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  1. Wasn’t the mother of the Newtown shooter a good guy with a gun? How did that work for her?

    The NRA obviously speaks only for those who profit off gun sales….

    I never knew one could legally go to a gun shop and buy enough black powder to make a bunch of those pipe bombs…..did you?

  2. I see the NRA and Far Right Wingers as the same folks – if they want to go off and have their Holy War – then let them do it.

    But NOT on my TAX DOLLARS……..nor on America’s soil…

    IF these folks are so hellbent on going to war – then go pick any desert in Iran and I’ll even donate some money for one-way tickets for the entire bunch of these buffoons.

    And for God’s Sake – would someone be sure Pat Robertson is in the front line of combat doing his mission work for his God…

  3. The only thing missing from that school are the mops and buckets for when the kids have to clean the toilets and school building because, as Newt Gingrich proudly boasted, having kids do the cleaning teaches them the value of work.

    Yeah – it also drags us back to the days of child labor……but isn’t that basically what these Republicans want?

  4. While the GOP is currently trying to ‘rebrand’ themselves….their feckless leader George W. Bush is trying to do the same with that library of his.

    As we’ve seen from these Republicans – no amount of rebranding or ‘marketing’ is going to change what they say and how they make themselves appear to be more stupid as each day passes.

  5. I read a comment on another blog that said George W. Bush’s library is the biggest of all the presidential libraries.

    What’s the surprise ? It does take a lot of room to house that enormous EGO and all that B.S. – doesn’t it?

    Yes, I said it….and I’ll say it again…

    Isn’t it a shame that all that money has tone towards the attempt to ‘rebrand’ a presidency.

    Hey – the GOP is also trying to ‘rebrand’ themselves – so, why not their LIttle Cowboy President Yee Haw?

    • It’s easy for George W. to make himself seem whatever he wants — he deals with supporters who decide what they want to believe and then change whatever needs to change to fit their per-conceived notions.

  6. In the interest of fairness of all our presidents ….I wonder about Obama’s use of these drones…

    We’ve discussed this issue before – a few weeks ago IIRC.

    I am torn about these drone attacks. On one hand, if they are used to thwart a mass killing of American soldiers or to stop a war thug in process…..then I would say ‘okay, let’s use whatever we can ..

    But this man’s testimony needs to be front pages news ……..

    I listened to a small part of this man’s testimony on the news coverage last night. When he was talking about how the poor farmers in his village only know America by the sight and use of those drones – is that really the picture of democracy and freedom we want to spread?

    This man also said something very important in his testimony – when he spoke of the US giving economic aid to Yemen – then the poor farmers in his village know nothing about this….

    Hmmm….then where is all that money and aid going?

    THIS is what needs to change – IMHO.

    One last point – while listening to this man testify, I tried to put myself into one of those villagers’ shoes and looking up constantly to see if the drone was coming to destroy my village and my life….

    Then the mental picture of The Candy Man during World War II popped into my head.

    Remember the story? There was a pilot that flew over the villages and towns in German and dropped candy for the kids (especially the little ones) and adults to pick up.

    The reason this pilot gave was a wise one – he wanted these kids to know that America was also a ‘good’ country and not just there to bomb them, kill them and destroy their villages and towns.

    We are so desperately in need of that Candy Man today – aren’t we?

    If it is true that our economic foreign aid is not getting to the people in those countries – then CUT THE AID OFF……

    Politics – is it truly nothing more than a pissing contest.?

  7. This is totally off topic – and not even political – but I want to share what happened to me this week.

    I received a confirmation call for my CT appointment. I never knew I had an appointment scheduled for this week – so I called the center to find out the details.

    I assumed it was my cancer doctor’s office that made the appointment – since they are the only ones that order CT scans.

    But the last time I was in his office, they were all being trained on new computer system and I left the office that day without knowing when the CT would be scheduled. (Since I am on a monitoring status, my next CT scan was not due for another 6 months).

    So, along comes April and it dawns on me when I get this confirmation call that it is – indeed – time for my next CT scan. Time does have a way of flying faster and faster – huh?

    Anyway – I called my cancer doctor’s office and explained what happened and that I had never received any paperwork about this scheduled CT, lab work needed and my office visit for follow up.

    That same day – the receptionist rescheduled everything, called me back with the details and told me the paperwork would be in the mail.

    The next day – the office employee that actually scheduled this CT last year called me and apologized for the mix-up and we both agreed that it was probably due to their office being put on the new computer system and that somehow, my paperwork fell through the cracks.

    I was so pleased with this doctor’s office staff – they acknowleged a problem, corrected it and we are set for the CT next month. They were all professional and most of all – the patient’s need came first..

    BTW – did I mention this doctor is from a Muslim country and is a very dark-skinned man?

    Also – I am still waiting for that White Christian Male doctor (going on 4 years now) to even acknowledge my reasons for not returning to his office. His office staff have not called me about anything in four years – but when I was under his care, his staff kept calling me by the wrong name and kept insisting that I was on a blood thinner medicine when I was not. Would you trust this office to give you chemotherapy?

    Imagine if I listened to these Far Right Wingers and hated all foreign dark-skinned males from Muslim countries?

    I’ve often said – if I had continued with that White Christian Doctor – I would be dead. And – to be truthful – I did make the choice to gamble with my life when I stopped seeing that white Christian doctor. I had no plans to do anything about my cancer prognosis…..and I was in very bad shape.

    So – excuse me if I don’t jump on the Far Right Winger Bandwagon against all dark-skinned males that might be Muslims.

    In my world – the White Christian male was more of a threat ….

    Anway –

    • After posting this – I must make a correction —

      When I re-read this, I guess this is political – after all…

      I just cannot help myself….can I?

  8. Isn’t it sad when a prominent Republican political consultant has to ask people to not record what he really thinks?

    Or….was this just another way for the poor Conservative Republican to prove how much the Evil Liberal Media hates the poor Conservatives?

    I swear – listening to these Republicans whine is like listening to a bunch of old gossipy church women who like to whisper and cackle in their own little group and then show their fake outrage when what they said in their group gets out into the public…

    I am starting to think these CONservative Republicans are nothing more than a bunch of cackling old Gossipy Church Women…

  9. I give this man a lot of credit for being able to not be bitter at George W. Bush.

    The best part of this article is when this young man was asked if he thought his letter to Bush and Cheney should be in the Bush Library.

    He said that he thought it should be there….but it probably won’t be there because that is the truth they do not want to tell…

    • Nothing like that truth will be in the collection of documents from the Bush2 presidency. Of course, it wasn’t produced during the presidency, but even if it had been it wouldn’t have been part of the collection.

  10. Well, doesn’t this just make everything hunky-dory when wearing those Reagan Rose Colored Glasses: