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  1. More on the entitlements of the wealthy we the people pay for. We pay the costs of them polluting, fouling and raping our earth.

    None of the world’s top industries would be profitable if they paid for the natural capital they use

    (from the link): The notion of “externalities” has become familiar in environmental circles. It refers to costs imposed by businesses that are not paid for by those businesses. For instance, industrial processes can put pollutants in the air that increase public health costs, but the public, not the polluting businesses, picks up the tab. In this way, businesses privatize profits and publicize costs.

    The majority of unpriced natural capital costs are from greenhouse gas emissions (38%), followed by water use (25%), land use (24%), air pollution (7%), land and water pollution (5%), and waste (1%).

    So how much is that costing us? Trucost’s headline results are fairly stunning.

    First, the total unpriced natural capital consumed by the more than 1,000 “global primary production and primary processing region-sectors” amounts to $7.3 trillion dollars a year…

  2. I worked for a doctor and he gave his employees the day off for Earth Day. He also had a picnic at his house that was mandatory attendance (so, did we really get the day off?)

    Imagine my surprise when I arrived and all I saw being used were Styrofoam plates and cups.

    I thought Styrofoam was a big NO-NO on any environmentalist’s list?

    The thought was nice …but his execution of Earth Day Celebration seemed to be way off…..

  3. I’ve got a big question for Rick Santorum – don’t you think God thought Man was intelligent enough to not use up all the natural resources so there will always be natural resources in the future?

    How many animals destroy their environment?

    It appears God put his faith on the wrong side – He picked Man and not the animals?'s+dominion+earth&mid=96331DBCE8A2A513617996331DBCE8A2A5136179&view=detail&FORM=VIRE8

    • Is it any stretch of the imagination to know that Santorum apparently also to believe that God gave Man dominion over women?

      If that is the God they are trying to get me to worship – Thanks, but NO Thanks. You betcha Wink-wink..

  4. Once again I need to go to the grocery store and get gas before the weather turns colder, wet and less pleasant. Will wintry weather ever end?

  5. Wherever you are, whatever you do, wherever you go — ignore the republicans need to constantly stoke fear. There is no need to be afraid, very afraid! 🙂

  6. Now this is interesting reading…..Please note the last two paragraphs about Ronald Reagan…

    Even though Reagan started this Almighty Dollar Worship of Free Market Economics and that trickle down theory……Reagan still managed to grasp the fact that man ruining the environment was NOT a good thing to do..

    Another thing these current Republicans see to not know about their feckless leader and beloved Saint Ronnie..

  7. Kansas was among seven states that posted increases in their unemployment rates in March from February, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said Friday.

    Read more here:

    • I suspect the longer Brownback and his Band of Merry Men keep hacking away at our state……the more likely a Democrat can win the governor’s job?

      Or – is that highly unlikely due to the fact the Kansas Democratic Party cannot seem to find a good candidate…..or their own heads up their own butts…

      Seriously, it is time for someone with some brains to come into Kansas.

      Maybe Jean Schodorf should think about running for Governor?

      Wouldn’t that be a kick in these Far Right Wingers ruffled panties…

      • Maybe that’s the answer? Jean is not a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat and she can bring those Republicans who have at least one working brain cell over to her side of the ballot .

        Jean Schodorf is a registered Democrat now – isn’t she?

      • I don’t think so. All I remember for sure was that she said the Republican Party of today, especially the one in Kansas which is even worse than some places, wasn’t one she could support. I’ll have to look and see if I can find what happened as far as did she re-register… after she told them the truth and they were unwilling to listen. When Brownback went on his mission to get rid of anyone who had a lick of decency and more than one brain cell she told them straight out. Of course they didn’t listen. Go figure. They’ll win Kansas and at the national level that simply means two stupid Senators, four (currently) members of the U. S. House and a total of six (also currently) electoral votes. It is predicted by most that the next census will see those numbers reduced.

        I don’t think Jean Schodorf could get elected easily. Republicans vote every day against their own best interests and today’s republicans are absolutely the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime for being stuck on stupid. I won’t give up, mind you, I am just stating what I see as reality in Kansas.

        As the numbers shrink they’ll become more and more irrelevant but I doubt they recognize that either. They’ll go on making laws everyone knows are unconstitutional, they’ll end up not even having enough money to pay the legal bills to fight their own stupidity and republicans in the state will pat them on the back. Yep, that’s how backwards I think republicans really are.

      • I just checked her Facebook page which lists “Democratic Party” as political views.

        Do you think there are enough smart people left in our state to get her elected? Do you think there are republicans who aren’t full of spite and out for vengeance, who recognize what’s happening?

      • Another question I have is what does “republican” mean today? Is it their party platform? They try really hard to not let anyone know what’s in that document and I’ve heard some of them shrug it off as meaningless, so what do they stand FOR? Seldom do they ever introduce a bill, they simply oppose what democrats introduce. The Ryan budget plan (version 3 or 4 or…) seems to be one thing they are FOR. It decimates Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security. Is that all they’re FOR?

        WHO is the future of the Republican Party? Is it Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, Chris CHristie, Jeb Bush, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee…? Do you have any idea how far apart these few I’ve listed are?

      • Today’s Republicans are a different breed than Dwight Eisenhower – the last Republican president to actually balance the budget.

        But – check out those tax rates during Eisenhower’s time in office..

        My thinking in Jean Schodorf for Governor would be due to the Kansas Democratic Party cannot seem to find their own butts – even with a map and flashlight – so MAYBE if the Democratic Women, Moderate Republicans and Independents all band together – Jean might just win.

