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  1. rick liebst

    That is true, appealing to people lesser angels works to get support. I still think that eventually it does come to where people will finally go, ” DO YOU REALLY THINK I AM THAT STUPID?”. Don’t get me wrong, people actually want to have their stupidity fed. It makes them feel a little less stupid and more right.

    And if the truth does not support their stupidity then a big ass lie will enable their stupidity. Making them feel less stupid in the end and that is what they wanted from the beginning.

  2. Great post, Rick, and well said. They want agreement on things that are stupid, which means they want everyone to be as stupid as they are and then reward each other for their stupidity.


    I read yesterday that “Republicans fear their base and Democrats hate their base.” I think that’s a true statement. “The base” (whatever that is) rules the lower the level of government. So… as long as the repukes cowtow to their base, they’ll keep winning House seats and state governments. And we all know how much damage can be done in statehouses since Kansas is Exhibit Number One. But, the repukes will likely not win the White House as long as their wingnuttia base controls the party. Unless, of course, they ratphuck the Electoral College, which may happen given their iron grips on state governments.

    On the other hand…

    Democrats may continue to win the White House, and that’s a very good thing. It’s becoming less of a good thing as congress continues to block both appointments and legislation and they obstruct on government funding and the economy. Gotta be a determined and powerful leader in the White House and I don’t know that Obama has the stomach to be that kind of leader who will stand up to congress.

    But if the Democrats continue to hate their base, they’ll never gain control of statehouses because they just can’t turn out voters the closer to the ground they get. And if the Dems don’t get their stuff together at the state and local levels, well, gridlock will continue to rule not only in Washington but between Washington and the states, setting up Civil War II.

    The real rulers of the country are Big Bidness and the One Percenters. That will continue as long as A) Voters continue to be willfully stupid and are encouraged by a stupid media controlled by one percenters, and B) Citizens United continues to stand.

    These are strange and dangerous times we live in. I fear the state of the union hangs in the balance of who either controls or cures the plague of stupidity.

    • I woke up this morning to a barrage of bad news blaring from my television set.

      WTF is going on?

      In the midst of all that, there was a mention about this being the anniversary of some black man that crossed the state lines with a white woman?

      Did anyone else hear this story on CBS?

      I must confess, I was rather drowsy this morning when I woke up…..I did not want to leave that nice, cozy and WARM bed of mine today.

      This is what happens when you reach my age….. LOL

      • That story of the black man crossing state line with a white woman was about Jack Johnson – a boxer.

        I’m sure John McCain and all his fellow Republicans feel all warm and fuzzy about them being so benevolent and gracious with their names being put to the resolution to right a wrong….(as was stated somewhere in this article).

        Hey – McCain – if you really want to right a wrong – put that genie Ms. Sarah back in the bottle you found her from – OKAY?

        And for once – tell Ms Sarah and the rest of her Fundy Tea Party Birthers that they are W-R-O-N-G.

        Maybe then, Johnnie Mac, I will begin to have some respect for you.

      • I slept in this morning. I’m usually up and going by 6ish, but snuggled in until after 8 this morning. There is no school, hubby found some yogurt and I had planned ahead last night so his lunch was waiting and ready to take to the office. It’s a rare treat and on this blustery morning it was an especially nice one!

  3. I saw this today and was outraged. In what fucking alternate universe is Susan Wagle a champion of human rights or civil rights? Is the Kansas Human Rights Commission only concerned about racial equality? Has it been taken over by Brownbackistanians? WTF?

    Only in Kansas would a homophob, christofacsist hateful bitch like Wagle be honored by any Human Rights Commission. I do believe the concept of equal protection under the law eludes Wagle. WHEN has that stupid (see above post) twit Wagle ever been in favor of equal rights for ANYONE other than white, christian, wealthy men? Especially the men named Koch or Brownback? Like I said. ONLY in Kansas, the laughingstock of the nation.

    Jesus wept.

    I don’t know who should be more ashamed. Wagle? Or the Kansas Human Rights Commission?

    • I wonder if this is because Wagle is a cancer survivor – and now can do no wrong.

      It’s kinda like when a nasty, hate-filled bitch dies and then – all of a sudden – this bitch turns into a sainted woman who never uttered one racist remark. If someone who was honest about the bitch were to sit and listen to the funeral eulogy, that same someone would be looking around to see who else died – because it surely was not the hate-filled bitch that she knew….

      I’ve noticed that when I tell people that I am a cancer survivor – their tone changes, the look on their face is like they are dumbstruck and don’t know what to say….so they start all this super-sweet stuff………

  4. Just in case you are wondering….

    Check out their mission and then contemplate that they are honoring Susan Wagle. It would be roflmfao if it were not so cringe worthy and just plain sad.

    And where is the KHRC when the Abilene B&B is allowed to refuse service to gay people? Oh yeah, honoring homophobes like Wagle. Jesus wept.

    Kansas…as bigoted as you think.

