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    • wicked

      And Obama gave it to them.

      I see lawsuits by individuals in the near future. The company deserves to be held accountable in every way. This explosion was avoidable, if the company had adhered to laws that keep these kinds of disasters from happening. Anyone who has knowledge of anhydrous ammonia knows how dangerous it is. Currently, there are several square blocks that remain cordoned off because of the danger from the remnants of this gas.

      Why should our Federal tax dollars bail out the morons who allowed this to happen?

    • When Republicans sat and applauded the Little Cowboy President for giving free health care to the Iraqi people (paid for US tax dollars) – then the same Republicans can applaud Obama for giving Americans the access to BUY Health Insurance.

      Hell – Iraqi people got it for free…..and we still have to pay to get coverage (if you’re lucky, the coverage actually pays when they should)

  1. I just listened to a panel on Melissa Harris Perry’s show about the Boston bombing suspects.

    Katon Dawson – some Southern-talking Repubilcan advisor to Texas Gov Rick Perry – said that if that boat in which the 19-yr-old suspect was hiding had been in Louisiana – that boy would have been shot on the spot. (or something to that effect)

    Okay – he is entitled to his opinion – BUT you should have seen the smirk on this Katon’s face when he said that……

    That is what I am talking about – this damn pissing contest. I could just picture Katon Dawson up there on that pissing line and doing cocky rooster strut…..

    Katon Dawson – check him out – seems he is some sort of Republican Guru adviser.

    Let’s see….he advised Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry for presidential bids.

    As Dr. Phil says….how’s that working for ya….

    Earth to Katon – Perry and Gingrich both lost…….

    • I am of the opinion that too many gun nuts are ‘itching’ for the opportunity to use their guns on people — those they’ve decided are bad people. I am also of the opinion that each and every person is a mixture of traits and depending on who is doing the judging we might all be deemed bad people by some people in some situations.

      The homeowner in Watertown did the responsible thing when he saw blood and then a man where he didn’t belong — went inside and called the authorities.

      • Since adults instead of gun nuts (from Louisiana or anywhere else) handled the situation we have the chance of getting some questions answered.

      • My feelings exactly. I was hoping the authorities would capture the second suspect alive for that very reason……we need to at least try to find out WHY the Hell did two young men choose to take this violent path.

    • wicked

      I have to disagree with Katon Dawson’s comment. In Louisiana, many people would still be living in their boat…on land…since the rebuilding has never been finished after the hurricane.

      • Good point.

        But judging from Katon Dawson’s appearance -he has not missed too many meals and I suspect he has a very comfortable home to live in..

        But one cannot go by what I think….I am just one of the ‘little people’ that Katon and his GOP crowd has shown their utter disdain…

        I just wish these buffoons would show their disdain for my tax dollars and keep their grubby paws off of it….

  2. You know – that same cocky rooster strut is done numerous times when every Neanderthal puts his woman ‘in her place’.

    Is it a coincidence the same folks who believe it is a God-given right to own human-killing machines and to shoot at someone in a boat are the same folks who believe it is the man’s “God-given right to make his wife be submissive to him?

    That arrogance is what makes me furious…..

  3. Since these two bombers are being demonized as American-hating Muslims – did I miss the demonization of Timothy McVeigh as being an American-hating Christian White Male?

    Or the recent Newtown shooter – he was white and attended church. But I don’t hear that being said about that 20-yr-old that murdered 27 people.

    Did I miss that also?

  4. I still feel that the Women of America are going to reach their saturation point of this nonsense political crappola – about gun violence, demonization of all people because they are non-white and our Do-Nothing Congress.

    I would like to see women join Mr. Busch and encourage their NRA members to resign from that group – to make a strong statement.

    The NRA obviously just represents the gun manufacturers – and if the women in America would make their gun-loving men so uncomfortable at home – maybe that would be the tipping point in this debate?

    I remember the time when my mother got the women all on the same page about a union issue.

    My father did road construction work all his life. His father and brothers all did the same type of work – for years.

    The belonged to the same union. My uncle was one of the Union big shots. He got the fancy cars, numerous vacation trips, lots of money – the whole nine yards.

    An issue came up about something – I don’t even remember the details – but the workers were being screwed out of money and benefits – but the Union big shots continued to get their high salaries and perks.

    My mother got that bee in her bonnet and she set out to get all the wives of these workers on the same page to defeat the Union big shots at their next election.

    I still remember the BBQ my mother held in our backyard – and all the women showed up and they all sat around and talked about how to go about getting the Union big shots out of office.

    Well – let me tell you – that group of women grew and grew from that BBQ meeting and they were a force to be reckoned with..

    The union election came and guess what happened – the current Union big shots were all voted out – on their butts.

    The funny thing was – my uncle (the Union big shot) lived right next door to us……he and his wife were so furious but yet they could not do one thing about what my mother started…..

