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  1. Guess who’s coming to dinner? Soon to be son-in-law of John Boehner — Jamaican-born Dominic Lakhan (pictured) who reportedly has a rap sheet for drinking while driving…and smoking weed. Lakhan is scheduled to marry Boehner’s daughter this May.

    Will this have the same effect as knowing your son is gay did on another republican congress critter? A new understanding? Could we ask for acknowledgment at minimum?

    Read more at The Daily Caller (a CONSERVATIVE source)

    • Aw, shucks…

      Ain’t nothing to see here…..move along….

      This is just going to be used as EVIDENCE that Republicans are not racists. Why lookie here…….Boehner’s daughter is marrying a dark-skinned man…

      • As for the drinking while driving charge………I suspect that will only serve to elevate this young man in the social circle of the GOP.

        Those who profess to be the most godly are the ones your Momma warned you about…

    • Speaking of Boehner, here’s a story about some competition for his seat in the 2014 election. Is it too much to hope? I suppose it would be no easier than getting rid of some of ours in Kansas, but I plan to remain an eternal optimist!


      (from the link): Andrew Hounshell, 37, planned a kickoff announcement Friday evening in Middletown, after earlier revealing a campaign website and Twitter account for his 2014 campaign.

      “We learn from our mistakes, and one of those is that we know now that voting the same way over and over and expecting our leaders in Washington to start paying attention to the families in their districts instead of the lobbyists in their golf carts isn’t going to happen,” Hounshell said in a statement.

      Hounshell is vice president of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers local that represents hourly employees at AK Steel’s Middletown plant.

  2. I kept hearing yesterday how George W. Bush was a good president because he stood by his convictions and decisions.

    I don’t understand that thinking….

    It’s better to be stubborn and STILL be wrong than to admit you made a mistake and try to correct it?

    That is what I think the GOP will do with these Latino voters – they will simply promise them everything and then deliver nothing….because their core conviction is that all Latinos are illegal immigrants.

    Let’s not forget – Reagan let these Fundy Christians into the inner circle of the GOP in 1980….and then the GOP never really delivered on any of the promises – like overturning Roe v Wade – have they?

    So – these Fundies have just taken over the GOP – and we are seeing the result of Reagan’s handiwork today…..

    • They’ve already proven that what they say to get elected means absolutely nothing! JOBS. Uh huh, yeah sure.

      • Do you really think Republicans truly believe there are jobs hiding in every woman’s vagina?

        Because – that seems to be the only place these Republican politicians are concerned about…… if they promised jobs, then they must think there are jobs hiding in every woman’s vagina….

      • What I hear is more hypocricy —
        When the Jobs Report comes out and shows some (not nearly enough) jobs were created, I hear republicans blaming President Obama. When someone points out even the anemic jobs numbers are better than the job losses before President Obama took office then you hear complete denial. They’ll blame President Obama for the lack of jobs, the economy, the debt crisis…

        Everyone with an intact memory and at least two brain cells knows President Obama can be blamed for a slow recovery and anemic gains in jobs growth but the financial crisis, the loss of jobs, the debt that keeps growing due to the interest on that same debt all goes back to 2008 before President Obama took office. That’s when I know they have no credibility and they are very dishonest — maybe even with themselves — when they can’t or won’t recognize what happened when.

        Fun Facts Republicans Don’t Want You to Know About Obama’s Record on Jobs

    • When you acknowledge the people who find nothing about George W. to criticize you also know not to expect them to have valid memories of Reagan, let alone the ability to understand the damage both men did to our country.

  3. Here’s two republicans who are willing to show their hypocrisy and ignorance publicly. And, they get praised by their supporters and constituents. Facts aren’t needed, truth isn’t needed — just say whatever and wait for your minions to cheer you on! Luckily, their minions come in smaller and ever-diminishing numbers of people.

  4. Senate fixes the (part of the) sequestration (that affects rich people)!
    Just in time for members to fly home, Congress averts the one cut it cares about. Hint: Not Head Start!