    • The good people of Kansas. [eye roll] Good people used to have a definition that meant something good.

      Did you watch that YouTube above? It’s all about everything that is going on today.

  5. What a tragedy for the community of West, Texas. I know Rick Perry doesn’t believe in government assistance so I worry about those people. Maybe the fertilizer company — who is a person with all the same rights and responsibilities as all other persons — is prepared to handle all the devastation.

    • Ricky knows how to manipulate the system…..he will not let one of this corporation (person) do without……

      Now …kids and women without health insurance……that’s okay with Ricky.

      After all, they’re just kids and women – you betcha Wink-Wink

      • Do you suppose Ricky will want federal aid? I heard FEMA is handling the aftermath.

        Secede you sonovabiotch! Pay your own bills! The northeast is tired of paying for you. Remember both Texas senators voted against aid for Hurricane Sandy victims in NJ.

        I bet they’ll be crying for aid like little girls. With apologies, of course, to all little girls…

    • I’ve been to West, Texas, many times, and for almost two years, I stopped there daily for coffee on my way to Hillsboro where I was doing a consulting job. They are the Czech capital of Texas, and this convenience store/coffee shop sold the best kolachies, sausage, cheese, and cinnamon rolls you’ve ever tasted. The coffee was average but the food was unbelievable. I wonder if it is still standing. They also had a great sit-down Czech restaurant. I wonder if it is still standing. Nice people there in West. Those two above named businesses were so busy every morning you could hardly get in or out of the parking lot.

      Sad. So damn sad. Not hearing much about the cause. I sure hope it was not deliberate.

      • Isn’t it too bad we cannot help the nice and good people of Texas without rewarding Ricky?

        What caught my attention was the city this was located in and then hearing there was an explosion – and then a fertilizer plant.

        Waco -…..explosions…..fertlizier…… Sounds too eerily similar to Tim McVeigh – doesn’t it?

      • I thought the same thing, Indy, and I wonder why there is such eerie silence about the cause of the blast. The date, the place and the nature of the explosion should have people curious.

        I wonder what info they are keeping under wraps so as not to panic the country.

      • The media still asks the question “What caused the blast?” Well, the fire was the proximate cause of the blast. Now, what caused the fire? Aye, that is the pertinent question.

  6. Did you all hear about CNN, Fox News, AP getting it wrong yesterday?

    Not only did CNN get it wrong about an arrest – John King even went so far as to say the suspect was a ‘dark-skinned man’….

    Hmmm…..I suspect that race between CNN and Fox News to be the King of the Bottom Feeders has just gone into overdrive…

    On a serious note – if this is what passes for true news reporting….is it any wonder Wagle was the winner of a Kansas Human Rights award?

    This world we live in today has been turned upside down. What used to be immoral and illegal behavior is now acceptable behavior – but only if done by the ‘right’ people.

    But – in this upside down world – one thing has not changed. Black and White are still as opposite as ever. If you doubt that, then listen to any Tea Party Fundy Birther Republican talk about the black man in the White House ruining everything.

    Some things are deep-rooted in our society……. which is why I think John McCain went out of his way to say that pardoning that boxer Jack Johnson would be to ‘right a wrong’.

    NO – Johnny – righting a wrong would be for your fellow Republicans to stop the hatefest of Obama. How about it ?

    • I think it is kind of funny, in a sick humor way, that Al Quaida and the Taliban have denied any involvement in the Boston explosion. They want everyone to know THEY didn’t do it. Unlike their previous strategy of claiming responsibility for every act of global terrorism whether they did it or not.

      Perhaps, and I hate to say this, Shock and Awe has them thinking twice?

      • Or maybe they just think we are so stupid that we have our own domestic terrorists and don’t even think about them being the bad guys?

        There is nothing any foreign terrorist could do to the USA that some domestic terrorist is capable of doing – and it would hurt more BECAUSE they are ‘one of us’.

        Yeah – thanks Ms. Sarah for pointing out who exactly is ‘one of us’ and who isn’t.

      • They don’t want additional drone attacks?

  7. Speaking of telling outright lies to keep your base foaming at the mouth….

  8. I heard about this capability to ‘tag’ explosives which would help the FBI to investigate when bombings such as the Boston tragedy happens.

    So, I went to googling and found this article.

    Notice the Date – 1996.

    Also note the obstacle at that time – NRA

    Now make note of this year 2013……we still don’t have mandated tagging of explosives and why, you may ask?


    Hmmm….wouldn’t you think going through 9/11 and all that War on Terror that the NRA would be happy to endorse tagging explosives so the ‘bad guy with a bomb’ could be prosecuted by the ‘good guy with a tag in the explosives used’.

    Try that one on for size – N.R.A.

    • So when any of these NRA Gun-loving Republicans scream about how Obama is a secret Muslim that is working with the Muslims to take down America ….ask them why they support a group that has consistently blocked the tagging of explosive materials…

      As we are witnessing today ….if mandated tagging of explosive materials was in place, the job of the FBI investigators would be a lot less strenuous and trying to find a needle in a haystack.