        I fully expect Brownback to announce he is running for president in 2016. I suspect Brownie is that arrogant to think he can actually win. Well, he has surrounded himself with a bunch of YES men – so he really does not know reality..IMHO

        Besides – I think by the time Brownback is ready to announce for presidency – a majority in Kansas will have had their fill of this little Emperor with no clothes

  8. I like this idea! I like it a lot! 🙂

    Andy Borowitz says:

    “To celebrate Earth Day, let’s try to reduce America’s dependence on Republicans.”

  9. The way I see it….

    The Republican Party has the same problem as the Muslims –

    The Moderates are at the mercy of their Radical Fringies.

    So, until the sane Moderates get up the backbone to kick their Radicals to the curb……nothing will change – IMHO

    Well – possibly more nonsense and senseless violence – on both sides.

    After all – these folks seem to relish in their damn pissing contests.. And you know there is some yahoo out there somewhere just waiting for his turn to step up to that pissing line.

    And then they can do their cocky rooster strut…

    That reminds me of that line from the Movie ‘Nine to Five’ when Dolly Parton told her boss that she was going to get that gun of hers and change him from a rooster to a hen with one shot. And don’t think I can’t do it.

    Again – my apologies to all the owners of pisser hoses – these RAdicals do need to be changed from roosters to hens….maybe then they will at least think before they shoot off their mouths?

    • Hey- just a thought. This will also work on those Far Right Winger Republicans males who think God has given them dominion over all women and there is no such thing as ‘legitimate rape’.

  10. Far as I can see all the far right wing nutjobs think the way to fix the economy is to control women’s reproductive rights. They do make a little time for banning gay marriage or taking food stamps from the poor.

    • And denying health care insurance to those women who are expected to be nothing more than baby breeders.

    • Oh, and war. They are FOR war.

      They try to find any excuse to make enough people very afraid so they can send other people’s children to die so they can make money off wars. Always be afraid, very afraid! Did you hear Lindsy Graham today in his efforts to make everyone very afraid?

      I’m sick of their bullshit!

      • I’m sick of their yammering about all the federal spending by Obama but yet not one single word about the money GWB spent on those damn wars…


  11. He needs a nice long visit to The Hague. And he should take his buddies, Darth Cheney, Rummie, and Condi with him. All expenses paid to get there, but the return trip might be a long time coming. Better make them one way tickets!

    • If these four were from any other country – they might just have already been scheduled for that trip….

      But, alas, as Romney Mitt the Twit proudly boasted – America is exceptional.

      I guess that means we think we can do anything we want, at anytime we want and to whom at anytime we want and get away with it.

      • You know – the LIttle Cowboy wrapped all his presidency in the American Flag and blessed by God himself .

        Unfortunately – that strategy worked on way too many people. But, I do have hope that group of morons is dwindling as we speak…

      • As if God would favor a country, a nationality, a religion, a group of people over other people. Those kinds of statements definitely limit the omnipotence His followers should believe, but seem not to.

  12. When the republican states get on their “austerity path” it’s hard to look away from the train wreck. A bunch of idiots banging their heads together in Missouri —

    Missouri Senate votes to defund driver’s license bureau

    Read more here:

  13. Truth, facts, figures, how many attacks, who attacked and where. A sensible analysis —

    (from the link): Some Republicans, John McCain and Lindsey Graham among them, are calling for him to be classed as an “enemy combatant”; some want him dispatched to Guantánamo. Other Republicans and conservatives are criticizing President Obama for failing to describe the bombings as act of Islamic terror. “We’re at war with Islamic terrorism,” said Peter King, the loudmouth Congressman from Long Island. “It’s coming from people within the Muslim community, by the terrorists coming from that community, just like the mafia comes from Italian communities.”

    With many American households displaying the Stars and Stripes, we are witnessing in miniature the same potentially incendiary combination of grief, anger, fear, and nationalism that followed 9/11. On Twitter, there were calls for the United States to retaliate militarily against the ancestral homeland of the bombers. (Some of the jingoists had a bit of trouble with their geography, apparently mistaking Chechnya for the Czech Republic, or for Czechoslovakia, which no longer exists.)

    We now have a more cautious and levelheaded White House than in the days of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. As the Financial Times commentator Ed Luce pointed out on Monday, “It is not hard to imagine how much higher the temperature would be were a different president in office.” Still, there remains a danger of rash decisions being made, and it’s worth examining the nature of the threat the country is facing. Here are a few pertinent facts.

    After Boston, a Few Facts About Terrorism

    • Excuse me, but when the Newtown shooter turned out to be an angry white Christian male – where was the outrage against all angry white Christian males?

      Instead – what we get from these folks who hate all Muslims is their lockstepping obedience to the NRA – so that future white Christian male mass murderers will be able to get their hands on all the human-killing machines they require.

      Yes, I said it….and I’ll say it again.

      • And – let’s not forget the influence the Foxxies Hen House and Hate Talk Radio will have on this current drumbeat to their much-desired Holy War.

        Is it a coincidence that the same Australian that owns Foxxies is the same Australian that owns the New York Post that ran that front headline picture of two guys with backpacks and the blazing headline – FEDS looking for backpacks.

        Never mind the fact the two guys pictured were NOT the named suspects..

        And what does Rupert say about this?

        Or what about the Foxxies reporting that a dark-skinned man was the bomber and that an arrest had been made…..when both were entirely W-R-O-N-G…

        Where is the accountability and personal responsibility on these media outlets’ part in all this much-hyped drumbeat to that damn Holy War.