  5. “Eight years was awesome and I was famous and I was powerful.” —Former President George W. Bush, July 2012

    Some written words about his library —

    8 Things You Won’t See at the George W. Bush Presidential Library

    (from the link): 1. Bush’s Pre-Invasion Plan for Governing Post-War Iraq

    Because it didn’t really exist.

    And, from NPR info about the long time before records will even be released, let alone be on display.

    (from the link): During his first year in office, Bush signed an executive order allowing former presidents and their heirs to keep records sealed for an indefinite period of time, for any reason. President Obama revoked that order on his first full day in office.

    If Bush wants history to revise its early judgment, he’d better be willing to release documents. “He’s got about a five- to 10-year window to hope for a reappraisal,” Gould says. “If you don’t let anything out, the negative interpretation will become fixed, and then there’s no amount of documentary release that’s going to make any difference.”

    Why The Bush Library Won’t Make History

  6. Lest we be as those with no memory, or those who’ve chosen their own memories out of whole cloth, here’s some facts, links, info that shows why any list of bad presidents has George W. Bush near the top.

    • I actually read a blogger’s comment (I suspect it was a paid GOP troll) that tried to float the idea that Bin Laden was so scared of George W. Bush that he went to another country and that is why we never found any Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

      Wow – JUST – Wow….

      I wonder how much of that TeaParty GOP Koolade does it take to get that stupid to believe something like that?

      In my reply to this person – I asked him if this was true, then why didn’t George W. Bush go to that other country and track Bin Laden down – the same way Obama did…

      I got no response……

      • On second thought – if this blogger is a paid troll – I wonder how many pieces of silver does it take to sit and blog this nonsense and hope the stupid people will buy it?

  7. Imagine a world where “gay” was “straight” and “straight” was “gay”…How Would You Live If You Couldn’t Love?

    “Teen bulling and teen suicide based on someone’s sexual preference is ridiculous – and this film turns the tables on modern society. What IF the shoe was on the other foot?. ” –K.Rocco Shields (Creator/Director)

  8. I see fnord beat me to posting about George Jones passing today..

    Here is another song George Jones is known for…..’Choices’

    Each one of us are 100% fallible human beings – but the majority of us do – in some way – learn from the choices we have made during our lives..

    As fnord has touched on and my post as to how George W. Bush was bragging yesterday about how his administration held their convictions and never changed…

    Well – as in George Jones’ song – ‘Choices’ – the country is still living with those ‘choices – NOT convictions’ that GWB and his GANG made.

  9. Here’s some GREAT news!

    By the numbers:

    Registered voters in Kansas – 1.7 million.(in 2010)

    Voted in 2010 Governor’s election – 838,790 = 49.3%

    Brownback received – 530,760 votes = 31.2% of all registered voters.

    Our great state let just 31% of our registered voters elect this gang of republican thugs. The voters that did vote for this messed up government can’t for one second think they are the majority in this state. They are just 3 out of 10 and even Fox Noise and Karl Rove can’t spin that into a majority. The majority can kick the bums out in 2014!

  10. The financial forecast of Kansas is about to make the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression seem like the “good old days.” It’s even more disturbing that it all could have been avoided. All of this is happening as a direct result of Governor Brownback’s tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations.

    Tax cuts will reduce state revenue more than Great Recession

  11. This was photo shopped and then posted to Facebook. It made me laugh, then I read a few of the comments and laughed more. 🙂

    Some of the comments:


    “Being Republican is hard on the knees!”

    “W. should throw his left elbow back hard and drop that commie rat bastard to his knees.”

    “Obama should strangle that war-mongering buffoon while he’s got him down.”

    “Carter’s still alive?”

    • Isn’t Daddy Bush older than Carter?

      All I can say is……….I’m glad that day is over ….I was getting tired of all this rewriting of history these Bush Lovers were attempting…