      Thanks a lot N.R.A……and all you good God-fearing REPUKES who swallow the N.R.A. B.S. hook, line and sinker.

  9. I think more people are paying attention. I know without a doubt more women are paying attention. I’m once again sick to my stomach about yesterday’s vote in the Senate. But it’s different this time, this time I don’t feel defeated. Instead, I’m angry, very angry and very motivated. I do believe the NRA and republicans will have the opportunity to learn much more about the power of women over the coming months and years.

    Since the Republican Party seems unable to recognize the fact that women are a majority block of voters I don’t expect them to recognize the power of women this time either.

  10. Ohio ….are they in the race with Kansas to be the Land of the Lunatics?

    I suspect this has more to do the fact that some Christian-based pregnancy crisis centers want free access to all that tax payer money…….what do you think?

    • Might be, indy. Of course, being the cynic I am, I’ve always thought they wanted the adoption concession to ensure a continuing supply of tithing members in the future. Just saying. . .

  11. On a serious note….

    I suspect that real change will happen when Women get involved. I am not trying to say Men can not make changes – but when it comes to the safety and future of their children (such as senseless gun violence) – then Women do sit up and take notice.

    Women are naturally the caregivers and women don’t get their jollies by getting into some pissing contest..

    Which is what the NRA loves – they love to shoot their little guns and see who can piss the best. And with each pissing contest – comes more bizarre behavior and statements.

    When Obama came out after the vote and showed his strong determination – and downright anger – at this loss of even getting background checks passed….my first thought was:

    This is Obama….

    He is the one that made it his goal to get Bin Laden.

    He is the one that gave the order to take out those Somali pirates holding Americans hostage.

    He is the one that has methodically went after the top leaders of Al Queda.

    He is the one that has deported many more illegal immigrants (many that have police records) than GWB ever did…..

    So…..I don’t think I would mess with Obama…would you?

    But we can count on the Republicans doing as they have the past four and half years – huh? They will continue to underestimate Obama…..and come out looking like the fools they truly are.

    • 2014 may prove to be a very interesting election year….

      • I think so too. In spite of the republican gerry mandering.

      • In fact, I think because of their gerry mandering – they have pissed off a lot of people. If the Republicans were shocked by the long lines in 2012 election – maybe the 2014 lines will be just as long?

        Besides – as long as these Republicans continue to say these bizarre statements and trying to pass legislation like that Ohio GOP doofus……I suspect the Women of America will simply one day decide to kick the garbage to the curb……

  12. “White privilege is knowing that even if the Boston Marathon bomber turns out to be white, his or her identity will not result in white folks generally being singled out for suspicion by law enforcement, or the TSA, or the FBI.

    White privilege is knowing that even if the bomber turns out to be white, no one will call for whites to be profiled as terrorists as a result, subjected to special screening, or threatened with deportation…

    continue reading —

    • There is already a heavy debate taking place because of CNN’s John King saying the suspect was a ‘dark skinned man’. Why – oh why – did CNN think that was a good thing to say at that time when there was no concrete proof of any suspect being photographed being walked the perp walk by the FBI? In fact – there was not positive confirmation from the FBI about any arrest made.

      Do you suppose that CNN is trying desperately to be like Fox News and trying to prosletize (sp?) the Foxxes Base?

      So…now …even if the bombing suspect turns out to be an angry white guy(s) – who on the Far Right Fringe will believe it?

      The stone cast has already been set – it’s a dark-skinned man..

      This is the stuff conspiracies are made of….

  13. Remember when the Republicans went after Dan Rather and ruined his career because of that piece he did on George W. Bush and the National Guard?

    Republicans demonized Dan Rather for spreading lies about GWB. So – when will these same Republicans demonize their Fox News and CNN for spreading lies about that arrest made in Boston?

    I mean…..if these people truly are – fair and balanced – then let’s see the proof of that core belief…..shall we?

    Yeah, I suspect we’ll see fair and balanced when Hell freezes over…

  14. Bob White

    Well, our ‘post’ got it all correct again, today. Wisdom and help just aren’t available to those who believe they do not need it in the first place. They’re just too smart and determined to receive the obvious.

  15. They also had a great sit-down Czech restaurant. I wonder if it is still standing. Nice people there in West

    PP – just wanted to tell you that on my way to get granddaughter from school, I was listening to NPR. There was a person from West TX that was talking about this fertilizer plant and the town, etc.

    This person talked about this Czech American Restaurant – is that the name it went by back when you were going through?

    It took me a few minutes to figure out what this guy had said….but then it dawned on me that he was saying ‘Czech’ – I initially thought it was the name of the restaurant or something.

    Anyway – I had to post this tidbit I heard today on my favorite radio – NPR. My daily trip is about 30 minutes – just long enough to get in on the latest news and some good discussion about different topics.