Saturday, 4/27/13, Public square

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by | April 27, 2013 · 6:00 am

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    • I get really tickled when the republicans attempt to make their message more sane. Women have been dealing with the same kind of patronizing all our lives and recognize it easily. I might add, they don’t even do patronizing well!

      There is still not much that sets me off faster than being referred to with an endearment from someone who isn’t endearing! When you don’t really know someone and they include honey, babe, dear, darlin’… in their conversation, I already know more about them than I ever wanted to know!

  1. Would the teatard evangelinuts stop breathing if President Obama said this?

  2. Robert Reich says —

    This weekend the most influential Republican donors in the country will meet up at the Koch brothers’ secretive annual conference in Southern California to plot more of their offensive against the rest of us. (Among other things, the billionaire brothers are planning to buy up the Tribune media group, publishers of the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and other media outlets.)

    Bob Edgar would use the event as a rallying cry to summon us to fight even harder against the big money that’s taking over our democracy. But Bob, president of Common Cause, died earlier this week of a sudden heart attack. His death is not just a tragic loss to the movement to reclaim our government but also a deep personal loss. As chairman of Common Cause I had the privilege of working closely with him. I have never known someone with more integrity and public moral vision, a happy warrior who devoted his life to giving the voiceless a voice.

    No tribute would be greater than for you to join the movement or become even deeper involved than you have been. Don’t let the Koch Brothers and their ilk trample over us. As Bob always said, “we are the leaders we’ve been waiting for.”

    • Bob White

      We can all “thank” the SCOTUS for this. They, of course, blame the US Constitution. What a dodge!

  3. LOL I guess I am a RINO, or so say those I get in arguments with. Yes it is an insult when Fox or some Politician who is pandering to the nut factor softens they appeal without wanting to upset the most extreme and their support.

    Part of being moral is having certain standards and principle that you believe in and will not violate. They do not change with each person you meet, I can respect someone who honestly believes in what they are saying even if I do not agree with what they say. But if they are saying is with all the honesty of the person that is peeing on my leg and shouting about it is rain. {I so love that ole saying} Generally find they will end up with a load from the other side of the process from me back at them. I try to be diplomatic about it, since it is their opinion and everyone should have an opinion since I expect them to being a thinking person. But they should at least think about their opinion before they spouted!

    • How very true! And, if their opinion changes after consideration and new information, they should be honest enough to say so instead of treating us like we aren’t smart enough to remember what they used to think. As you said, the worst is the person who changes their opinion to fit the person they’re talking to.

      • But what about George W. Bush bragging that he never changed his position on the Iraq War?

        When a leader is so stubborn and narrow-minded – and there is ample evidence that he made the wrong choice based on faulty or cherry-picked intelligence about those weapons of mass destruction – then shouldn’t that leader be wise enough to stand up and say he was wrong?

        As for agreeing with the person you are talking to currently – didn’t Jon Huntsman nail Mitt Romney about being that weather vane?

  4. There is one thing missing in the cartoon upthread……where is the chastity belt for the women’s model?

    Come on…..there HAS to be a chastity belt to be a ‘real’ Republican….