Sunday, 4/28/13, Public Square



by | April 28, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. Somebody needs to put a sock in John McCain’s mouth and then duct tape his mouth S-H-U-T

    I swear to God – is going to war the ONLY answer this man has….??

    He is sitting here on Meet the Press with David Gregory spewing his wisdom on how to handle Syria…

    He wants to arm the rebels in Syria. Well -doesn’t that sound all warm and fuzzy – to help get the ‘bad guy with the guns-‘

    Only one trouble with that plan, Johnnie Mac. As was explained last week by another guy – we don’t really know who the rebels are in Syria. At this point in the game – it appears this fighting in Syria is between the Hezbollah and AlQueda…

    So – why would we want to arm either of those two groups?

    Besides – when McCain talks about arming the rebels – that should send a cold chill down every Americans’ spine – and then do research on the Iran Contra Arms Deal that their beloved feckless leader Ronald Reagan did….

    WHEN will these RePUKES STOP beating the damn war drums?

    Of course, he says that he does not want to put ‘boots on the ground’ – but – and that is very BIG but – if that is what it comes to, I’m sure Johnnie Mac will be there draped in the American Flag while sending other people’s loved ones to the do the actual fighting…

    I’ve got a better idea – let’s round up all these WAR Lovers and send them over to Syria to fight the evil man…….

    I wonder how many of those war hawks would turn into chicken hawks?

  2. I was looking for our own Kansas polticians in that cartoon above.

    You know – Jerry Moran, Pat Roberts and Mike Pompeo that was stomping their feet about how mean Obama was to pick on the airports in Kansas…

    Oh, please, just put another sock in that RePUKE Trio’s mouths.

  3. When RePUKES bellyache about Obama’s wasteful federal spending…shall we remind John Boehner of his own wasteful spending in O-H-I-O ?

  4. This war mongering is getting too loud and coming from too many sides. I admit I am afraid. War is NEVER the best answer! People are people are people — let’s work very hard at understanding and STOP this religious shit. Religion has been the excuse for too many deaths and too many wars.

    What has been the positive from war? Is there one? If we discount the wealth achieved by some as being a positive, what else?

  5. Bob White

    Nobody holds any doubt about where the problem(s) in the US exist; in the elected majority. But, we continue to re-elect the same problem over-and-over! Let’s try “term-limits!”