build their huge monuments and to maintain them.

      But then….when I see these mega churches building additional space…..then they must have money somewhere – don’t they?

      I wish there was a way to make these churches do as they preach – you know, like when Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick, stopped the stoning of the woman accused of prostitution……

      Isn’t it a shame that society cannot legally bring suit against any of these Churches for false advertising?

      From what I’ve seen – very few of these churches actually do as they preach…….and isn’t their preaching what brings in all that tax-free money?

      The Bible talks about False Prophets……….from where I stand, too many of these mega churches are just that…..false prophets..

  3. Jason Collins – first NBA player to announce he is gay……

    What are your thoughts?


    • Ellen DeGeneres – announced she was gay 16 years ago……She paid a dear price to her fame and career when she took that bold step. But now she is seen as on top of the world…

      So…when thinking about Jason Collins in 2013…….will he also pay the price to his fame and career – like Ellen was forced to do – or is our country more accepting of everyone?

      I know, I know…..we live in Doodah Kansas…….and these Puritan Patties will never evolve….


    • I’m proud that Jason Collins respects and likes himself enough to be who he is. I hope there’s no retribution for his courage, and fear there will be. But someday soon the homophobes will need to sit down and be quiet legally just like the racists are required to do. It won’t stop them but there will be legal recourse. They’ve chosen to do their god’s work. Guess they either don’t trust their god to do his work alone or they think their own lives are in such great shape they can tackle the faults of others since they’ve achieved perfection.

      • I suspect these ‘godly’ folks are those who hope nobody gets a good look at their own backyards – which is why they are so busy pointing out what is wrong with their neighbor’s backyard.

  4. In their rush to be able to get on their own flights with no delays – these Congress Critters passed a bill that has a ‘typo’ and it is being delayed from Obama’s signature until the typo is fixed..

    My, oh my, isn’t this just a cherry on top of their hypocrisy sundae.

    Remember all the yapping and yammering RePUKES have done about all these bills that Congress Critters are not allowed time to read before they vote and YET when it is a bill for THEIR benefit to fly home without delays – then they are in such a hurry there is a missed ‘typo’ that needs to be fixed?

    Oh, please, just pass the barf bag now… I am so sick and tired of these Congress Critters….on both sides.


  5. Gov. Sam Brownback in fiscal netherworld

    (from the link): Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback appears increasingly detached from the fiscal realities he has imposed on his state.

    …next year’s budget will rely heavily on one-time measures and moving funds from one pot to another. The state is in deep fiscal trouble.

    Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2013/04/29/4209064/gov-sam-brownback-in-fiscal-netherworld.html#storylink=cpy

  6. I swear – sometimes I think I have lived way past my time…..

    I just don’t get it…….

    Why all this fighting and partisan hatefest? Why go through all these little and mundane issues when our country is faced with much larger and long-lasting problems?

    Instead of trying to come together to find common ground – too many people just want to sit and fight over social issues (while important) but they are not the biggest fish we need to fry at this point in time.

    If TeapubliEvangeliCons wand to demand respect – then they need to show respect to those with differing views.

    If not -then we shall continue fighting over these same social issues until the cows come home….

  7. When I’ve had discussions with Republicans – especially the Tea Party and Religious Right – they keep saying that gays should not be given special rights.

    That has always puzzled me……… exactly what ‘special rights’ are gays demanding?

    1) Marriage – is this a special right – any heterosexual couple can go and get a marriage license – there is not a ‘special’ test to be taken and passed to get married

    2) Employment – is this a special right – when are heterosexuals fired for being straight?

    3) Health care/decisions – is this a special right – when are heterosexual couples denied to be in the hospital room with their spouse or to make the decision for their loved ones if they are unable to do so. This is one area where I always tell everyone – make your wishes known by Advance Directives. If need be – get a Power of Attorney – and then tell your family that you will come back to haunt them if your wishes are not honored. LOL

    But….seriously……what special rights are gays demanding?

    I just don’t get it…..

  8. Read this article and then think about our conversation upthread regarding the stupidity that seems to be epidemic in the Tea Party…

    Freedom Works…….isn’t this the same Tea Party group that paid Dick Armey a bunch of money when he left in a huff……


  9. rick liebst

    I love Abbott and Costello and their skit about How stupid can you be? The reply of “How stupid do you want me to be!” We all seem to know just how stupid they want us to be. If not then watch Fox for some time…

  10. Here’s one of those stupid people we were discussing. And, he speaks to stupid people who listen to him. Go figure. I’ve heard you can’t fix stupid. They must feel no one has an intact memory just because they don’t!

    • But….but…but….the GOP had their own internal polls that clearly showed Romney was going to win the presidency…

      Didn’t you get that memo from their God?

  11. Is this how Sammy Brownback and Boys are spending our tax dollars?


    • Legislators and governor were much too busy controlling women’s reproductive rights to be bothered with redistricting fairly, and we know Kobach doesn’t spend enough time in Kansas to be bothered with our state’s challenges. (I personally am thankful for each minute Kobach spends attending to another state and not ours.) So another nearly $400,000 down the drain. I honestly haven’t figured out which is worse — elected officials doing something or not doing something — in Kansas both affect our citizens negatively.