    What was more funny was when my uncle had to return to being just one of the workers – then he learned how the real world lived.

    THIS is what needs to happen in our country today – especially about these damn human-killing machines and the NRA…

    It is time for WOMEN to organize and make some noise and eventually there will be a change..

    BTW – there were also men who joined that bunch of women. But a lot of those men were too scared to go against the Union big shots.

    Sounds like the NRA – they’re counting on politicians and folks to go against them….

    • correction: folks to NOT go against them..

    • My mother got that bee in her bonnet
      Do you think I got that same bee problem that my mother had – and still has?


    • I think women will play ever bigger parts in our country’s progress. I think it will be well thought out, gradual and effective, happening before many people (especially stupid republican old white men) even recognize it. We already make a difference and we’ve only just begun.

      Additionally, I have great confidence in our youth. They aren’t going along with the hate and intolerance and slavery of people. This youth movement is worldwide. Landed aristocrats, rich industrialists, and upper-class twits of every stripe believe the poor and near poor misfortunes can be attributed to lack of character. The youth of our world are in instant contact and support of equality. They aren’t hindered by borders or traditions that don’t have value.

      The header says it well. The wealth of the greedy bastards who care nothing about people — we’re the collateral damage in wars where they make big bucks, we’re the tools of all ways of expanding their wealth. Small government, privatization, meager public services, regressive tax systems, hostility to trade unions, indifference to unemployment, Victorian social values, austerity, destroying or at least controlling education is the way the republicans want to ensure the serfs continue to contribute to the wealthy because they feel they are entitled. Ever since Regan started with the ‘job creators’ crap it has picked up speed and grown like a snowball going downhill. Women and youth aren’t going to allow it to continue.

      • wicked

        I think Reagan’s “job creators” crap is all the current crop has. These people (men mostly, but some women) don’t have mental capacity to do anything but parrot idiocy.

        And people are tuning them out, even their own party members, who are beginning to wake up and smell the manure they’ve been rolling in for 30 years.

      • I hope we all correct in our assessment …..

        Fnord – you’re right about the young people – both males and females. This younger generation knows nothing other than what Reagan started…

        and it has not exactly worked out that well for their parents – and now for themselves once they have grown into adulthood.

  5. As I referenced before – NEVER trust a man that smirks.

    Romney did that all the time…….

    Also : Santorum, Gingrich, Perry, Cruz, Rubio

    And the King of the Smirkers was Dick Cheney with the LIttle Cowboy running a close second.

  6. Republican Senators who claim to be loyal to the Constitution don’t understand the Constitution itself. When an American citizen sets off a bomb with the intent to kill other citizens, that doesn’t make him an enemy combatant; it makes him guilty of treason. The Constitution is very clear in saying that the charge of treason can only be brought in cases where the accused has committed an act of war against the United States. Setting off a bomb with the intent to kill and maim innocent bystanders is, presumably, about as close to an act of war as a person can get without assaulting an army base. As such, Tsarnaev could be charged with treason, and if convicted that would be an open and shut case that would lead to the death penalty. But treason, by definition, is an act committed by an American citizen, not an “enemy combatant.”

    Graham, McCain, Ayotte and King Statement On Enemy Combatant Status For Boston Suspect

    • LIndsay and his Ladies just want to think about all that torture they can hand out if this 19-yr-old is termed an enemy combatant.

      I suspect Lindsay and his Ladies would love to see this kid tgo to GITMO right now..

  7. Hey, Second Amdendment Lunatics. Think About This…

    Published On April 21, 2013
    by Steve Marmel

    The entire city of Boston was under martial law the last few days. You get that, right? MARTIAL LAW. In a cameras-everywhere society, we went from tragedy to identification to capture in less than five days. And to make that happen, the full-force of the government came in, shut down a major metropolitan area, instituted a no-fly zone, flooded the place with troops and technology and locked it down until it completed it’s mission.Think about that, screaming gun lunatic with more weapons than friends, the next time you think your 100 clip magazine and fourteen guns can protect you from a determined military. Your “Red Dawn” fantasy is laughable. Think about that the next time there’s a school shooting that could have been prevented by a ban or minimized by regulating clip-size but wasn’t because of you or the fearful twit in the Senate that represents you. Think about that when some mentally unstable person gets his weaponry from a gun show without the simplest of background checks, and tears apart dozens or hundreds of lives.

    My views on the issue haven’t changed in the last week. I want sensible gun reform and will continue to fight for it. I stand with 90% of Americans and against the senators who are in the pocket of the NRA. You, on the other hand, got a big lesson on just how sad and defenseless you would be if Obama – or ANY President – truly was the dictator you fear.

    You wouldn’t last two days.

    • wicked

      I read that and nearly cheered out loud. Excellent! But who in their ‘right’ mind had a clue what it said?